Jan. 24th, 2009

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more youtube dumbassery, including me attempting to play guitar, which i... don't actually play, so.

(this was before [livejournal.com profile] gigasbolt came over to ~hang out, so i wasn't even drunk yet, but it's not like you can tell.)
during a very intellectual discussion about wilde this morning in the shower ("so, everyone in dorian gray is gay."  "duh."):

colin: know how i know you're gay? you gave me DORIAN GRAY to read.
keri: know how i know you're gay? i knew you'd like it.
c: know how i know you're gay? you did me up the butt last night.
k: know how i know you're gay? you liked it.
c: know how i know you're gay? you spend $40 on face wash.
k: know how i know you're gay? you know what estee lauder's pleasures smells like.
c: know how i know you're gay? you knew it was the coconut soap instead! [inside joke from yesterday]
k: ...
c: OKAY FINE, REMATCH. [brief interlude/discussion of rosencrantz & guildenstern and the questions game of epic win]
k: know how i know you're gay? you like frilly froo-froo drinks like x-rated.
c: know how i know you're gay? you like NONFAT CARAMEL MACCHIATO WITH LIGHT CARAMEL.
k: touche. know how i know you're gay? you order hot chocolate with whipped cream AND caramel.
c: know how i know you're gay? you watch me SUCK THE WHIPPED CREAM OFF THE TOP OF THE DRINK.

i love us.

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(luckily seahorse is distracting enough that you will hopefully overlook how shitty and dweeby i look.)

not only due to this picture, but this was possibly the best show i've ever seen in my life.

first of all, bilvy was eyefucking crawford the whole night, mainly when seahorse was between/in front of them so he wouldn't notice.  also, turns out crawford is even sexier doing acoustic solos than he is on electric.  i think i came in my pants.  so, can't really blame bill (WHO IS SO TOTALLY BONING HIM EVERY NIGHT, OH MY GOD, WHERE'S THE FIC, I'LL WRITE IT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO).  then they all covered "baby one more time" as well as an n'sync song, and seahorse and bilvy told the story of how they were at a restaurant the other day and their stoned waitress was convinced bill was johnny depp.  so finally seahorse is all "GIVE IT UP FOR JOHNNY DEPP!" and then they went into a series that concluded with "give it up for prince caspian" (!) and finally "GIVE IT UP FOR JACK DAWSON!" because bilvy was dressed like motherfucking jack dawson.  bilvy kept telling us how much he loved doing shows like this, and he took requests, and he told sisky to stop smoking "cancer sticks," and he said hi to keri, and he told the story behind how he wrote "eastbound traffic" and he talked about scimeca and went on a mushy rant about how much he loves sisky and IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER, OKAY.  EVER.  william was, is, and always will be my favourite band boy.  i have such respect for him as a person.  he is grateful and humble and down to earth and incredible to the fans and i hope he knows how much we appreciate it.

could've done without the mindblowing OVERLOAD of obnoxious screaming-fainting-flailing teenage girls (more than usual i swear omg), but.  hey.

i couldn't figure out where to wait around afterwards b/c people were grouping up all over the damn place, so i gave up.  i got a pic with him last time, so it's okay.  but next time i want a pic with ian just to see if i can contain my boner when he puts his arm around me.  HIS HANDS, THEY ARE MAGIC.

pics here (that's the public link; you have to log in to comment; some ppl were confused about that last time).

vids here, there are six, not complete songs (except for "the test" and pls note how bill and ian ~embrace at the end), but hey, i've only got a 250mb memory card.

i ran into a few friends but i wish you all could've been there, especially you overseas peeps because it's not fair you don't get tours like this.  you should, and i wish you'd all been there with me.  <3


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