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[ profile] redorchids is writing a pccf scene (twitterwars!) and needs more badfic! she has requested the following:

"joncer badfic: a bj scene that's written by a 12-year-old virgin who clearly has no idea about what's hot and what's not, what a dick looks like or how a bj even works. something like theohara's buffy badfic. LOL. teeth. wrong use of teeth. gallons of precome. come spelled cum. insanely crappy grammar. using other sex words like "rimming" in the wrong context, thinking they mean something else. should be spencer going down on jon and just outrageous. preferably schmoopy as hell too. in a completely unrealistic context. like stockholm syndrom with spence as jon's sex slave or something. idk, you make something up. LOL"

i know it seems all i post are requests lately, but this is FUN, and besides, you're getting chapter 8 soon. i'm a little stuck on the climax scene, but i'll get there.

thanks to everyone who found my hat. you guys are clearly better sleuths than i am. <3

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remember in chapter 5 or whatever, they play bohemian rhapsody, turns out pete had it broadcasting to the whole club, and then in 7 we find out it's been leaked to youtube?

i need a screenshot of that nonexistent youtube vid. which means. an indoor shot of ryan on guitar and brendon either on piano or at a microphone. this obviously won't be in the same frame, so it would have to be photoshopped. i don't do photoshop but i can smish certain photos together that have the right lighting. though, if you have photoshop skillz and want to try it, that would be amazing. hell, you can even put their heads on other bodies if it looks real enough. it needs to be slightly blurry to be authentic, and it needs to be the basic shape of a youtube clip. so basically, i need photos that i can smish, or a photoshopped image that looks like a real screenshot of this performance. i wasn't going to ask you guys because i've been useless and demanding lately, but [ profile] redorchids told me i should. :P

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU: the satisfaction of making colin's day when he has been miserable lately the first half of chapter 8 (includes porn) to the first person who can pull this off.

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i'll get around to comments/emails hopefully later today.  i just don't feel like doing anything right now.  it's been a pretty shitty weekend.  but i'll be starting chapter 5 hopefully today.  i'm still planning my peterick in the meantime (subject line = my title, i think), though i'm not gonna write it immediately; i've never written them and i'm not too big into FOB fandom so i'll need more info first.  for instance:

- did patrick have a girlfriend around this time last year?  if so, what was her name?  were they living together?  any info is helpful.
- just to clarify, pete and patrick do both live in LA, right?  fairly close to each other?  and pete was living with ashlee at this time?

if you have links to any primers/manifestos for them, that would be helpful too.  i haven't written any of it yet, but this bit came to me in the car this morning and it made me smile, which is really something for me right now:

sad!nostalgic!pete: *sighs; snuggles up to pat* remember when we were young?
tolerant!patient!patrick: *smirk* i remember when i was young.  you were never young.

and then a convo about how jailbaity patrick was (15 or 16 when he joined the band) and how pete was already old and creepy and stuff.  so i'm looking forward to it.

completely unrelated: one hole i've noticed so far in this whole zen thing... and i'm sure there are answers for this, but i haven't gotten to them yet, i guess: it's about learning the willingness to be in the moment, whatever the moment is, to accept it and embrace it as your path.  but.  where is the balance?  like, say a woman is in a relationship where her husband comes home drunk and beats her up every night?  is she supposed to say, "well, this is my path, so i accept it."  extreme example, obviously, but where is the line?  like, i get that using all your control strategies to try to change your life to your expectations is bad, because it won't give you the fulfillment you want and just end up frustrating you in the end, but when is it all right to say, "i don't want my life this way, so i'm going to change it"?  how do you know when it's healthier to do that than just say, "i accept this as it is"?  this is one thing i'm very fuzzy on.  discuss?

happy monday.

