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go read The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet) by [ profile] siubhlach. unf.

also, here is the actual interview from the rywalk backrub gif that went viral last week. "we don't like drugs or girls." oh, jon walker, how are you real. speaking of this band's unrealness, ryan and spencer's twitters, oh fucking god. RYAN'S BUYING HIM SHORTS, YOU GUYS. BECAUSE HE KNOWS SPENCER'S SIZE AND WHAT KIND HE'D LIKE, AND. AND. YOU GUYS. i. just. ♥!! someone, please, right now, write me endless present-day fic about ryan and spencer realizing they have possibly been in love forever and are married. GO.

and now, rambling about my next project and pccf. )

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thanks for your kind words on 4; i hate the chapter a lot less now. <3 oh, and this is overdue: welcome, to the new peeps who have friended me over the last few months. glad to have you! sorry i can't friend back at this point; my flist is overwhelming as it is, now that i've actually started reading it.  but i rarely, rarely lock posts, so you're not missing anything.  also, any remaining lurkers (i know there's still a bucket of you, you can't hide :P), feel free to come out at any time.  i don't bite.  (unless you like that sort of thing, in which case all you have to say is how hard. ;)

the event went well at work; raised more $ than we'd expected. \o/  i ♥ my job. and i never, ever take for granted how valuable it is that i can say that, that i can love what i do, even if it's not prestigious or lucrative. it's such a blessing, in the rest of my life's chaos. and even to feel so valued at work, to feel job security in this day and age... i'm so lucky, and grateful.

watched the simpsons (#12 of this season i think; the eviction ep) on hulu with keri in bed this morning while pete knocked coffee beans off the dresser (don't ask) and ate them. fuckin' hilarious. i love that show like breathing. best way to spend a saturday morning. i'll seriously cry a motherfuckin' river when it ever goes off the air. (and hey, [ profile] stereotypeloser, apparently i haven't seen every ep! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN! \o/ hey come visit me, we'll have a simpsons marathon just like in chapter 4. ;)

goin' for brunch at my parents' now, and my dad's gonna help me set up my 401k. WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD AND BORING.

so, purpose for this post, PROMPT ME! )

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Title: Somewhere in the Act [Day 2 of Not The Sin (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks)]
Author: [ profile] lolab  
Rating: R
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Kink du Jour: Role-playing
Word Count: ~1,900
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: "Who said I was fucking with you?"
Notes: Vignette 2 of 12; Bden's ~Sekrit Kink Series based on email/IM/comment requests from this fic (now #7 in the series). One a day through Christmas: here is my holiday gift to my friendslist. ;)

Please visit the master post for a list of all 12 vignettes. You can read them independently, but they are connected, so it's much better to read them in order.

Dude, I don't get it. )

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13 is almost done. trouble is, see. i've gotten them into this situation, right, but i'm realizing there is nothing definite in my outline that says how i get them out.


becca is laughing at me via IM.

here, have a teaser.

Suddenly Bill's off, running toward the other side of the stage and disappearing behind equipment.

"What's wrong with him?" Spencer asks.

"Oh, nothing. That's just the way he runs."

not much of a teaser, i know, but it makes me laugh.

my vacation has been very dull, because we don't have much any money to spend. also i have been depressed a lot. but i am almost done with the chapter and i have been working on song arrangements, so. something. OH, i tried to convince keri to get drunk with me last night and act out titanic with me, only we'd be ryan and brendon instead of jack and rose, and i had these whole elaborate character outlines for them, right, where ryan was the son of a rich jackass businessman who wanted him to go into the family business but the business is going under or something so he's being forced to marry some rich heiress (played by paris hilton), and brendon is this skippy street-wise musician whose parents kicked him out at 14 when they found him kissing his best friend. so he lives on the streets with his best bud jon walker, traveling around with their beat-up guitar cases, and they play music together on the street to earn money. also jon maybe possibly falls in love with spencer, who is ryan's best friend-slash-maid (whatever the male equivalent of a maid is), as well as ryan's occasional fuck buddy because i can't fucking keep spyro out of ANYTHING to save my life their lives are both so miserable and they wuv each udder so much!  i just, i mean, come on, who better than ryan to be hanging over the back of a ship?  ROSE WAS TOTES EMO, OKAY.  and there could be PIANO SEX, people.  b/c ryan totes has a piano in his stateroom, i just decided.  and bden's all like \o/ b/c he hasn't seen one since he left home.  and instead of drawing him nekkid, bden writes him a song.  :S#LKJPF#P($.  and he can teach ryan little things on the guitar!  and when bden dies in the end, he can tell ryan to go on and become a musician, so ryan does.  and in the end, all the pictures on his dresser are of his awesome famous band later in life.  COME ON GUISE, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.


i could be way, way too easily convinced to write this as a fic, seriously, so do NOT try to get me to do it, because i WOULD, and it would be just as ridiculous as all those other stupid book/movie-based AUs that i complain about. only it would be better, because it would be MINE, and i'd avoid all the awful cliches and mistakes.

i also tried to get her to learn the parent trap handshake dance thingie with me, we even found vids of it on youtube. but apparently keri is actually 26 whereas i am still twelve. so that did not pan out.

here i am being badass in the bathroom.

colin being badass in the bathroom. )

also, here are two pictures that desperately need explanation; swear to god, nobody ships panic like panic: one and two.

i'm so glad i finally got to post my brencer. i'll probably never write them again, but i liked that one. if you're desperate for porn, go read it, because there ain't gonna be any in pwf for awhile. :P

i think we are going to the mall now to look at things we can't buy. ciao.

eta: forgot to mention.  the lovely [ profile] ryden_fan needs a beta.  flock to her with your skillz.  (i think i said that last time i did a beta ad.  oh well.  i can only dole out so much new material, okay?)

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Title: More Than What I See [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: ~7,750
Disclaimer: They belong to Pete each other themselves. Fiction.
Summary: This isn't rhythm at all, it's chaos. It's fire. And that's kind of what Brendon is, this bundle of energy and chaos and fire, no rhythm or rhyme, just madness, impossibly beautiful madness.
Notes: Wrote this ages ago but [ profile] falling_words only just finished hers, so now I can post! Sequel to Everybody Needs A Place to Start; prequel to Somewhat Shy of Definition and Still Unheard Though I Listen (and the random companion piece I wrote for the latter). You can still read this alone, but read hers; they’re amazing. Title from April Smith. (And yes, pwf chapter 13 is underway.)

The first clap of thunder hits half a second before Brendon's cell vibrates in the pocket of his apron. )


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