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thanks for your kind words on 4; i hate the chapter a lot less now. <3 oh, and this is overdue: welcome, to the new peeps who have friended me over the last few months. glad to have you! sorry i can't friend back at this point; my flist is overwhelming as it is, now that i've actually started reading it.  but i rarely, rarely lock posts, so you're not missing anything.  also, any remaining lurkers (i know there's still a bucket of you, you can't hide :P), feel free to come out at any time.  i don't bite.  (unless you like that sort of thing, in which case all you have to say is how hard. ;)

the event went well at work; raised more $ than we'd expected. \o/  i ♥ my job. and i never, ever take for granted how valuable it is that i can say that, that i can love what i do, even if it's not prestigious or lucrative. it's such a blessing, in the rest of my life's chaos. and even to feel so valued at work, to feel job security in this day and age... i'm so lucky, and grateful.

watched the simpsons (#12 of this season i think; the eviction ep) on hulu with keri in bed this morning while pete knocked coffee beans off the dresser (don't ask) and ate them. fuckin' hilarious. i love that show like breathing. best way to spend a saturday morning. i'll seriously cry a motherfuckin' river when it ever goes off the air. (and hey, [ profile] stereotypeloser, apparently i haven't seen every ep! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN! \o/ hey come visit me, we'll have a simpsons marathon just like in chapter 4. ;)

goin' for brunch at my parents' now, and my dad's gonna help me set up my 401k. WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD AND BORING.

so, purpose for this post, PROMPT ME! )

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i just realized i posted two fics in a row with the word "dreams" in the title.  despite the fact that i really love both titles and they are both respectively fitting, i feel like such a loser.

and OH MY GOD, SORRY THERE WERE NO PWF PANTIES, JESUS.  just, they got lost in the crash, okay?  and washed up on shore after they left.  somewhere on the island, one of those oreo-monkeys is looking very, very pretty.

sigh.  i miss pwf.

it's interesting... like, i respect all of your opinions, those few who felt the need to explain why they chose the dnw option.  but like, it confuses me.  these boys have been wearing make-up and girls' clothing for years; why do undergarments squick you so?  discuss.  speaking of controversial discussions, i've talked with several people lately how much i/we hate genderswap.  again, i respect everyone's prefs, but damn, some things i just don't get.  lol.  i could write a whole post on why my opinion is what it is, so don't get me started unless you want me to. XD

i am very disappointed that more people did not choose artichokes.  don't you want to see brendon (or ryan) slooooowly peeling off the leaves one evening at dinner, dipping them in melted butter, sliding them between their lips to bite off the meat (AHEM), and then maybe a little droplet of butter would bead at their lip, and the other would obviously have to lean forward and lick it off...

you all fail. :P

the pete/ryan is done, motherfuckers!  editing today, posting... prolly tomorrow.  thursday is a good day to post.  people always complain when i post early in the week b/c they don't have time to read.  see how awesome and accommodating i am?  and you know what this means.  now i can start pccf.

here, have a prompt.  don't overlook brendon gawking in the background.  and spencer is clearly trying to ignore his own boner all of this.

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are you ready to go back to the place? (see how lame i was there? i know, god.)

pccf teaser, because who doesn't love brendon/ryan voyeurism? )

in other news, i have chosen a prompt! \o/ i hate to say it, but i was kind of sold on it from the moment it was posted. you know when something just clicks with you? and then it started writing itself in my head so i knew i was screwed. i have chosen the pete/ryan that [ profile] drunknballerina offered, and to hell with the fact that so few people like pete/ryan. nobody writes phanplan fic either, but the one i wrote i was really proud of; plus i often write nontraditional pairings in a way that converts people to them, so. this'll be good. i'm happy. thanks to EVERYONE who prompted; you guys all had awesome ideas and i've kept them all in a file for future use.

gimme a week on this (or a day; no idea how easily it'll come to me), and then i can start writing us some motherfucking ryden, which i know is what you all want. ;)

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all right. before i start pccf for real, i want to write a oneshot because i haven't in months. i know i can still do it! *makes confident little-engine-that-could noises* plus this is a way to give back to all of you who write me stuff all the time just because you love me. so prompt me. i don't care if you're a lurker, if you want to be anonymous, if we've never spoken, whatever. i don't ever do this, so here's your chance.

yo' guidelines: let me show you them. )

sidenote: two screenshots from youtube comments; the first from my vid with keri from the other day, living proof of the human race's unceasing stupidity (they never responded after my last comment, fyi); the second is from alex's vid that ryan shared with us. there is nothing not awesome about this.

happy friday!

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write them. )

my fingers hurt so i probably won't be able to respond to comments today (you know the drill; i'll read them and smile big), but i just HAVE to tell you about my ryden dream last night. my dreamz, let me show you them. )

ouch.  that was almost not worth my fingers.  anyway.  rywalk is almost done. i never heard back from the big bang peeps so, fuck it, i'm just gonna start posting when it's done. it's now in 4 parts, not 3; i'll probably post two a week.  also, thanks again to those who texted me porn the other night while i was stuck in traffic (this is why you should follow my twitter :P); [ profile] ryden_fan  is now writing a whole jon/tom popsicle!porn from it!  HUZZAH!

happy almost-friday!

