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so i was going to wait a couple days for everything to settle, but i'm already bored and missing my fic, so. several ppl have been asking stuff about the vid, and leaving epic comments and not wanting to let go of it and such, so [ profile] redorchids suggested having a pccf Q&A, since apparently neither of us is ready to let go of this fic, either. red sez:

So. 93k words of fic. One hell of a ride, during which there was lots of cutting, re-writing, debating and flailing over things. Some of the stuff that didn't make it will end up in a Director's Cut kind of deal eventually, but until then, we thought we'd pass the time by letting anyone who wants ask any question about pccf, the writing of it, inspiration, the vid--anything really.

Want to know the story behind Ryan's safeword? Where all the French came from? What was going through Ryan's head during the spooning!sex? What sparked this or that scene? Who wrote what? What movie the naked boys on the bed in the vid are from? Something else? Put your question in a comment, and we will get back to you. :-)


i'd like to add that this doubles as something akin to that timestamp post that was going around some weeks back, where if you give me a point in time in the future of this fic, i'll write you 100 words of what's going on in that moment. or something. it may not be 100 words or formal fic, but i'll certainly tell you what's going on. :P i had a great image last night of jon and spencer pounding on ryan and brendon's hotel room door some 10-12 months later and bellowing, "are you done fucking yet?" jon adds, "we have popcorn." zack adds, "and beer," and brendon's sold.

so, ask away.

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