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remember in chapter 5 or whatever, they play bohemian rhapsody, turns out pete had it broadcasting to the whole club, and then in 7 we find out it's been leaked to youtube?

i need a screenshot of that nonexistent youtube vid. which means. an indoor shot of ryan on guitar and brendon either on piano or at a microphone. this obviously won't be in the same frame, so it would have to be photoshopped. i don't do photoshop but i can smish certain photos together that have the right lighting. though, if you have photoshop skillz and want to try it, that would be amazing. hell, you can even put their heads on other bodies if it looks real enough. it needs to be slightly blurry to be authentic, and it needs to be the basic shape of a youtube clip. so basically, i need photos that i can smish, or a photoshopped image that looks like a real screenshot of this performance. i wasn't going to ask you guys because i've been useless and demanding lately, but [ profile] redorchids told me i should. :P

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU: the satisfaction of making colin's day when he has been miserable lately the first half of chapter 8 (includes porn) to the first person who can pull this off.

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i ran a google image search for "ryan ross" (i just wanted a picture of him in a white button down shirt, was that too much to ask for? apparently it was), and this came up on after a few pages.

i blinked many times and then i went back and found this.

those are some extremely unique blue pants, ladies and gentlemen. unique in their epic ugliness to the point that i cannot imagine two whole human beings being willing to wear them. and that really, really looks like ryan to me. i'm trying to be objective here but that really, really looks like bb!ryan.

explain. (ETA: the nose. aside from the hideous pants, it's all in the nose for me.)
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so, i fucked up a bit on the history in my ~epic theory: bden and spence moved to cali before ryan and keltie split. so... maybe the whole plan was for all of them to move out there, but ryan felt he should stay back awhile since keltie had just moved there for that job? idk. i am exceedingly pleased to announce that my dear [ profile] moku_youbi has agreed to take on the challenge of writing this fic, and considering she is one of my 3-4 favourite writers in bandom, THIS IS EXCITING.

also, someone should really write a fic based on this thread.

stayed up till midnight writing/editing a really intense scene for chapter 7 and angsting over it with [ profile] redorchids, but it was all worth it and i think you guys are going to like it.

happy monday. have some pretty boys. seriously, i beg you, someone write me RPS about these two. i mean. come on. just... look at them.

how much do i love [ profile] justranda, and my flist in general? this much. i've realized i wake up to monday morning porn more often than not, and that's just. you guys. ily.

probably won't answer comments here; my fingers hurt today and i've got a lot of work. i'll read and smile, etc. ♥

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more random fictalk, aidsfic rambling, and my favorite boypic of all time (tasteful but NSFW). )

here, have a rec of utmost preciousness that will make you forget all about brendon dying. i'm taking tomorrow off, i've earned it, so happy early friday to me and happy thursday to the rest of you. p.s. i'm friendslocking my previous entry in the next couple days 'cause it talks about work and a specific person, so if there's any more comment-stalking you need to do (oh shut up, you all admit you do it :P) and you're not on my flist, do it now. thx. ♥


Mar. 25th, 2009 06:47 am
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so i guess i've been typing too much lately b/c my fingers are killing me (hence not responding to your emails).  plus i have to write up an entire silent auction guide at work by friday, including snazzy, witty descriptions/titles for 114+ items.  F.  M.  L.

anyway, so i've been writing chapter 6 on paper, which is obviously going... slowly, but you'll be happy to know it's over half done.  we'll see how i'm feeling later, but i've got a ton to do at work this week, obv.  i want to say it'll be up tomorrow but i can't promise.

won't be answering comments here, for obvious reasons, but, leave some love, or porn drabbles, if you feel like it.  i'll read and smile big.

<3 love you guys.  here, have a happy picture (click to enlarge).  his blurry smiley little face, you guys. ♥_♥

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(luckily seahorse is distracting enough that you will hopefully overlook how shitty and dweeby i look.)

not only due to this picture, but this was possibly the best show i've ever seen in my life.

first of all, bilvy was eyefucking crawford the whole night, mainly when seahorse was between/in front of them so he wouldn't notice.  also, turns out crawford is even sexier doing acoustic solos than he is on electric.  i think i came in my pants.  so, can't really blame bill (WHO IS SO TOTALLY BONING HIM EVERY NIGHT, OH MY GOD, WHERE'S THE FIC, I'LL WRITE IT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO).  then they all covered "baby one more time" as well as an n'sync song, and seahorse and bilvy told the story of how they were at a restaurant the other day and their stoned waitress was convinced bill was johnny depp.  so finally seahorse is all "GIVE IT UP FOR JOHNNY DEPP!" and then they went into a series that concluded with "give it up for prince caspian" (!) and finally "GIVE IT UP FOR JACK DAWSON!" because bilvy was dressed like motherfucking jack dawson.  bilvy kept telling us how much he loved doing shows like this, and he took requests, and he told sisky to stop smoking "cancer sticks," and he said hi to keri, and he told the story behind how he wrote "eastbound traffic" and he talked about scimeca and went on a mushy rant about how much he loves sisky and IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER, OKAY.  EVER.  william was, is, and always will be my favourite band boy.  i have such respect for him as a person.  he is grateful and humble and down to earth and incredible to the fans and i hope he knows how much we appreciate it.

