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had an unusually lovely day, filled with meditation and browsing of zen books at b&n (as you may've noticed via twitter) and buying a hot-pink harness for pete (who is a pretty pretty princess) so we could take him out in this gorgeous weather.

FIC UPDATE: today in the car i made the executive decision that my next project is going to be william/tom. i'm going to base it on the fm&mk sequel that i will never write, b/c fm&mk was my first fic and it was so embarrassingly mediocre; i don't want to be associated with it anymore. but i love the premise for the sequel so much that i'm going to write it as a present-day fic on its own, leading up to the current academy/empires tour, possibly. i am so, so excited i get to use the plot; it's kind of awesome. so, look for that after pccf. i'm pretty sure my title's still going to be overexposed.

anonymous comment on ch 3 sez: I know you're a big fan of adding canon (o hai Ayn Rand reference!) to your fic so I felt like I should mention that Brendon is actually a big fan of Silverchair! Ryan has said before that Brendon has been listening to them since the early days and they both have mentioned loving the last album. :)

FML. they would love the last album; they're so gay, jesus. i love how it's anonymous, too. that's totally ross stalkin' me again, tryin' to make sure i don't portray him inaccurately. :P (i'm impressed this is my only mistake. i'm good.)

drunk vid 1 and drunk vid 2 are up. they're so lame; we're barely drunk.  but, i'm in my camouflage boxer briefs, so.

on a side note, [ profile] selectivelyurie and i have been emailing each other pictures of koalas and plotting our epic panic! at the zoo AU in capslock. it's made of so many kinds of win. we're talking pete as the crazy reptile dude, brendon and jon as zookeeper bffs in little steve irwin shorts and sneakers, and ryan and spence as snooty businessmen in italian loafers who come to rescue the zoo from the shit economy and ~revolutionize the way it's run, which includes new rules that everyone hates (like brendon and jon not being allowed to sing/play guitar for the animals every night). brendon has instant heart eyes for ryan despite ryan's assholery, and jon and spencer wind up in a very physical, supply closet-based relationship, while pete pines over patrick the zoo gift shop owner, and brendon attempts to give ryan a koala as a courtship gift, which ryan declines.

off to take schmexy pics of keri now. don't worry, i'll share. ;)

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finally cut it.  myself.  with no clear objective of what i wanted.  i'm not quite sure what to make of it.  i have none left to hide behind!  also, pics of p33t.

HAIR AND P33T PICS (i'm all about no-nonsense cut text, okay) )

17 is coming.  teaser:

He blinks.  "I keep telling myself I'll figure it out."
[name withheld] nods, his eyes thoughtful as he directs them out to the water.  "It looks like you already have."

tendonitis flare-up update: still hurts, but improving slowly.
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last night keri slept out in the living room with pete so i could get some sleep.  she barely got any.  i slept fine.

is my wife not the greatest, in the whole world?

now we are watching order of the phoenix on tv w/ spanish subtitles and we can't stop laughing.

i kind of love my life sometimes.

ETA: hey, an actual reason for this post now! :P  my made-of-awesome clan and i can't figure it out.

is this jon walker or alex suarez?!

like, i'm pretty sure that's jon's cat dylan (the tabby is clover), so i'd assume, y'know, jon, but jon doesn't wear that watch, does he?  like ever?  and i can sort of see alex too?  and jon doesn't have that much hair on his forearms.  it is so infuriating that i can't figure this out!  i've never even thought of a resemblance between them!

ETA II: keri pointed out the mole.  yeah.  i'm tired.  i didn't notice that.  but the mole's on the other side so someone flipped the photo so that's why it doesn't look like alex so much.  so it's, alex, holding jon's cat???  STOP CONFUSING US, BOYS.  AND *WHAT* IS WITH THE BACKGROUND?!??!  the fish?  seriously?  and all the broken pieces where somebody tried to like, photoshop out the background?  without photoshop?  and why would someone flip the pic in the first place?  what is UP with this photo??  i sense a government conspiracy.  or something related to CFOB.  or aliens.  or petewentz himself, but i am pretty sure he is maybe an alien too.  his head is weirdly shaped.  i think i need coffee.

p.s. all this is making me want to ship alex/jon.  headdesk.

p.s.s. the new (or old, if it's from the cabin???) panic song on the mixtape: there are no words for my love for it.  like.  it could be my favouritest panic song ever.  MOAR NAO PLS.

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keri and are cybering each other on our respective laptops from across the room.

pete insists on jumping on my crotch repeatedly. this is slightly uncomfortable.

in other news, here, have a new OTP:

how am i going to keep PWF from turning exclusively ryan/spence after reading that???
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so i have this massive hard-on, right, and i'm like "yeah jerking off right nao would be SWEET" so i go into the bedroom and pete is LYING ON THE BED, staring at me like he's WAITING for me. so i'm like, fuck that, i'm ignorin youz, so i lie down and shove him aside and start going to work.

and then he starts LICKING MY STOMACH.

so i had to GET UP and dump him outside the door and shut it.

then he meowed.

so i just scrunched my eyes shut and thought about spencer smith and came really really hard.

anyway, aren't you all curious to know what gave me such a massive hard-on?

happy saturday, people:

it is no joke like 9K words of sex. enjoy yourselves (literally; that was one great orgasm).

chapter 4 teaser )

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p.s. i just wrote the angstiest spyro one-shot ever (technically part of a larger thing we're working on, but get this, IT'S TOO ANGSTY TO USE, ASOPE8RUAP9W48APW43). it keeps making us scream "OMG WE BROKE SPENCER!!!!!!!" anyone who writes me something can get it. god only knows when i'll post.

p.s.s. becca and i re-cast anne of green gables with patd. brendon: anne. jon: gilbert. spence: marilla. ryan: who the fuck knows. possibly josie pye?

off to play guitar! oh yeah: p.s.s.s.
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loveable, talented, an amazing writer, a brilliant entrepreneur, and perhaps the only true emo left. <3  we love you so hard, bb.  even [profile] falling_words, who tries so hard to pretend she doesn't.  (you should've seen how distraught she was when your blog went down for two days.)


he honors his namesake so well; he's emo and co-dependent; he'll cry until you hold him.

i love my kitten so hard.  he is perfect. <3

in other news, two of the greatest fics i have read in some time, both in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAYS.


- brendon turns intoa  koala.  no rly.

and in a class all its own...

best of all, this.  she indulges me so well it makes my heart physically ache sometimes.  jesus christ, this is beautiful.  ily, bb.

and as promised, tomorrow or saturday i will be posting the companion piece to this, which is brendon giving a lapdance in black underwear.  that's right.  yeah.  i know.  i know.

happy thursday, everyone.


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