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LOL. wow. it's sad that people waste so much energy on hating me.

i know some of you are jumping in to defend me, which is so sweet, but don't waste your time. it'll just make me look like a douche anyway, like i have other people fighting my battles, LOL. (and dear god, guys, please don't do it anonymously; they'll just think it's me. :P) my point is, guys, in future, please don't link me to any appearances i make on FBRT or the like (no worries, shelby, i'm not mad! :). same reason i ask not to be linked to keltie's blog or pics of ryan with crack on his face. i don't do drama, it doesn't make me happy, and i'm trying to keep fandom a place that makes me happy. thanks. <3

to everyone: i hope you all realize the "minion" thing started as a joking mention once or twice, and since everyone started calling themselves that and seemed to enjoy it so much, i just went with it. i've long since stopped on principle. i feel it's a mildly derogatory term and i don't think of any of you in that way. i'm glad i've made a bunch of friends on here but i don't see myself as some kind of Icon with Followers, and i don't want others looking at me that way either.

to anon who likes my fapping material (lolz): i'm sorry you feel horrible about being called out; i wasn't mad. i was just expressing my feelings and i guess i get a little irritated when my only criticism ever comes from anons. i kinda just wish people would say stuff to my face, y'know? whatever, it's all good.

the end, i love you guys, etc. over and out.


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