Feb. 22nd, 2009

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“Maybe I’m a man, maybe I’m a lonely man whose in the middle of something that he doesn’t really understand.”

there's your prompt.  go.  go write canyon!gsf, write it now, write it lots, write it epic.  this is going to be the new cabin!gsf, i can feel it.

ryan ross, it is entirely possible you own my soul.

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i was gonna save this for tomorrow, but hell. i have to share.  someone needs to write a pccf prequel.  it would have to be gen, but think of how much fun it could be, if it were chock full of redonk crap like this.  (this is a flashback, btw.)

He's surprised when it's an image that strikes him first, instead of music: last week's stoned rooftop sing-along, cabin tradition, weekly and non-negotiable. Brendon remembers Ryan's voice, slurred and giddy and warm in his ear as he'd lain on his side while Brendon sprawled out on his back, staring up at the stars as he belted "Across The Universe" at the top of his smoke-laden lungs. Ryan was trying to remember what the chant meant in translation; Spencer couldn't remember either. Jon did, but he was having more fun not telling. Brendon was having trouble remembering his own name, so he spent his energy inventing ridiculous translations including "I have a giant wang-doodle," earning him bonus points from Jon for a Willy Wonka reference. Ryan had laughed so hard he almost fell off the roof until Brendon caught hold of him, strong hands curled around his arms as they giggled in each other's faces, too close but never enough. With blown pupils zeroed in on Brendon's, Ryan had murmured, "Don't ever change," soft and secret, too quiet for the others to hear, before passing out in Brendon's arms, a smile still on his lips as he slept.


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