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greatest. band. ever.

i should be starting on 12 tomorrow. i've got a cute flashback idea (continuing from that one where 15-yr-old ryro was stupid and drunk), in which ryan is now sober and really wants spencer to notice. XD any other flashback ideas welcome, all pairings (including them as a group); 12 is going to have a lot of flashbacks, i think.

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except for how i love her, etc. but mostly right now i hate her. (yeah i pretty much stole that from her blog.)  she demanded a drabble to help her along with her vampire!fic. i delivered. 200 words on the dot. i wrote het, people. THE SHIT I DO FOR HER.  there are so many signs the end is nigh...  (the only upside is that i get to use my tag of "annoying heteros," which i haven't had occasion to use in a long time.)

prompt: alex/greta angst, and this, which, idek:

I am your thought but the water is amnesia
my name is on the tip of your tongue
My image is slipping
but your memory is gripping it
this is my breath in your lungs

Not touching him is different, now. )


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Title: Now Without Stopping [1/1] 
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Alex/Darren
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~7,200
Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Fiction as far as I know.  Title and lyrics belong to the band.
Summary: He thinks of sitting out on his deck, all four of them, making up songs about root canals; he thinks of the housekeeper's face, and suddenly he doesn't know who he is.  Alternately, Alex Gets Drunk and Angsty in a Hotel Room.  Based on the first thirty seconds of this vid.  Lyrics here.
Notes: This will make no sense if you haven't seen the vid or if you don't know the song or haven't yet figured out that these two are MARRIED; if you squint, you'll notice I play with the lyrics quite a bit.  Other songs of theirs I had in my head were "Something Is Wrong" and "This Is What You Get."  I've no idea how I managed to emo up this band so hard, but he's the one who said the words "mental breakdown," so blame Alex.  Or blame [ profile] falling_words, who blames the vampires.
I swear, tonight I have a date with chapter 8.  (Hey look, LJ is fucking me in the ass again.  Hi Xanga.)

[ He stares at the ceiling from five p.m. until eight. ]

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pics from the best night i've had in bandom, ever.

- video of part of "ship lost at sea" ... the lighting wasn't very good, so i didn't bother with much videoing, but still.  my favourite song.  gotta represent.


i'll cut my fangirly squeeage, though. XD )

anyway, i'm off today, so lemme get some chores done and i will totally work some on chapter 8, promise.

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so this is what becca and i were doing all day yesterday.  well, SHE was doing it, and i was laughing.  it was still a joint endeavor.  becca is the creepiest best person ever.  the end.

i see phanplan and rocket summer tonight.  i got 5 hours of sleep.  i are very tiredz.  then i have to work tomorrow morning.  FAIL.  on the other hand, ALEX FUCKING GREENWALD & CO.


chapter 8 teaser, b/c like srsly, the flashback is all i've written, i'm sorryyyyyy... i'm workin' on it )

so i've had several of you tell me you're starting to fangirl phanplan b/c of my endless plugs, so, hooray, and also, i'd recommend starting with this vid, b/c it's the first time i remember thinking, "this dude has my heart."  i mean, the ayatollah of granola, people.  *melts into a puddle of linguistics-loving goo*  greta is also epic in this.  the end.  (and i know i've linked to them before, but this and this are two of my favourites as well.)

bai. :)

ETA: \o/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SHE LOVES ME.

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subject line = no relevance; i've just been on a p.o. renaissance lately and that's the line currently stuck in my head.

so, okay.  chapter 8?  does not want to be written.  which, like, wtf, b/c i REALLY WANT TO WRITE IT.  it's one of those "omg i can't wait to write this scene!" chapters.  so, FAIL, SOMETHING.  IDK WHAT, BUT, SOMETHING IS FAIL HERE.  help?  write me drabble porn in the comments?

phanplan/ryan-loves-alex rambling )

also, fail, gchat.  fail.

ETA: by comment request, links to some of the vids.  some of them you have to watch all the way through to catch stuff, but they're awesome anyway.  alex playing acoustic, hai.  also there is the vid of ryan riding around stage on alex's shoulders, and a pic i've got somewhere of them both on stage, with ryan and this MASSIVE grin.  and so on.
- the infamous council bluffs vid, with ryan's shirt entirely unbuttoned, and other things.
- random ryan performing with them on "do the panic"
- "i don't mind", 1:05-ish on.  jesus christ, ross.
- "all over again" + PHANTOM OF THE OPERA WTF
- "dropped"... ryan's also there for no reason
- "raise the dead"... ryan's there, idek.  lol
- "quarantine"... etc.
- "ship lost at sea" -- now this one is a gem, b/c of ryan's dumbass comments at the beginning (<3 <3 <3) and the fact that he's like, got his arm around alex if you watch to the end.  wtf.

there are more, but i've got work to do. :)
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in case anyone was still wondering why i'm in love with him (slightly nsfw).

so i kind of can't breathe right now.  like at all.  (tho someone pls crop out the chick, jesus.)  (honestly though, it took me like 10 min of staring before i even realized she was there... lmao.  i think it's his gf (i so just typo'd that "gsf".  or his ex, idk?)  is anyone else thinking rocky horror remake right now??  i would die, people.  i.  would.  die.

(eta: i am so writing fic about this pic.  the end.)

that is all.  happy thursday.  i see william beckett tonight. :D :D :D  although atm, still staring at pic, i'm kind of like, wililam who?

dedicated to [ profile] falling_words, who found the photobucket album containing this gem.


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