Jan. 27th, 2009

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so like, whoa, my rywalk is almost done.  i really want to submit it for bandom big bang, just 'cause it'd be fun to say i've done it, but idk if my recycled flashback would disqualify me (you can't have posted any part of the story before); that one i used in PWF.  i left a comment asking the mods, so we'll see.

i sure hope teasers don't count as "posting" either because, here, have a teaser.  lolz.

"C'mere," Jon breathes before seducing a long, deep drag from the joint and leaning in toward Ryan, and Ryan tells himself it's the drug that makes it feel magnetic, like he's not even moving himself; but it's the two syllables, low and ragged from Jon's lips, that pull him in, and he wonders what other words Jon could say that would pull him in, further and further until he's inside and can't imagine wanting out.

last night i wrote the scene where they go to an empires show and i couldn't recall ever seeing tom be an actual person, like, on video, with a voice; so i spent the evening on the empires site/myspace and then youtubed some interviews, and can i just say, THEIR PRECIOUS LITTLE MIDWESTERN ACCENTS ARE PRECIOUS, THE END.  (becca is trying to convince me she sent me that interview ages ago; i have no recollection of this.)  i knew i was writing tom more... animated than he prolly is, but i'm just going to assume he's less painfully shy when he's durnk and around jon. ;)

in other news, [profile] livinglifeloud just managed to work my classic scrapped line ("come on, my ass isn't gonna fuck itself!") into the italy!fic she's writing for me, so there, you guys will have it after all.  \o/


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