could've done without the mindblowing OVERLOAD of obnoxious screaming-fainting-flailing teenage girls (more than usual i swear omg), but.  hey.

i couldn't figure out where to wait around afterwards b/c people were grouping up all over the damn place, so i gave up.  i got a pic with him last time, so it's okay.  but next time i want a pic with ian just to see if i can contain my boner when he puts his arm around me.  HIS HANDS, THEY ARE MAGIC.

pics here (that's the public link; you have to log in to comment; some ppl were confused about that last time).

vids here, there are six, not complete songs (except for "the test" and pls note how bill and ian ~embrace at the end), but hey, i've only got a 250mb memory card.

i ran into a few friends but i wish you all could've been there, especially you overseas peeps because it's not fair you don't get tours like this.  you should, and i wish you'd all been there with me.  <3

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right so last night becca sent me pics to "inspire" me to write chapter 18; mostly they just made me laugh really, really hard.  so, inspiration fail, BUT.  we did discover jon is a creepy-ass lurker, and also, i wound up with gems like THIS.

prepare yourself )

so that is your assignment.  ignore brent and pretend spencer is around somewhere, and write some bb!spyro promfic, with gratuitous amounts of quietlyjealous!spencer and cluelessdumbass!ryan. :D

also, look, i stole old calendar pages and made a pwf wall at work.

also, bamboo! )

18 will be ready maybe tomorrow.
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i love those panic pics where there is so much going on in the pic and you just can't help but giggle.  i also love how jon is always so, so amused by the ryden.  (we all remember the "ryden dirty" incident, y?)

for instance (click to enlarge).  brendon and ryan are obviously the focus (ryan's face -- it's that look my cat gets when you're not sure if he's going to get bored and plop down and ignore you, or attack your face with fangs; i can almost see ryan's tail swishing cryptically), but spencer's got that "i'm going to ignore the ghey, like i do best") and jon's just all HEEEEEEE, LULZ, I KNOWS THINGS.

there, write something about that.  tide me over until i finish 18.  maybe it'll make me finish faster (haha, finish faster).
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finally cut it.  myself.  with no clear objective of what i wanted.  i'm not quite sure what to make of it.  i have none left to hide behind!  also, pics of p33t.

HAIR AND P33T PICS (i'm all about no-nonsense cut text, okay) )

17 is coming.  teaser:

He blinks.  "I keep telling myself I'll figure it out."
[name withheld] nods, his eyes thoughtful as he directs them out to the water.  "It looks like you already have."

tendonitis flare-up update: still hurts, but improving slowly.
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click to enlarge (and then click again; it's beautiful full-size).  more amazing pictures here.  on the last page, there is brendon/darren clinging, so beware.  they're total tear-jerker pics.  on the upside, somewhere in the middle is BRENDON SKATEBOARDING, and the fact that this kid can apparently do a full fucking kickflip is embarrassingly hot to me.


eta: the phanplan/panic pics made me angsty and sad, so i made this.  steal it if you want, even though it's lame and reminds me of 9/11. :P


Nov. 20th, 2008 02:45 pm
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\o/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  original here.

i love how gay jon looks, and how brendon (who is totally TOO SKINNY wtf) is totally staring at ryan, and how jon really needs to just bend him over that big pile of sand and fuck him into next week.  he's ASKING for it, come on. XD

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courtesy of ginni, whom i shall now marry:

go on, drool. )

jesus fucking christ, ross.  just.  warn us a little before you go all oldschool-smoking-hot, okay?  i'm at work.  i can't jerk off at work.  fuck.

(eta: apparently they're all from here, HOLY FUCK, SO MANY!!!)

also, a screencap from this morning when i was so bored i thought i'd look through facebook groups b/c the stupid fangirls give them such hilariously lame names:

also, the best part of my search was the group entitled, "ryan ross is NOT a 13-year-old girl!!!  he is a HOT MAN!!!!!!!!"


