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yeah. i jumped on it. mostly so i don't lose touch if any of you move over there completely. i have no plans to use the account at all. LJ is my home, and i don't like keeping track of too many accounts/blogs/emails (even twitter was a stretch for me), but add me if you like. new friends are always nice for self-esteem (mine is dangerously low lately), even if i already know you. XD

(get it. "c." colin. behind the... me. my outer layers. into my sekrits and stuff. HA. oh god.)

oh, hey, speaking of new friends, i know i do my own "lurker open house" posts every few months or so, but since everyone is doing it now (lurker amnesty, they're calling it... hmm, i still prefer "open house"; it implies tea and cookies and sounds less... political? heh), and since i am clearly unable to resist peer pressure (*glares at dreamwidth*), COME OUT! do you lurk and never comment? there's no shame in it; we've all done it. come say hi, introduce yourself, or just randomly friend me if you're shy, i don't care. i don't bite unless you want; i welcome everyone. be anon or don't, it's all good. i love meeting new peeps. and i am super bored today (my boss is out of the office! \o/) so this'll help. help me un-bored! let's write commentdrabbles together! or. something.

and no, for the thousandth time, you don't count as a lurker if you've commented me recently and i've commented you back and there has been ~akshual interaction. :P people always show up in these posts and i'm like, "um, i totally recognize your name from comments, GTFO." XD love you though. lolz.

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