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Oh, God... everything... sore.

Yeeeah... soooo... relatively NSFW...

In addition, I got bored in class last night and wrote up an angsty rant on the state of being and not being a writer.

Forgive the excess of cuts; they're a novelty to me and I like them so I'm going to exploit them for awhile.


OOOOOOH, I just heard that a movie (“A Good Woman”) with Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johansson (what a cast!) is coming to video next week... WTF... I never even heard of it until just now; I saw a preview on TV.  It looks awesome.  We so have to see it.


So at the grocery store in the health section they have a cereal called "Good Friends" (yes, that's the name of the cereal), and there are two different boxes currently displayed: they both boast closeups of two potentially dykey women beaming at the camera in front of a bowl of cereal.  We are extremely amused by this.  Lately, as in last night, Keri has taken to commenting on how one chick from the one box should actually be shown with one of the chicks from the other box, because "they're the hotter ones, and the other one looks like a horse."


I love how much of a man she can be about the attractiveness of women. :D


A great Seinfeld-esque conversation last night in the middle of foreplay (and no, this is not typical of our foreplay...):


Keri: I love you.

Me: I love you too... you're so beautiful...

K: Mmmm... so are you... *kisses me*

M: And even you weren't beautiful, I would still love you.

K: *smiles*

[brief interlude]

K: Even if I were a burn victim?

M: ...Yeah...

[brief interlude]

M: I probably wouldn't have emailed you back originally, but y'know.

K: Not even if I'd still had pretty eyes?

M: Well... *helpfully* I might have emailed you back out of pity...?

K: Dude, you could just put a paper bag over my head.

M: Yeah... well, wait, why would I put it over your *head*?  I mean --

K: *giggles* You'd be like, yeah, I can still fuck that, I just can't look at the face.

M: ...Oh, so just your *face* is burned.

K: Yeah.

M: Okay.  Yeah, I can do that.


I love us.


That first Xena ep with Tara is on right now... GOD I hate that bitch.  What is UP with her hair, anyway?!


We should watch some more funny Xena eps this weekend... we had fun with that last week.  Although there are a few dramatic supersubtexty ones I want to show her.  Especially ones where Gab's hair is short, 'cause Keri prefers it short (as do I). ;)


I just had an amazing revelation.  You're going to roll your eyes when you hear what it is, after I built it up like that.  I'm watching Saved By the Bell: The College Years (SHUT UP), and Alex just did a Tori Spelling impersonation with this weird fish face that I SO FREAKING THOUGHT was my trademark fish face.  Everyone loves my fish face.  Everyone always asks me to do it.  (I'll take a picture of me doing it and post it, I swear.)  And now I just realized it was complete plagiarism (I used to watch SBTB religiously - I've certainly seen this ep before, years ago).  Sigh.  The horror.  My life is sad now.


I am seriously jinxed.  Every time on my journal or profile of something, whenever I finally think to add some note for horny guys not to contact me, or for creepy people not to friend me, and so on, what happens IMMEDIATELY AFTER??  Horny guys contact me.  Creepy people friend me.  And so on. :P  (Example: see my “Also friend of” list... no, you have to actually look at their profile.)


Well, wish me luck.  I am off to tackle Harry Potter.  Heh, heh... er, that is, the game, in which I seem to be trapped (both literally and in the addicted kind of way).  This afternoon I've got my copyeditor training with SHARE (it really is a kickass magazine, I'm so excited to be part of it - but it's really embarrassing that their last web designer allowed typos on the site - and they haven't gotten a new designer yet, hence the outdatedness), but until then, I belong to the boy who lived.


On a short sidenote, I'm still wondering whether or not I should submit one of my poetry attempts to SHARE for publication in the spring.  The new rule is, staff members can only have one piece each published - but it's not like they're each guaranteed to get even one published.  It's just weird because I've never tried to get anything published and if I weren't working for them, I'd have no problem submitting... but being part of the staff now, if they didn't accept any of my pieces (granted, I have a say in it too, but... so do like 8-10 other people), I'd feel so embarrassed and like a total loser.


I wish we could publish fic... hey, maybe I could take some of my best fic and turn it into an original short story.  Ugh, no way.


Sigh.  I feel another angsty writing rant coming on.


Onward. :)


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