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Title: Scratch My Phosphorus Skin [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan; slight GSF vibe
Rating: R for drug use
Words: ~1,320
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: They all did it, once upon a time (last time; no fairy tales ever), side by side, warm skin brushing as they passed the joints back and forth.
Notes: This is a flashback-y snapshot from the PCCF 'verse, inspired by a passage from the final chapter, but you don't have to read the fic to understand this. Couldn't get this out of my head once [ profile] selectivelyurie brought it up in the Q&A. Set a few days before the infamous kiss. If the drugs bother you, know that in my world they were only ever this reckless at the cabin. ;) This is abstract and bizarre and written in the middle of the night and has no real meaning, so watch for pointlessness. Title from the scrapped cabin songs.

Ryan's skin in moonlight is a natural A minor scale. )

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Title: Your Nightlife Moods [1/1]
Author: [profile] lolab 
Pairing: Brendon/Jon
Rating: R
Words: ~1,180
Dedication: [ profile] falling_words 
Notes: HOW DID I GET ROPED INTO WRITING DRABBLES ALL MORNING? I was supposed to work on chapter 16 today and clean the whole house! I hate everyone. Sophie, you are allowed to prompt me too, but no one else. I know all you guys want is PWF anyway, so. :P (Chapter 15 will be posted day after Christmas.)  So Becca's all I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR SIX YEARS I'M ALLOWED TO GIVE YOU VAGUE PROMPTS. It was basically making out against a wall, drunk, RealBoyJon with BonusSekritGheyForBden and notTwinky,Slutty,ORgay!Bden. Oh, honestly.

I TRIED, OKAY. This is so ridiculous. Title from FOB.

The motivation's pretty shallow, to be honest. )

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Title: I'm A Mascot For What You've Become [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Pairing: Gabe/William
Rating: PG
Words: ~670
Dedication: [ profile] bunniesontoast.
Notes: No, I'm not doing holiday drabbles for my friends (I'd be here for years!), but Helen's stuck with me since my first Gabilliam even though I haven't written them since like, March, and I know how much she misses them, but she's been awesome and supportive of every fucking thing I've written all year, and I love her and love watching her develop as a writer. The end. So I said "I want to write you a Gabilliam drabble, prompt me."  This was her prompt. I rolled my eyes and complained it wasn't a prompt. Then I wrote this. Title from FOB.

Voyeur much? )

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except for how i love her, etc. but mostly right now i hate her. (yeah i pretty much stole that from her blog.)  she demanded a drabble to help her along with her vampire!fic. i delivered. 200 words on the dot. i wrote het, people. THE SHIT I DO FOR HER.  there are so many signs the end is nigh...  (the only upside is that i get to use my tag of "annoying heteros," which i haven't had occasion to use in a long time.)

prompt: alex/greta angst, and this, which, idek:

I am your thought but the water is amnesia
my name is on the tip of your tongue
My image is slipping
but your memory is gripping it
this is my breath in your lungs

Not touching him is different, now. )


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Title: Rotation [1/1]
Author:  [ profile] lolab
Rating: NC-17

 GSF (Panic)
Word Count: ~840

Disclaimer: They belong to Pete each other themselves.  Fiction as far as I know (otherwise please send me the videotape).
 He could die right now, twenty fucking years old with these three boys wrapped around him, and never wish for so much as another breath.
Dedication: Those who are waiting for chapter 11. :P
Author's Notes: I wrote this as a drabble a few months ago and expanded it on my lunch break to make it post-able.  I thought my ever-patient PWF readers deserved some sex by now. ;)  Title from Cute's latest album.
The first time Ryan's tongue touches his... )


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