Mar. 29th, 2009

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hallo all. i don't want to make an ~issue out of this or be overly dramatic, but apparently it must be said: just for the record, it is not okay to copy/re-post any portion of any of my fics anywhere (i.e. using it as your own words on a role-playing forum), especially if you're not going to credit me or even ask permission. i know we're not in academia or the workforce, but this is still plagiarism and a violation of internet ethics, by my definition. i don't want to be mean, i assume this was not done with any malicious intent, and i am certainly flattered someone liked my work that much, but people need to be aware that that's not okay, and that in a more professional setting, something like that could be grounds for expelling, firing, etc.

again, i don't mean to sound nasty or threatening; i'll go with the benefit of the doubt because i know some people aren't aware of what's okay. when i used to work as a writing tutor, i often dealt with ESL students who came from countries where plagiarism wasn't an issue; apparently you could just use others' words and not have to credit/cite them in any way. so they were baffled when i tried to explain that, um, you can't do that here.

so, hope that clears things up. i'm not trying to scare anyone off (i know if this had been me, and an accident, i'd probably feel really embarrassed, so hey, it's okay). just, now you know. if someone asked permission and gave me credit, i'd probably say yes. :)

(don't feel like answering a bunch of comments on this; i'd kinda just like to let it go. email/message me if you need to say something.)


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