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Title: Your Nightlife Moods [1/1]
Author: [profile] lolab 
Pairing: Brendon/Jon
Rating: R
Words: ~1,180
Dedication: [ profile] falling_words 
Notes: HOW DID I GET ROPED INTO WRITING DRABBLES ALL MORNING? I was supposed to work on chapter 16 today and clean the whole house! I hate everyone. Sophie, you are allowed to prompt me too, but no one else. I know all you guys want is PWF anyway, so. :P (Chapter 15 will be posted day after Christmas.)  So Becca's all I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR SIX YEARS I'M ALLOWED TO GIVE YOU VAGUE PROMPTS. It was basically making out against a wall, drunk, RealBoyJon with BonusSekritGheyForBden and notTwinky,Slutty,ORgay!Bden. Oh, honestly.

I TRIED, OKAY. This is so ridiculous. Title from FOB.

The motivation's pretty shallow, to be honest. )

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Title: This Exercise of Self-Abuse [Day 1 of Not The Sin (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks)]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Rating: R
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Kink du Jour: Slight bloodplay. Mostly embarrassed!Ryan.
Word Count: ~1,270
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: Ryan's head drops a little further, but he remains still. "Don't tell anyone."
Notes: Vignette 1 of 12; Bden's ~Sekrit Kink Series based on email/IM/comment requests from this fic (now #7 in the series). One a day through Christmas: here is my holiday gift to my friendslist. ;)

Please visit the master post for a list of all 12 vignettes. You can read them independently, but they are connected, so it's much better to read them in order.

This was no accident; it was a therapeutic chain of events. )

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just so you ALL KNOW, i wrote kink #6 BEFORE the instantly-famous kerrang interview arrived. ;)  which, as you will see when the kinks come, just makes me AWESOME, obviously.

sophie and i TOGETHER, however, are even awesomer. )


brendonurie, i love you.

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Title: More Than What I See [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: ~7,750
Disclaimer: They belong to Pete each other themselves. Fiction.
Summary: This isn't rhythm at all, it's chaos. It's fire. And that's kind of what Brendon is, this bundle of energy and chaos and fire, no rhythm or rhyme, just madness, impossibly beautiful madness.
Notes: Wrote this ages ago but [ profile] falling_words only just finished hers, so now I can post! Sequel to Everybody Needs A Place to Start; prequel to Somewhat Shy of Definition and Still Unheard Though I Listen (and the random companion piece I wrote for the latter). You can still read this alone, but read hers; they’re amazing. Title from April Smith. (And yes, pwf chapter 13 is underway.)

The first clap of thunder hits half a second before Brendon's cell vibrates in the pocket of his apron. )

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i am dangerously close to writing a (now belated) halloween fic where brendon and ryan dress up as each other, and there are lots of jokes and making fun and "omg is that srsly how you see me?" which turns into slight emo drama and then they fall in love, the end.  ugh, someone save me from the unbearable awesomeness of it and tell me to work on chapter 11.

oh, here, have a chapter 11... teaser.  ahem.

sorry, all i have is a paragraph of handwritten notes that i wrote during a meeting at work yesterday.

i am kind of a lot depressed tonight for many/no reason(s).  feel free to write me a random paragraph of porn in the comments.  ily.

le sigh.

Aug. 1st, 2008 08:51 am
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so i guess the prologue is a hit.  (thank you, and yay!)  however.  everyone (except [ profile] minus_four, b/c she is awesome that way) is like, ALL UP on killing off shane.  and that is just so, so mean!!! :P  WTF?!  therefore, i would like to make everyone feel super guilty now, because you mean ryden-obsessed nutjobs so unlike me ALL DESERVE IT.  maybe i'll just skip the ryden altogether in this thing, HMM???

j/k.  i love you all, but pwf is all about the angst, so.  i brings it.

boys named brendon and the shanes who love them )
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i have no words for the amazingness of this photo.  this is possibly the greatest ryden photo i have ever seen, and undeniably the greatest photo of brendon boyd urie in existence.

things to note:
3) HIS.  FACE.
4) ryan's SHIRT.  :@LI#@O*#U?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

becca and i have *literally* spent about half an hour discussing this picture.  therefore all my keymash is gone.  i leave you with, simply, the photo.  i do not have to tell you to click to enlarge (twice; when you get to the page that headlines "untitled picture", click it again).

also i made this, inspired by petewentz, who suggested this as panic's next album title.

you're welcome.  happy weekend.
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i might post later on with official intro bullshit.  maybe.  in the meantime, this is why i shouldn't write when i'm depressed.  (refs to ryan's blog entry linked in my last post.)

