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lookit me, all fangirling red's lyrics. ♥

so, this kinda doubles as the start of my outline, more for my benefit than anything else; it's slightly spoilery and hella rambly, so don't read if you don't want, but if you're following the development of this fic, you may find it interesting.

irishAU: the beginnings. (and some recs.) )

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in celebration of working out a difficult scene with red, you get this now instead of tomorrow. sigh.

if you follow my twitter you're prepared for this nonsense. fuck my life, this is ridiculous and indulgent and i want to write it more than anything ever.

in which colin and sophie brainstorm turn-of-the-century-scottish-peasant!ryan AND <s>BRENDON</s> THE BOY WHO MAKES BAGPIPES. )

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so, i fucked up a bit on the history in my ~epic theory: bden and spence moved to cali before ryan and keltie split. so... maybe the whole plan was for all of them to move out there, but ryan felt he should stay back awhile since keltie had just moved there for that job? idk. i am exceedingly pleased to announce that my dear [ profile] moku_youbi has agreed to take on the challenge of writing this fic, and considering she is one of my 3-4 favourite writers in bandom, THIS IS EXCITING.

also, someone should really write a fic based on this thread.

stayed up till midnight writing/editing a really intense scene for chapter 7 and angsting over it with [ profile] redorchids, but it was all worth it and i think you guys are going to like it.

happy monday. have some pretty boys. seriously, i beg you, someone write me RPS about these two. i mean. come on. just... look at them.

how much do i love [ profile] justranda, and my flist in general? this much. i've realized i wake up to monday morning porn more often than not, and that's just. you guys. ily.

probably won't answer comments here; my fingers hurt today and i've got a lot of work. i'll read and smile, etc. ♥


Apr. 5th, 2009 03:08 pm
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like red alert, only, not, ha ha, okay.

so, my crush flirt buddy self-proclaimed soulmate lovely friend, [ profile] redorchids, finally convinced me to give up my entire sunday morning/afternoon (i don't think it was phrased quite like this, but that's what it took) and read this fic she wrote a few months ago. apparently i am a colossal idiot, because this fic is possibly the best thing i've ever read in bandom. yeah. i said it. definitely in my top 3-5, whatever. this one will stay with me after all others have faded. no way you can read this and not love it. the intense creativity she employs, the way she weaves panic's lyrics into it (you'll never look at any of their songs the same), the simple beauty of the writing itself; it's all stunning. some of you have complimented my use of metaphor; my stuff is elementary school drivel compared what she does in this, srsly. you will never forget this fic. also it's got some of the hottest sex i've ever read in my life. there, that perked up your ears, didn't it. :P

here it is. read the prequel/prologue first. and you have to go down every single path because they are all incredible. there. if i plug the fic any harder i'll... insert boisecks/buttplug joke here.

also, [ profile] moku_youbi is possibly my favourite person in the world as well, simply for this. OH GOD. i don't deserve you guys.

i motherfucking love my flist.

that said, i am now going to do something i never do and put on my tin hat, so for those of you who have been distressed by our fandom of late...

a slightly obsessive theory regarding the current state of panic: ryden edition. )

p.s. chapter 7 is about halfway done (there is a chance, a chance, i'll have to split it into two chapters but i really don't want to; we'll see; it's just so long already); hopefully will have it up by thursday as usual.

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go read The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet) by [ profile] siubhlach. unf.

also, here is the actual interview from the rywalk backrub gif that went viral last week. "we don't like drugs or girls." oh, jon walker, how are you real. speaking of this band's unrealness, ryan and spencer's twitters, oh fucking god. RYAN'S BUYING HIM SHORTS, YOU GUYS. BECAUSE HE KNOWS SPENCER'S SIZE AND WHAT KIND HE'D LIKE, AND. AND. YOU GUYS. i. just. ♥!! someone, please, right now, write me endless present-day fic about ryan and spencer realizing they have possibly been in love forever and are married. GO.

and now, rambling about my next project and pccf. )

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recs )

if brendon had a safeword, what would it be? )

who wants to go see the cab with me on 4/18? )

i'm reading all your comments (and fixing my brilliant typos); big smiles. i'll get around to responding soon. ♥

ETA: people keep talking in comments about how they have so much trouble finding stuff they like on SATD or comms in general -- do you guys not know about DCR??  it lists only completed stuff, it compiles everything that's posted in comms on a daily basis, and there are recs posted every day.  it's so much easier to just look quickly and find something you like.  it's the only place i go ever to find reading material.  i only post on SATD 'cause it's like, all we have, panic comm-wise, and so people who haven't friended me can get on board if they want.  *shrug* just wanted to spread the word!

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there, i KNOW that got your attention. :P

here's the deal.  i've had prolly no less than 20 requests in the past 20 hrs to do the bden's ~sekrit kink series (see my last blog/fic), and since i don't have time to write xmas presents for you all, this will be my xmas gift to my flist.  i even have a title: Not The Sin* (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks).  leading up to xmas, one a day, 12 vaguely connected drabbly-type vignettes (like yesterday's).  it won't be just ryden; it will be more of a bden-finding-himself thing, but i assure you it will end with ryden. ;)

but what i want from you, dear flist, is this: WHAT KINKS DO YOU WANT TO SEE? XD

so shout out anything, as bizarre or vanilla or unique or cliche as you want.  some i'm already considering are snowblowing (DUH, have you MET me?), rimming, fisting, bondage, role-play, voyeurism, dirty-talk, pearl necklaces, hair-pulling... so.  and you realize this means a small pwf break/delay, but.  hell.  i fuckin' hate the holidays; let's make it better with kinky porn, okay?  and no worries, i'm still working on 14.

oh, second, and completely unrelated, i've been getting requests from several of you in the past weeks asking if you could email me privately about "personal stuff," which always ends up being questions related to my gender issues, either for research or just curiosity.  the requests always sound so shy and embarrassed for asking, and i just want you guys to know, i am TOTALLY COOL with anything you want to ask me, publicly or privately.  i am not shy to talk about ANY of my stuff.  so ask away, any time.

that being said... BRING ON THE KINK!!!

eta: i want to make a banner and need one of those pics of bden with his hand down his pants.  if anyone runs across it, share pls?

*yes, that's academy's.


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