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this is how bored i am tonight: i'm reading my old, unposted harry potter fic. oh god, my LIFE.

i miss harry potter fandom. i was never involved in it socially; HP fandom was so large it intimidated me. but i read a looot, for like a year. i wrote one and posted it on (this was years ago, okay, don't judge) and had done with it, but i started several other fics, kept them to myself, and then fell into bandom. here's an excerpt from the only one that doesn't make me cringe; my writing has improved immensely since this time, but this fic wasn't too bad. if sirius/regulus squicks you, you suck back off.  even though there's nothing overtly slashy here, just brotherly love.

(there was a time the idea of brothercest squicked me too; if you're open-minded, this is the one that converted me, left me boneless and breathless; i never looked at the world the same way.)  (eta: no, wait!  the first one i EVER read was this, and i think my jaw was on the floor for about an hour afterwards.  i felt dirty and thrilled and changed forever.  \o/ brothercest!)

If anyone tries to tell you I don’t love you, they don’t know what love is. )

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last night keri slept out in the living room with pete so i could get some sleep.  she barely got any.  i slept fine.

is my wife not the greatest, in the whole world?

now we are watching order of the phoenix on tv w/ spanish subtitles and we can't stop laughing.

i kind of love my life sometimes.

ETA: hey, an actual reason for this post now! :P  my made-of-awesome clan and i can't figure it out.

is this jon walker or alex suarez?!

like, i'm pretty sure that's jon's cat dylan (the tabby is clover), so i'd assume, y'know, jon, but jon doesn't wear that watch, does he?  like ever?  and i can sort of see alex too?  and jon doesn't have that much hair on his forearms.  it is so infuriating that i can't figure this out!  i've never even thought of a resemblance between them!

ETA II: keri pointed out the mole.  yeah.  i'm tired.  i didn't notice that.  but the mole's on the other side so someone flipped the photo so that's why it doesn't look like alex so much.  so it's, alex, holding jon's cat???  STOP CONFUSING US, BOYS.  AND *WHAT* IS WITH THE BACKGROUND?!??!  the fish?  seriously?  and all the broken pieces where somebody tried to like, photoshop out the background?  without photoshop?  and why would someone flip the pic in the first place?  what is UP with this photo??  i sense a government conspiracy.  or something related to CFOB.  or aliens.  or petewentz himself, but i am pretty sure he is maybe an alien too.  his head is weirdly shaped.  i think i need coffee.

p.s. all this is making me want to ship alex/jon.  headdesk.

p.s.s. the new (or old, if it's from the cabin???) panic song on the mixtape: there are no words for my love for it.  like.  it could be my favouritest panic song ever.  MOAR NAO PLS.

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i also have no comment on the fact that HBP has been moved to next summer.  i kind of just want to die.

carry on.
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...since we saw it last Thursday, two weeks before everyone else. WB and MySpace were doing a special screening in like 7 cities across the country, and Atlanta, being AWESOME, was one of them. (I did not fail to notice that Boston was NOT one of the cities, which made me very happy because my ex, a snooty Bostonite herself, never shut up about how much better Boston was than everywhere else, especially Georgia. She even had a "I'm so glad I live in a BLUE STATE" LJ icon. HAHA. WTFever man, maybe you can get married, but we got Harry Potter two weeks early, which is way cooler than marriage, so suck my cock. :P)

So I was there at like 9am and a bunch of other hardcorers were there too and we all bonded, and Keri and I dressed up and everyone drooled over my Slytherin robe (including gay boys), and the MySpace staff took pics of everyone who was dressed up, and everyone was riotous (like, literally, we were beginning to develop mob mentality by the time they opened the doors that evening) and fun and loud and we all screamed and cheered and clapped at various parts in the movie, and the energy was like magic and when it was over it was pouring rain and the water was up past my ankles by the time I got to the car and we got lost downtown in the rain and it was exhausting and absolutely BLOODY FANTASTIC.

srsly like, best day ever.

As for the movie, well,


...let's just say its biggest flaw was that it was far, far too short. It also had some editing and organisation issues (spoken like the true editorial assistant that I am), but I enjoyed every second of it and I will be seeing it a million times over.

The slash, incidentally, was gorgeous and plentiful (even though they cut out this line Sirius has toward the end that I saw in a behind-the-scenes feature, "All those years in prison, and on the run... the one good thing in my life has been you. Don't take that away from me." *dies*). Hence the uber-suitable icon.

Also, I don't think I have ever seen anything so delightful as Sirius showing up out of nowhere, stating "Get away from my godson," and punching Lucius in the face. The crowd went wild at that one. Screw wands, man. There's nothing like a good punch.

