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[ profile] redorchids is writing a pccf scene (twitterwars!) and needs more badfic! she has requested the following:

"joncer badfic: a bj scene that's written by a 12-year-old virgin who clearly has no idea about what's hot and what's not, what a dick looks like or how a bj even works. something like theohara's buffy badfic. LOL. teeth. wrong use of teeth. gallons of precome. come spelled cum. insanely crappy grammar. using other sex words like "rimming" in the wrong context, thinking they mean something else. should be spencer going down on jon and just outrageous. preferably schmoopy as hell too. in a completely unrealistic context. like stockholm syndrom with spence as jon's sex slave or something. idk, you make something up. LOL"

i know it seems all i post are requests lately, but this is FUN, and besides, you're getting chapter 8 soon. i'm a little stuck on the climax scene, but i'll get there.

thanks to everyone who found my hat. you guys are clearly better sleuths than i am. <3

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Title: Room for Me Somewhere in You [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Rating: NC-17
Jon/Spencer; implied Brendon/Ryan and GSF
They belong to Pete each other themselves, not me. Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: Spencer always watches him, daring him to look away, and it's so fucking intense it kind of makes Jon feel like gravity's seeping out of the atmosphere and he's just floating, maybe on air, or maybe in some ocean vaguely the shade of Spencer's eyes. This is a short, fluffy sequel to Somewhat Shy of Definition and a companion piece to Still Unheard Though I Listen; you need to read both of those first -- but trust me, they're well worth your time.
Author's Notes: [ profile] falling_words made me write/post this. (Clearly it was just torture.) I just wrote it to indulge her, with no intention of ever posting, so it's not my best work, but oh well. There are a few more pieces in this 'verse that will be coming eventually too, so keep a look-out.

Title by "To Tell You" by April Smith, as are all titles in this 'verse.

Jon makes quite a show of shutting the door... )


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