Feb. 11th, 2009

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i just realized i posted two fics in a row with the word "dreams" in the title.  despite the fact that i really love both titles and they are both respectively fitting, i feel like such a loser.

and OH MY GOD, SORRY THERE WERE NO PWF PANTIES, JESUS.  just, they got lost in the crash, okay?  and washed up on shore after they left.  somewhere on the island, one of those oreo-monkeys is looking very, very pretty.

sigh.  i miss pwf.

it's interesting... like, i respect all of your opinions, those few who felt the need to explain why they chose the dnw option.  but like, it confuses me.  these boys have been wearing make-up and girls' clothing for years; why do undergarments squick you so?  discuss.  speaking of controversial discussions, i've talked with several people lately how much i/we hate genderswap.  again, i respect everyone's prefs, but damn, some things i just don't get.  lol.  i could write a whole post on why my opinion is what it is, so don't get me started unless you want me to. XD

i am very disappointed that more people did not choose artichokes.  don't you want to see brendon (or ryan) slooooowly peeling off the leaves one evening at dinner, dipping them in melted butter, sliding them between their lips to bite off the meat (AHEM), and then maybe a little droplet of butter would bead at their lip, and the other would obviously have to lean forward and lick it off...

you all fail. :P

the pete/ryan is done, motherfuckers!  editing today, posting... prolly tomorrow.  thursday is a good day to post.  people always complain when i post early in the week b/c they don't have time to read.  see how awesome and accommodating i am?  and you know what this means.  now i can start pccf.

here, have a prompt.  don't overlook brendon gawking in the background.  and spencer is clearly trying to ignore his own boner all of this.


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