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i really don't want to sound like a bitch, but please stop asking when chapter 8 will be up. i'm sort of in a life crisis here, so fic is kind of my last priority. [ profile] redorchids is keeping me sane and working on it with me. it won't be posted until we're both satisfied and until she finishes the accompanying video. don't expect anything for at least another week, i'd say. thanks for all your responses to my last post and for the emails (i will try to respond at some point). it means a lot. again, won't be answering comments here, i'm sorry, but i'm just not up to it. i promise i'll respond to every single one when i post the last chapter. i'm just living in a daze right now and don't really have the energy.

have another teaser.

Ryan's hands are on him before he remembers it's coming. It's grown so integral to their practice that it would feel stranger without it, the intimacy of both the poses and their relationship having evolved at the same pace, but it would be pointless and stupid to forfeit one just because the other has --

Failed is the first word to break through all his repression and Brendon feels himself tremble at the thought, the wounds still fresh and gaping between them, but he doesn't flinch, he doesn't, when Ryan wraps around him, fingers trembling in Brendon's and gripping tighter just to still themselves. Ryan's breath is like burning on the tight line of his shoulder, his chest a blinding sheet of fire where it's molded to Brendon's bare back, their hips aligned and locked like it's the only thing left in the world that fits. Brendon holds on and lets go all at once, giving himself to the implicit plea for trust that's running hot across Ryan's skin, seeping into Brendon's everywhere they touch. He's been laid out for more boys than he can count, tied up and stripped down and spread open, vulnerable to the highest, but he's never felt more exposed than he does now, with Ryan his anchor, still the only one to ever make him fall and now the only one to stop him crashing.

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