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i ran a google image search for "ryan ross" (i just wanted a picture of him in a white button down shirt, was that too much to ask for? apparently it was), and this came up on after a few pages.

i blinked many times and then i went back and found this.

those are some extremely unique blue pants, ladies and gentlemen. unique in their epic ugliness to the point that i cannot imagine two whole human beings being willing to wear them. and that really, really looks like ryan to me. i'm trying to be objective here but that really, really looks like bb!ryan.

explain. (ETA: the nose. aside from the hideous pants, it's all in the nose for me.)
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so, i fucked up a bit on the history in my ~epic theory: bden and spence moved to cali before ryan and keltie split. so... maybe the whole plan was for all of them to move out there, but ryan felt he should stay back awhile since keltie had just moved there for that job? idk. i am exceedingly pleased to announce that my dear [ profile] moku_youbi has agreed to take on the challenge of writing this fic, and considering she is one of my 3-4 favourite writers in bandom, THIS IS EXCITING.

also, someone should really write a fic based on this thread.

stayed up till midnight writing/editing a really intense scene for chapter 7 and angsting over it with [ profile] redorchids, but it was all worth it and i think you guys are going to like it.

happy monday. have some pretty boys. seriously, i beg you, someone write me RPS about these two. i mean. come on. just... look at them.

how much do i love [ profile] justranda, and my flist in general? this much. i've realized i wake up to monday morning porn more often than not, and that's just. you guys. ily.

probably won't answer comments here; my fingers hurt today and i've got a lot of work. i'll read and smile, etc. ♥


Apr. 5th, 2009 03:08 pm
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like red alert, only, not, ha ha, okay.

so, my crush flirt buddy self-proclaimed soulmate lovely friend, [ profile] redorchids, finally convinced me to give up my entire sunday morning/afternoon (i don't think it was phrased quite like this, but that's what it took) and read this fic she wrote a few months ago. apparently i am a colossal idiot, because this fic is possibly the best thing i've ever read in bandom. yeah. i said it. definitely in my top 3-5, whatever. this one will stay with me after all others have faded. no way you can read this and not love it. the intense creativity she employs, the way she weaves panic's lyrics into it (you'll never look at any of their songs the same), the simple beauty of the writing itself; it's all stunning. some of you have complimented my use of metaphor; my stuff is elementary school drivel compared what she does in this, srsly. you will never forget this fic. also it's got some of the hottest sex i've ever read in my life. there, that perked up your ears, didn't it. :P

here it is. read the prequel/prologue first. and you have to go down every single path because they are all incredible. there. if i plug the fic any harder i'll... insert boisecks/buttplug joke here.

also, [ profile] moku_youbi is possibly my favourite person in the world as well, simply for this. OH GOD. i don't deserve you guys.

i motherfucking love my flist.

that said, i am now going to do something i never do and put on my tin hat, so for those of you who have been distressed by our fandom of late...

a slightly obsessive theory regarding the current state of panic: ryden edition. )

p.s. chapter 7 is about halfway done (there is a chance, a chance, i'll have to split it into two chapters but i really don't want to; we'll see; it's just so long already); hopefully will have it up by thursday as usual.

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in light of what we've all been talking about here lately, the absence of ryan and jon may make you ache, as it did for me, but still, this is present-day canon and exceedingly hot and well-written, and we all know i can't resist anything that falls under those categories: circumnavigating foundations by [ profile] colorofsmoke.

thanks to everyone who's been indulging my bratty whining, writing me drabbles and fic and trying to appease my melodramatic reactions to current fandom.  you guys are so, so awesome.  i'm off today, so in between chores and errands, i plan to do nothing but write ch 7. have a teaser at last:

Ryan groans weakly. "Can't move."

Brendon chuckles against his shoulder, snuggling into him deeper, sealing any remaining bits of their bodies that have managed to pry apart. "'S normal after your first time."

Ryan snaps his hips up, lazy and constricted under the weight, hipbones nonetheless digging into Brendon's waist in retaliation. "Or, you're squashing me. Asshole."

"Oh." Brendon rolls off, grinning sheepishly. "Sorry."

Ryan's smile beams bright when he sits up, leaning over Brendon to cup his face in one cuddle-warmed hand and kiss the corner of his mouth. "Don't be," he breathes hot into Brendon's ear. "I like you on top of me."