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Title: Exactly Where You'd Like Me [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Pairing: Patrick/Brendon (Brendrick!)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Q: "What's the most ridiculous thing you ever bought?" Pete: "Ryan Ross." So yeah. Pete's. Not mine. Fictional as far as I know.
Warnings: Seduction via piano playing. Use of really tasteless music in sexual situations.
Summary: "So there really isn't anything you can't -- or won't -- do."
Author's Notes: How the hell did I end up shipping these two? And yet it works. This employs a history I created for 13 Degree Fever (not yet posted, as it is part of the [ profile] clan_collective), in which Brendon once held a, ahem, second job to supplement his Smoothie Hut income. ;) The lyric prompt is below.
Dedications: For [ profile] falling_words , as usual, for demanding Patrick/Brendon as soon as the lap dance image came to us both. I hope this adequately shows my gratitude for the Pete/Ryan she wrote so indulgently and beautifully for me, occurring (as you will notice here, if you look closely ;) at this very same bachelor party.

Blame typos on my new kitten, Pete Wentz IV, who likes to keymash. <3

Contrary to popular belief, Patrick Stump is not in love with Pete Wentz. )
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Title: ...Than Any Boy You’ll Ever Meet [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Brendon/Jon; some rather amusing Ryden refs.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Q: “What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever bought?”  Pete: “Ryan Ross.”  So yeah.  Pete’s.  Not mine.  Fictional as far as I know.
Warnings: BOYSECKZ!  CockyExperienced!Bden, (UNF, yes pls).  One (1) slightly disturbing reference to Winnie-the-Pooh.
Summary: “Are you hitting on me?”
Dedications: This is entirely for [ profile] falling_words who begged for Walkie smut (and “Jon’s first time with a boy,” the most ridiculous inside joke ever); and for Jon’s Jacket of Heterosexuality™, which has rapidly become epic.  Also for [ profile] bunniesontoast, for ryanrossphonesex and 3:25-3:35 of TAI TV episode 5 and for being awesome. :)
Author’s Notes: The prompt was to write what took place after the first video here (classiiiiiic!), so you kind of need to watch that first.

“So, dudes included, huh?” )
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Title: Pit Stop at IHOP [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Accidental misuse of orange juice.  Defiling of one (1) lavender hoodie.
Disclaimer: Q: “What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever bought?”  Pete: “Ryan Ross.”  So yeah.  Pete’s.  Not mine.  Fictional as far as I know.
Summary: "Do you want me to stop flirting with you?"
Dedications: To Keri, for being drunk enough to support my IHOP craving.  To Becca ([ profile] falling_words), for loving happy!Ryro more than porn, apparently.  To my Clan of epic win (go join; brilliance is soon on its way).  And for everyone who gave me porn to get this early, including [ profile] girl_divided, [ profile] noteto__self, [ profile] jfalaz, and my LJ wife, [ profile] conquer_minds.
Author’s Notes: I wrote this fluff in two hours after a midnight trip to IHOP with my wifey.  This was the one good thing that came from breaking my diet, and therefore I don’t regret my stuffed french toast or hash browns for one second.

Title inspired by CIWWAF.

Ryan was in a good mood... )
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Title: How Misery Loved Me [1/1]
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Q: “What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever bought?”  Pete: “Ryan Ross.”  So yeah.  Pete’s.  Not mine.  Fictional as far as I know.
Warnings: Emo crap; a bit of angst; shameless exploitation of Pretty. Odd. lyrics, but for a good cause.
Summary: Brendon had never seen Ryan cry.
Author’s Notes: My first Ryden.  Some parts of this I absolutely abhor, some parts I love; but overall I’m relatively satisfied.
Dedications: Written for my original slash partner Becca ([info]falling_words).  Thank you for the beautiful prompt and for Spencer and inspiration and porn and Walkie and emo and for coming together on stage and, fuck, okay, I love you.  And Sophie ([info]minus_four) who loves Ryden as I do. :)

Brendon had never seen Ryan cry. )


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