?!?!?!!  ARGUMENT FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there's also another issue i would like to address.  i know there aren't a lot of dudes reading this, but, if you are, you can answer for yourself.  seriously.  okay.  we all know ryan and brendon have bracelets with each other's names on them, this is canon, they've acknowledged it, there is plenty of photo proof, etc., and they wear them like... all the time?  idk?  or very often, at least.  and i would just like to pose the question... how many straight-guys-who-are-not-dating-each-other do you know who would do that?  i don't even know girls who would do that with a friend.  i mean, i wouldn't put it past ryan and spencer because they're ryanandspencer, but.  come on.

i just.  yeah.

i'm not the type of freak who's always trying to scrabble at all the little bitty real-life things to prove that a pair is fucking, but.  SERIOUSLY, guys.  seriously.

happy friday!!!!!!  i see cobra tonight!!!!!  and finally meet my buddy charlie, whom i met on facebook like back in january.  in celebration:

yeaaaaah... i'm a nerd.  and screw you, i'll rape your flist with pics whenever i want. :P

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chapter 12, aka "ryro becomes ryho" (god help us), is nearly done.  no more teasers, but did i already mention the chapter includes the line "i kissed your boyfriend and i'm not sorry"?  bahaha.  it's so lame and i love it.  this chapter followed the outline about 20%.  the rest is ginni's influence. :P

i've made it my latest mission to learn "tonight, tonight" on the piano because it's so beautiful i get chills whenever i hear panic's version.  i'm trying to learn off the studio version though b/c it'll be easier to hear individual notes, but i'm having a really hard time because billy corgan's voice makes me want to die.  too bad he's pretty.  (is?  was?  maybe he got ugly.  or died.  i don't know nearly as much about modern music history as i feel i should.  but it seems to be my experience that the pretty ones tend to either get ugly or die.)

click to enlarge.

some random pics because i want to get this shit off my desktop )
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panic at the disco, atlanta, 11/4/08.


- "when the day met the night"
- "shout"

chapter 11 is done and will be up tomorrow. :)

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see, look at that.  a little gabilliam and you forget all about chapter 10.  i'm brilliant. :P

in other news, i'm sitting in my car this morning and i catch a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror and i think...


and then, to solidify my claim, i took a picture. )

anyway.  it is keri's birthday today.  SHE IS TWENTY-SIX YEARS OLD.  and i'll be there in two months.  people, lovely LJ people, minions of mine, PLEASE TELL ME I DON'T LOOK ALMOST-TWENTY-SIX.  PLEASE.  anyway.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERI!!!!!!!!! <33333333

here we are, being awesome. )

happy wednesday, all.

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this is gonna sound waaaay more egotistical than i want it to, lol, but doesn't this look like the kind of pic shane would take? (only with like, a real camera and ~skillz.)

more pics from the ATL show... no good ones really, sorry, but hey.

chapter 9 has begun.  flashback's done, and so am i for now.  off to learn a new rocket summer song.

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1. you guys ask awesome questions! :D  and i love how none of you chose to go anon.  that says something about how open and comfortable we are with each other, and that's awesome.  *smishes you all*

2. wtf is up with everyone being all "i really like your voice!"  ...who have you guys been listening to to make you think i have a good voice?  like, billy corgan?  LOL.  that song was so, so, so not in my key at ALL.  you're all sweet though. :P

3. i was in the car this morning listening to rocket summer (i'm having a total bryce renaissance lately), and i started crying during "do you feel."  for the first time in like, a thousand times i've heard that song?  it was (oh wow this sounds cliche and lame) like he was speaking directly to me.  like we were sitting down and having a conversation and he was calling me out.  i just.  wow.  it's been awhile since a song has done that to me.  it was amazing.

3b. in case you haven't seen my twitter... well, the latest update still makes me giggle. :P  (i would advise, though, maybe not getting so into the habit that you end up doing it at a concert. XD)  (have, THE.  haBITS.  had YOUOOO-OOUU-UUUU.  sorry, idk, idk.)

3c. before i go looking or trying to learn it myself by ear (or spend $500 on software that will isolate the piano part on the track so i can learn it easily :P), if anyone should happen to run across sheet music (even if it's shit somebody wrote by hand and scanned) or a youtube tutorial for "story" or "around the clock," i'd love you forever.  those are the two i really want to learn, and i can't find stuff for them anywhere.

4. BECCA.  COBRA STARSHIP.  THAT'S ALL I'M GONNA SAY.  AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  (watch her leave comments defending herself now.)  oh, but if you have any recs for good gabe/alex(suarez) fic, please leave them in the comments.  she apparently needs them like oxygen.


6. I SEE ALL TIME LOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!  saekjnhkfhaieh4rka3jh4;aiosg

7. chapter 8 should be up possibly today, definitely by tomorrow.  so there. :D


ETA: becca finds the best things ever.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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PICS: the academy is..., 10/2/08, the masquerade, atlanta.   \o/

some are blurry (i was testing out a new setting on my camera), but there are a few that are really awesome.

totally called in sick today, but my body was like, "hey, it's 5:30, let's wake up NAO!"  so, fail either way.  off to starbucks with the wife. <3

p.s. i need a jon/bden flashback for chapter 8.  ideas?  (i'll accept flashback ideas for any pairing, actually.  my mind is kind of blanking atm.)


sorry it's sideways for the first third.  i always forget i can't turn my camera when videotaping.  loser.


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