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more random fictalk, aidsfic rambling, and my favorite boypic of all time (tasteful but NSFW). )

here, have a rec of utmost preciousness that will make you forget all about brendon dying. i'm taking tomorrow off, i've earned it, so happy early friday to me and happy thursday to the rest of you. p.s. i'm friendslocking my previous entry in the next couple days 'cause it talks about work and a specific person, so if there's any more comment-stalking you need to do (oh shut up, you all admit you do it :P) and you're not on my flist, do it now. thx. ♥

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go read The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet) by [ profile] siubhlach. unf.

also, here is the actual interview from the rywalk backrub gif that went viral last week. "we don't like drugs or girls." oh, jon walker, how are you real. speaking of this band's unrealness, ryan and spencer's twitters, oh fucking god. RYAN'S BUYING HIM SHORTS, YOU GUYS. BECAUSE HE KNOWS SPENCER'S SIZE AND WHAT KIND HE'D LIKE, AND. AND. YOU GUYS. i. just. ♥!! someone, please, right now, write me endless present-day fic about ryan and spencer realizing they have possibly been in love forever and are married. GO.

and now, rambling about my next project and pccf. )

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go read 'Cause None of Us Were Angels by [ profile] atomichatred82. awesome. that's sort of the kind of realboy porn i wish i could write, for those who have been all "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE YOUR PORN?!"

exciting news: [ profile] ivesia19 is going with me to see the cabbies on 4/18 AND fall out boy in atlanta the week after! \o/ EPIC. i so rarely meet LJ peeps IRL. anyone else going? we can form a coalition. or something.

random thanks to sophie for putting up with my emo. i love you.

i haven't written any of chapter 7. just a heads-up. i think i need a few days off. that was a lot of sex, and there's a lot more coming. lol. but you can has this, which will appear:

1 new message from the walkman
so who tops? spence adn i have a bet going. pls respond. love jon

i love how shameless he is. haven't decided the boys' response (if any). hey, i want some porn. get on that, internet. even if it's colin/william. (see twitter.) i wrote you lots of sex, now write me some. i know at least half a dozen of you who are in the midst of writing me some and always put it off. don't make me start naming names. :P

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hallo all. i don't want to make an ~issue out of this or be overly dramatic, but apparently it must be said: just for the record, it is not okay to copy/re-post any portion of any of my fics anywhere (i.e. using it as your own words on a role-playing forum), especially if you're not going to credit me or even ask permission. i know we're not in academia or the workforce, but this is still plagiarism and a violation of internet ethics, by my definition. i don't want to be mean, i assume this was not done with any malicious intent, and i am certainly flattered someone liked my work that much, but people need to be aware that that's not okay, and that in a more professional setting, something like that could be grounds for expelling, firing, etc.

again, i don't mean to sound nasty or threatening; i'll go with the benefit of the doubt because i know some people aren't aware of what's okay. when i used to work as a writing tutor, i often dealt with ESL students who came from countries where plagiarism wasn't an issue; apparently you could just use others' words and not have to credit/cite them in any way. so they were baffled when i tried to explain that, um, you can't do that here.

so, hope that clears things up. i'm not trying to scare anyone off (i know if this had been me, and an accident, i'd probably feel really embarrassed, so hey, it's okay). just, now you know. if someone asked permission and gave me credit, i'd probably say yes. :)

(don't feel like answering a bunch of comments on this; i'd kinda just like to let it go. email/message me if you need to say something.)

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recs )

if brendon had a safeword, what would it be? )

who wants to go see the cab with me on 4/18? )

i'm reading all your comments (and fixing my brilliant typos); big smiles. i'll get around to responding soon. ♥

ETA: people keep talking in comments about how they have so much trouble finding stuff they like on SATD or comms in general -- do you guys not know about DCR??  it lists only completed stuff, it compiles everything that's posted in comms on a daily basis, and there are recs posted every day.  it's so much easier to just look quickly and find something you like.  it's the only place i go ever to find reading material.  i only post on SATD 'cause it's like, all we have, panic comm-wise, and so people who haven't friended me can get on board if they want.  *shrug* just wanted to spread the word!

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Title: Back To The Place [6/8]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Dedication: Everyone who brainstormed with me here; everyone who's been supportive lately (you know who you are, writin' me fic and shit ♥); [ profile] ivesia19 for this; and above all, [ profile] minus_four for her honesty and for letting me bitch about this forever. (AND FOR RILONX.)
Summary: Maybe that's what makes life interesting, the collision of endless questions and answers, and those precious moments of triumph when we can match the right ones together.
Notes: The soundtrack's key for this one, though the tracks are linked in-text, too. Lyrics belong to Radiohead. For the record, I wrote my scene before this was posted. I still hate parts of this (they're total disgusting girls; they'll get their testosterone back next chapter), but I hope it was worth the wait.

Please visit the master post for previous chapters, notes, track listing, etc.