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write them.

what came to mind was "untimely confession."  i pictured a wedding reception.  (those flashbacks from pwf when ry and bren were at the wedding, and they were interrupted by shane?  like that.)  but obv, anything.

still considering starting that comm for people who want real concrit, who want to improve their writing.  i'd probably start moving prompts over there.

p.s. thank you all, so much. every comment and email helped, it really did.  more than you know.  you guys are fantastic.  i'll respond to the emails eventually. <3

ETA: mostly for becca and ally, but, MY BOSS BEING A DORK.  and more!  (i'm only allowed to leave it up for 2 days, so go enjoy.)
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omg guise your comments are making me cry.

it's over. :'(

let's make ourselves feel better.  picspam my comments or something.  prompt each other.  have cybersex.  write porn.  confess crushes on each other.  whatever.  lol.  let's celebrate instead!


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i love those panic pics where there is so much going on in the pic and you just can't help but giggle.  i also love how jon is always so, so amused by the ryden.  (we all remember the "ryden dirty" incident, y?)

for instance (click to enlarge).  brendon and ryan are obviously the focus (ryan's face -- it's that look my cat gets when you're not sure if he's going to get bored and plop down and ignore you, or attack your face with fangs; i can almost see ryan's tail swishing cryptically), but spencer's got that "i'm going to ignore the ghey, like i do best") and jon's just all HEEEEEEE, LULZ, I KNOWS THINGS.

there, write something about that.  tide me over until i finish 18.  maybe it'll make me finish faster (haha, finish faster).
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Title: Your Nightlife Moods [1/1]
Author: [profile] lolab 
Pairing: Brendon/Jon
Rating: R
Words: ~1,180
Dedication: [ profile] falling_words 
Notes: HOW DID I GET ROPED INTO WRITING DRABBLES ALL MORNING? I was supposed to work on chapter 16 today and clean the whole house! I hate everyone. Sophie, you are allowed to prompt me too, but no one else. I know all you guys want is PWF anyway, so. :P (Chapter 15 will be posted day after Christmas.)  So Becca's all I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR SIX YEARS I'M ALLOWED TO GIVE YOU VAGUE PROMPTS. It was basically making out against a wall, drunk, RealBoyJon with BonusSekritGheyForBden and notTwinky,Slutty,ORgay!Bden. Oh, honestly.

I TRIED, OKAY. This is so ridiculous. Title from FOB.

The motivation's pretty shallow, to be honest. )

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Title: I'm A Mascot For What You've Become [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Pairing: Gabe/William
Rating: PG
Words: ~670
Dedication: [ profile] bunniesontoast.
Notes: No, I'm not doing holiday drabbles for my friends (I'd be here for years!), but Helen's stuck with me since my first Gabilliam even though I haven't written them since like, March, and I know how much she misses them, but she's been awesome and supportive of every fucking thing I've written all year, and I love her and love watching her develop as a writer. The end. So I said "I want to write you a Gabilliam drabble, prompt me."  This was her prompt. I rolled my eyes and complained it wasn't a prompt. Then I wrote this. Title from FOB.

Voyeur much? )

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holy shit, i'm in love.

gorgeous doesn't cover it.

eta: WAIT THERE IS MORE.  william, brendon, snow angels, just, HERE, HAVE MY SOUL ON A PLATTER, JESUS.  GOD I LOVE YOU GUYS.

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since kink 7 is already up and not new to most of you, i leave you with an ~alternative present today (yes, ch 15 is well underway and will be posted after xmas).


drawn lovingly in Paint yesterday for sophie, who started it all with this, which had me laughing so hard i almost fell out of my chair.  as you can see, i tried to give spencer hips.  really should not have done that.  ryan is most accurate, i feel, except for where i forgot to give him balls -- although, that could've been subconsciously intentional, ha HA.  the plane looks like a shark.  don't even know how the sun came into existence, but i'm pretty sure it's responsible for the wreck.

happy 7th day of christmas kinks, everyone!  your feedback has been awesome so far and i'm so happy you're enjoying it as much as i am.  ily, etc.

i'm also going to prompt you all again since my birthday's in a couple weeks i fell in love with this pic ever since becca showed it to me, and i want everyone in the universe to write fic based on it.  my newest LJ love, [ profile] livinglifeloud, is already doing it.

completely fucking gorgeous, tbh )

cabinfic?  holidaygetawayfic?  that interview where ryan talked about taking spence on a holiday to italy or something and this is what they rented?  ANYTHING.

go forth and produce slash, people.  happy holidays.

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i challenge everyone to write a spyro ficlet/drabble (holiday themed or not) based on the prompt of this photo.  my favourite spyro picture ever; their faces are incredible.  the way spencer's looking at him, the way ryan looks so free and open; he never looks like that around anyone else.  sometimes i honestly think they're in love and have absolutely no idea.
a picture says a thousand words: write them.


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