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thanks for your kind words on 4; i hate the chapter a lot less now. <3 oh, and this is overdue: welcome, to the new peeps who have friended me over the last few months. glad to have you! sorry i can't friend back at this point; my flist is overwhelming as it is, now that i've actually started reading it.  but i rarely, rarely lock posts, so you're not missing anything.  also, any remaining lurkers (i know there's still a bucket of you, you can't hide :P), feel free to come out at any time.  i don't bite.  (unless you like that sort of thing, in which case all you have to say is how hard. ;)

the event went well at work; raised more $ than we'd expected. \o/  i ♥ my job. and i never, ever take for granted how valuable it is that i can say that, that i can love what i do, even if it's not prestigious or lucrative. it's such a blessing, in the rest of my life's chaos. and even to feel so valued at work, to feel job security in this day and age... i'm so lucky, and grateful.

watched the simpsons (#12 of this season i think; the eviction ep) on hulu with keri in bed this morning while pete knocked coffee beans off the dresser (don't ask) and ate them. fuckin' hilarious. i love that show like breathing. best way to spend a saturday morning. i'll seriously cry a motherfuckin' river when it ever goes off the air. (and hey, [ profile] stereotypeloser, apparently i haven't seen every ep! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN! \o/ hey come visit me, we'll have a simpsons marathon just like in chapter 4. ;)

goin' for brunch at my parents' now, and my dad's gonna help me set up my 401k. WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD AND BORING.

so, purpose for this post, PROMPT ME! )

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re: the last post: dear lord. you guys, that made my WEEK. i think [ profile] justhush said it best via twitter: "i didn't know i needed bad spyro porn in my life until THIS MOMENT." word. on the other hand, i think you all ruined ryan/spencer for me forever.

now, on the other end of the spectrum: please link me to the hottest, most beautifully written ryden porn you've ever read. and preferably, if it's long, copy/paste your favourite paragraph or two.

on a totally unrelated note, an apology. )

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there is a possibility... that brendon and ryan get quite drunk and decide it would be a great idea to prank-call patrick from a private line and read him peterick porn over the phone. this may be largely brendon's idea, but ryan eagerly signs on after the second bottle of whatever.

there is also a possibility patrick may retaliate. (pete gets the ultimate revenge later, but it'll have nothing to do with fic and everything to do with queen.)

who wants to write me a paragraph or two of deliberately bad pete/patrick and/or spence/ryan porn in the comments? i have the feeling pccf!ryan would be absolutely mortified at the idea of spencer/ryan fic (it'd be like incest to him), and i have the feeling patrick would know this intuitively.

i'll pick my favourites, so go nuts!

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like, fuck them for not coming to atlanta.




i didn't find out late; i'm just reacting late, i guess.  there was this moment ten minutes ago where i went from "god, i wish i could see them" to "DAMN IT I HAVE TO SEE THEM."  anyway, i want to go.  bad.  it's fucking empires, man.  i've waited long enough.  (AND DID I MENTION WILLIAM AND TOM ARE TOURING TOGETHER???)  it's a 3-4 hr drive for me.  who else wants to be impulsive and meet me there? share a hotel, get up to some shenanigans, party all night?  or sleep, whatever, i'm down with anything.  COME ON, I'LL BUY YOU BOOZE IF YOU'RE UNDERAGE WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.

email me if you're interested.  we'd need to wait until the empires dates are confirmed (i saw bilvy a month ago at the now-famed eddie's attic show; i'm not going just for him), but hey.

p.s. your requests win.  i'm totally writing the brencer BJ/clubbing prequel to pccf. \o/  (not now, but at some point.)

i think keri and i are gonna make y'all a vid in a bit.  i may be persuaded to do my gollum impression.  and my impression of the moviefone guy.  if i can get keri to sing her JT parody that makes absolutely no sense at all but makes me laugh every time she sings it.

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...if, say, i should write this as a drabbly valentine's day thing, i need scenarios for him to fail hardcore.  i've already got the one time he succeeds, but i need ideas for the five times he fails.  it shouldn't be hard.  he's faily.  but i can't seem to come up with anything yet.


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all right. before i start pccf for real, i want to write a oneshot because i haven't in months. i know i can still do it! *makes confident little-engine-that-could noises* plus this is a way to give back to all of you who write me stuff all the time just because you love me. so prompt me. i don't care if you're a lurker, if you want to be anonymous, if we've never spoken, whatever. i don't ever do this, so here's your chance.

yo' guidelines: let me show you them. )

sidenote: two screenshots from youtube comments; the first from my vid with keri from the other day, living proof of the human race's unceasing stupidity (they never responded after my last comment, fyi); the second is from alex's vid that ryan shared with us. there is nothing not awesome about this.

happy friday!

group sex.

