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*clears throat for pwentzness*

everyone please meet my new discovery, [ profile] j_plash. she's been writing fic for a good while, but this is her first bandom, for which she made me wait long and hard (lolz). it's based on #2 of my "five times" v-day fic, and it's fantastically detailed, just keeps getting better; dissolves into the best breathplay i've ever read. the whole thing is creative and unique and suspenseful and complex and just reduced me to whimpers and keymashing. she spent an entire fucking day researching every ounce of canon/characterization before attempting to write; i think she knows more about panic than i do now. so, enjoy.

in other news, my 4-yr anniversary w/ keri is tomorrow. wow. also, yesterday an idea came to me for a fic where brendon finds out he has AIDS and then everything is really angsty and then he and one of the boys fall in love and then in the end bden dies. WTAF, BRAIN. my old rent fandom is showing. jfc.

...*adds it to spreadsheet anyway*

(chapter 2 up possibly tomorrow?)

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lurker open house post 2009.  through epic calculation and careful monitoring, it has come to my attention that i have an endless amount of lurkers.  don't ask me how i know; i just do.

come out?  say hi?  don't think i don't see you votin' in mah pollz and leavin' me anonymous comments left and right. XD  you're allowed to friend me, i won't bite.  and i won't think you're a loser for following me this long without introducing yourself.  some of my best friends on here are ex-lurkers.

this also doubles as my february birthday post.  there are a shit ton of you, so happy happy day to you all, but i'll just do the few i'm closest to or we'll be here all day.


[ profile] notyourshot -- you will keep me waiting for porn until i am shriveled and decrepit, i'm sure, but i'll wait forever for you. ;)

[ profile] monamour_x -- nothing needs to be said.  you are my brenny bear, and i am your ryan.  and i have missed you the last few days and helen and i are epically worried, so jesus, text me already.

[ profile] minus_four -- i wish i could spend your bday with you, sitting around together on our laptops and laughing at badfic. ♥

[ profile] falling_words -- lolz ur old nao too.  thanks for being the spencer to my impossible ryan and sticking around with me.  love you.

also i totally forgot bill beckett's birthday so here, have some bill beckett.  who is so fucking awesome that he put up a recording of the show i was at, and i can hear my friend charlie yelling on all the tracks. <3!

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...if, hypothetically, ryan were to suddenly reveal the results of his piano lessons (which he mentioned he was taking, years ago in interviews), what do you think he might like to play that brendon could walk in on and see? atm i'm leaning toward this. anyone who's seen the truman show will appreciate.

link me to your youtube choices? doesn't have to be classical, but i'm thinking something gentle and romantic. btw, chapter 1 of pccf is underway and i maybe kind of love it a lot. \o/

before i go, a few recs, which i never bother with unless i don't think they've been publicized as much as they deserve.

recs, random stuff about fic philosophy, and more of my youtube madness. )

happy friday!
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quick note -- i've revamped the masterlist to include summaries and genres. don't read the early stuff; it's shit, as are most of the drabbles because i wrote them in literally minutes. my favourites are hearted; read those. the patrick/bden (lapdance!fic! \o/) and bden/jon are fun too. [ profile] falling_words  should start prompting me again.

anyway, for those who now complain that their life is over along with pwf, it'll keep you occupied until i start pccf. post-cabin cabin fic update )

if you read the latest entry on[info]hard_at_work , i made THIS just to prove i wasn't kidding. (on the camperfic notes, it's supposed to say "all dynamics shift"; guess it got cut off.) i mentioned this to[info]zarah5v2 , who was complaining that she too can never seem to write anything less than epic chaptered fic anymore, and it made me start thinking i should write a short one-shot just to prove to myself i can still do it. so i may ask you guys to prompt me soon. i've gotten way too lazy prompting you; although i can't say i haven't enjoyed all the text-message porn coming from[info]stereotypeloser , [ profile] ryden_fan , [ profile] justranda , [ profile] monamour_x , plus all the morningfic from [ profile] moku_youbi  and everything [ profile] livinglifeloud  is working on because I'm love with her writing. GOD IL YOU GUISE. *wipes away tear*

today sucks. i couldn't get back to sleep at ass o'clock this morning; when i did, i had a ryden sex dream and then keri's dumbass alarm woke me. asl;kehaofupao4iw.

p.s. here are keri and me, being faildorks. 7:20-7:50 never fails to crack me up.

rywalk 3 tomorrow. 


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write them. )

my fingers hurt so i probably won't be able to respond to comments today (you know the drill; i'll read them and smile big), but i just HAVE to tell you about my ryden dream last night. my dreamz, let me show you them. )

ouch.  that was almost not worth my fingers.  anyway.  rywalk is almost done. i never heard back from the big bang peeps so, fuck it, i'm just gonna start posting when it's done. it's now in 4 parts, not 3; i'll probably post two a week.  also, thanks again to those who texted me porn the other night while i was stuck in traffic (this is why you should follow my twitter :P); [ profile] ryden_fan  is now writing a whole jon/tom popsicle!porn from it!  HUZZAH!

happy almost-friday!

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...the small things.

you are all teaching me that, and you don't know how grateful i am.

going to work on the rywalk now, because it's what i love, and tomorrow i'm going to the yoga class on campus because i love that too, and then i'm going to see bilvy because i love him too.  i'm going to hang out with keri tonight because i love her, and i'm going to keep texting ally because i love her, and i'm going to keep exchanging spyro pics with sophie because i love her too, and to hell with anything else.

i'll get there.

ETA: OHMYGODBRENDONURIE.  OH.  MY.  GOD.  (thanks to [ profile] falling_words.)  CAN'T.  STOP.  LAUGHING.

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omg guise your comments are making me cry.

it's over. :'(

let's make ourselves feel better.  picspam my comments or something.  prompt each other.  have cybersex.  write porn.  confess crushes on each other.  whatever.  lol.  let's celebrate instead!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] bunniesontoast!!!!! :D
thank you, thank you, thank you, for a year of smiles, jailbait snuggles, fic, friendship,
and seahorse debates.  i am very grateful to have you in my life. <3

everyone go write her fic; i would, but, my arms. :/  bb, i wish i could take you with me to the acoustic show next saturday. :(  (is anyone else gonna be there?)  if you (that goes for all of you guys!) have any song requests, b/c i think he's been taking them, and i plan to videotape a lot, possibly use keri's fancy nikon... LET ME KNOW.  can't make any promises, but we'll see.  i'm most definitely requesting ATLMS for myself if i get the chance.

prolly won't respond to comments this time; busy working and trying to finish 19 and rest my arms (yes, all at once).  leave helen a birthday wish; she stalks my comments like whoa. ;)

ily bb!!!!!! <3


Jan. 14th, 2009 12:59 pm
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[ profile] livinglifeloud  is the best person in the world, the end.  presenting... COMICBOOK!PWF. \o/!!!!!!!!!!!

- page 1
- page 2
- page 3
- eta: page 4!

no.  motherfucking.  words.  my stomach hurts from laughing.

go forth and see if you can top this.  i don't think anyone could.


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