I don't know what made me cry harder: Sirius saying "Nice one, James" without even realising it, or his dying five seconds later before I even had time to finish processing the fact that HE CALLED HARRY "JAMES" AND DIDN'T EVEN CORRECT HIMSELF. Or worse yet, the look on Harry's face. OHHHHHHHH THE ANGST THE ANGST.


In other news, still suffering majorly from tendonitis, which seems to have developed further into real hardcore carpal tunnel. There are good hours and bad, and some really bad. I'm doing my exercises and whatever else I can, but my internship is essentially just computer work. It's hard. It's really fucking hard. But that's that, nothing to be done.

Keri, aside from job searching (and being heavily discouraged with it, which makes me very sad), is taking care of me. Making me tea every night and doing all the house chores I can't do, and she's gotten over her squickiness regarding role-playing so there has been some pretty mind-blowing sex lately. Enoguh said.

My arms are about to fall off now, so I should go.
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Random update! I don't think anyone reads this, but oh well... I am at work, see, and I cannot bring myself to read another word of my 800-page book (and NO it is NOT Harry Potter - if any course syllabus lists Little Dorrit, RUN), but my conscience won't let me work on my notes for my new fanfic because that is about the least homework-related activity imaginable, so I am compromising by writing a blog, which I never write anymore, and I have been very happy about that. 

I dyed my hair Wednesday night, score! )

If you tell me it looks blue (as everyone has done thus far) I will shoot you with deathglare(tm). Which is rather the opposite of the Gary Oldman smirk (the Garysmirk(tm)) of which I have come to be so fond lately. (HAHA I MADE SENTENCE FRAGMENT *blows raspberry*.) I specifically passed over the shade of "Blue-Black," which I used last time and only liked for about two weeks, and chose "Bright Black." Which apparently still has a blue-ishness to it. Don't talk about it. I am going black in honor of Sirius, who is still alive and all, and the upcoming book/movie (i.e., black is the color of mourning, which is what I will be doing after the last book comes out).

Anyway, it's so much better than what it was. Black hair tends to look good no matter what. Even when it looks BAD it looks good. And it brings out my green eyes, so I'm feeling very Harry Potter-esque.

And speaking of Gary Oldman (...okay, that was like two paragraphs ago, but whatever), I have kind of fallen in love with him like mad (in a really disgusting hetero way; it's ridiculous) and have been watching all of his movies. I even signed up for a month of Netflix (just a month!) EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS PURPOSE (stuff like Sid & Nancy and the obscure faggy flick he did in the 80's are not to be found at ye olde local Blockbusters). Immortal Beloved gave me chills and got me playing the piano again with almost rabid passion, and I am currently re-learning Moonlight Sonata to play for Keri when she gets home. <3

I don't know if it's just the frenzy of the book and movie coming out, or the fact that I am alone so much of the time since Keri's not around and thus have returned to fandom out of necessity, but I have become obsessed, like WHOA, with HP in a way I never have before. All my innocuous crushes on all the guys (Dan, Tom, now Gary, and David and Jason and everyone else) are like, full-blown crushes that are making my lesbian self scream in protest and utter bewilderment/disillusionment. It's actually brought up a lot of issues that I won't get into, but I am relatively happy, so that is good.

So, yeah, wrote my first fic in the fandom last week and just posted. Have a look if you can handle the underground cult ship of Harry/Sirius.
Read My Mind by Lola B.

I guess I am a bad English major; I have been secretly asking "Who's Kurt Vonnegut?" for the last three days. (I know the name, but that's about it.)

So Keri comes home in less than a month. P#OS*$&PSfjpoS*UP#$(*#Y:KHeiHS#&$#*NFE$$(*#&!Y@)*&. I... yeah. We have our apartment, and I could not possibly be more excited.

SHARE end-of-the-year staff dinner tonight, woohoo!; we just got an email and apparently the magazine is coming back from the printer's TODAY!!!!! And our big launch party - open to the public, btw - is April 20 at the Three Bears Cafe. EVERYONE FUCKING COME. It's going to be awesome. I feel very Bridget Jones about it, and am dying for someone to ask me the day before to do something the next day, so I can say, "No, tomorrow's the launch!" I am l0zer.

All the fanfic writing (56 pages in about 3 days) gave me another bout of carpel tunnel, and it's not going away yet. It sucks ass. Yet here I am, typing away. Stupid me.

I think that is all I have to say. I am really on top of all my schoolwork though, and have been doing everything way in advance so I don't get slammed at the end. I'm very proud of myself. I miss my wife like whoa. I have reached a stage of constant, unceasing horniness, which shall not be abated until she comes home.



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