When Brendon wakes up, he's pretty sure he's dead. )

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so, yeah, i was going to leave you all with another teaser because there's no way this is getting posted tonight, but i decided i hate most of the chapter, so, you get no teaser. sorry. i'll probably be rewriting most of it. i think my work stress is affecting my writing. so. give me some time. i'll get it right. hopefully. today i hate my job enough that i want to just cry in the bathroom. it's not always like this, just this week. and it's making my writing shit. so.

♥ to all. here, have a rec.

[ profile] justranda, KEEP TALKING ABOUT THAT HERE, JFC. *orgasms*


Mar. 25th, 2009 06:47 am
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so i guess i've been typing too much lately b/c my fingers are killing me (hence not responding to your emails).  plus i have to write up an entire silent auction guide at work by friday, including snazzy, witty descriptions/titles for 114+ items.  F.  M.  L.

anyway, so i've been writing chapter 6 on paper, which is obviously going... slowly, but you'll be happy to know it's over half done.  we'll see how i'm feeling later, but i've got a ton to do at work this week, obv.  i want to say it'll be up tomorrow but i can't promise.

won't be answering comments here, for obvious reasons, but, leave some love, or porn drabbles, if you feel like it.  i'll read and smile big.

<3 love you guys.  here, have a happy picture (click to enlarge).  his blurry smiley little face, you guys. ♥_♥

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here, have a real one. :P

Ryan's hand slips on his back, the water too slick for gripping, and plunges six inches lower, landing just above the curve of Brendon's ass.  They're close enough that Brendon can feel when Ryan's breath hitches, the only warning he offers before slowly, smoothly pressing his hips forward, just an inch, just an inch enough.  Brendon's throat opens, defying permission, and a gasp slides out, sharp and betraying on his tongue.

(and no, they're not doing liquid yoga. HAHA.)

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fuck me, i don't know how to start chapter six. there are no flashbacks left to catalyze me. UNLESS WE WANT ANGRY RYAN/SPENCE ARGUING IN FRENCH (see twitter). fortunately, [ profile] stereotypeloser just started writing it for us, and it's amazing so far, so i can't stop flailing.

some great fics i've run across on my flist recently:

- One More Than Three by [ profile] cynthia_arrow
- A Throat-Pierced Sound In The Night by [ profile] jocondite
- Sing Me A Rainbow (Steal Me A Dream) by my dear [ profile] redorchids, whom i love forever and then some even though she likes to pretend i'm a real girl :P.
- Steal Me A Dream by my beloved [ profile] j_plash -- ha, just realized the title similarities, weird (unintentional, i'm sure); anyway, this is only the prologue, but if you can handle a WIP, she has incredible things planned for this fic.

seriously, help me with six. i've run out of things for them to do. (ETA: it needs to be tension-building stuff, not filler or fluff.) the outline is, like... they're playing music. and some other stuff. and there's the chiromancy scene, but that doesn't happen till right before [spoiler]. YES, I ADMIT IT, I'VE RUN OUT OF WAYS FOR THEM TO NOT HAVE SEX.

before i forget, random: remember that moment in titanic when rose walks up to him on the deck and says, "i changed my mind"? can anyone think of another way to say that? another way to communicate that thought?

anyway, *facepalm*

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Title: Back To The Place [5/8]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Dedication: [ profile] alphabetatoast for cello!fic; [ profile] redorchids for the beautiful lyrics (more to come); [ profile] livinglifeloud and [ profile] stereotypeloser for nitpicking the French with me.
Summary: Maybe that's what makes life interesting, the collision of endless questions and answers, and those precious moments of triumph when we can match the right ones together. Once upon a time, Panic went to a cabin in the mountains to write an album they never made. One night there, something happened that Ryan tried to forget. Two years later, he still hasn't.
Notes: Hey, try to guess which Traumatizing Sex Tale was stolen from Colin's real life! Anyway, hold your patience a little longer. Chapter 6 is... something-er. By the way, this now exists.

Please visit the master post for previous chapters, notes, track listing, etc.

Maybe he's going crazy. Ryan always said he would. )

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look at the sentence i almost just wrote.

Footsteps climb the stairs, and a rustling of plastic grows loud enough for Brendon to identify as shopping bags, before Ryan's shuffling into the room, releasing his load on the floor.

and then that wasn't enough, so we had to discuss it.

Sophie:  bahahahaa
 me:  faaaaaaaaaaail
i love that he shuffles in and just does it
 me:  LOL YES
"well, here i am.  *comes*"
 Sophie:  exactly
but he's shuffling, so it's like emo somehow
 me:  LOL!!!!
 Sophie:  like *sigh* *comes*
 me:  LOL!!!
 Sophie:  only Ryan would come emo

so, so true.

i lied; chapter 5 should be up tomorrow.


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