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if... hypothetically... brendon were to get fed up/offended/appalled enough by ryan's ~dance moves (the ones he busts out when he thinks no one's watching), and decides to teach him how to properly Shake. It., much to ryan's protest, what song would you like him to use?

because right now i'm stuck on "bounce, bounce," which makes me giggle a lot, which i love, so. vote.

[Poll #1359475]

tell me you all saw pete and patrick and ellen singing "womanizer." oh, my heart. i love bandom. (don't even get me started on ross's twitter. i want pages and pages of genfic all about ryan's faily life.)

feeling a bit better today. i bought me some furniture (apparently i'm a girl, if shopping makes me feel better), hung out with my mom, ate a lot of food, read my book of awesome. life is okay, today. it'll be better once i finish my dumbass work and can get back to chapter 3. ily all.
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so okay, originally in the outline there was a scene in pccf where brendon catches ryan wearing girls' underwear, and it's not like a ~thing in the fic, but it's a moment that just adds to the tension (they do show up one more time after that).  and ryan was like, look, it's not a thing, i just like it sometimes, it's comfortable to sleep in, and.  yeah.  but then i took it out of the outline because i know not everyone is into that, and i didn't want to like randomly throw my kink in and add a dimension that a lot of people would go squicky over.  but after the response to [Poll #1346854]happy commando tuesday!


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