Dec. 23rd, 2008 07:03 pm
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in pwf.  how do you want it?

not saying it's happening any time soon or at all, but when/if it does, i need input.  i've read loads of gsf and i've written some (meh, 800 words of it), and obviously i've written porn, but i can't get a clear image of how i want this to go, in purely mechanical terms, play-by-plays.  i'm talking logistics.  because, this isn't just oh-so-THIS-is-happening-now-okay cabin sex; it's not a random experiment.  this is THE SEX.  i know it's hard to ask for input when i can't give away anything about the actual scene itself, but.  any input you have would be awesome.  any images you have.  like, i really only need a single moment to build to: which could be like, so-and-so's doing such-and-such to so-and-so while so-and-so is doing this, etc.  i don't want it to focus on any one pairing; i want it to be a total group effort.  and that's the hard part, i think.  b/c obv if there is TOO much going on at once, you lose some of the intimacy, but if you pair up, the group dynamic is lost.  it's such a fine balance.

if anyone has any images/descriptions/anything you can imagine for it, do share.  maybe i'm overthinking it, but it kind of has to be perfect.

...also.  chapter 15 is sitting in my gmail drafts, lonely and waiting to be read.  not posting till the 26th, but i'm wondering what you guys might be willing to do to get it in your inbox tonight.  make me an offer, i'm curious. XD  (16 is half done too; i'm on a roll.)

ETA: leave your email.  ***THIS OFFER IS OPEN UNTIL 10PM EST TONIGHT.***  (yes, i extended it.  and if you are weirded about leaving your address for all to see, email me at  i'm BCCing the email so you're safe.)
ETA II: YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BRIBE TO ME BY 10PM, PPL. :P  i am awesome and accept written promises.

ETA IV: offer's closed unless you want to do that thing in ETA III... XD; thanks, this was a blast!  everyone should have it in their inbox.  if you didn't get it, let me know.  <3!
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so here's the deal.  as most of you know, i work for MDA (non-profit), and our office has had a tough year.  obv.  our office is only like $5k away from hitting budget (i.e. raising the amount we are assigned to raise) and you have no idea how fucking close that is, or how desperate we are to reach it.  so as an office we've "edited" one of our fundraising sites (it'll look funky since it wasn't designed for this) to send out to friends and family to try and reach our goal by december 31.
i hate solicitations like this as much as anyone, but just think, if everyone on my flist donated just ten bucks, that's $1,400.  jfc.  i'm not usually this invested in a job; we aren't even getting raises next year b/c of the economy, but i love this organization and i see every day how hard everyone works to fight against these 43 diseases, so this actually means something to me.
so, here's the link if you want to help.*  i'm only disabling comments b/c i don't want anyone to feel bad for like, NOT donating and feel obligated to explain why they can't.  no pressure; i just have to put the word out.
if we end up hitting budget, I WILL LET YOU ALL VOTE on what project i start after pwf.  so happy holidays! <3
pwf 14 tomorrow, looks like. \o/ teaser! )

*um, for those of you who didn't know, if you visit the site, "danielle" is my name in the real world.  bleh.  yeah.
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anyone know how to make animated icons?  all i need is one that flips between pics of the cab boys, only instead of singer, it's a pic of a seahorse.

in other news, i'm bored.  i've been at a conference for two days and now i'm back and work is slow as hell and things like this are creeping me out.

what should we do?  prompt me with drabbles or something.  i need to practice writing porn.  i hate it.

fandom bothers me lately.  all the good writers are writing stupid crap right now.  which then makes me mad that i don't get recognized in the legion of bandom demi-gods because seriously, can't name any names/fics obv, but some of this shit is just ridiculous.  even pwf is more realistic.  sorry, i'm in that rare i'm-a-great-writer-and-fuck-you-if-you-disagree mood.  this must sound really obnoxious. :/  (at least it beats my i'm-a-shitty-writer-and-i'm-never-writing-again" mood.)


or play yams & pendulums with me.  idk.  AND NO CHEATING.  BECCA CHEATS.  i no play with her no moar.

hanging out at the mall tomorrow with a girl i met at the concert last week.  and by "met" i mean, she came up to me and started talking and talked me into hanging out with her all night.  haha.  but i had fun; she's a sweetie.  it was nice to have a conversation and meet someone new.  it only just occurred to me that i never meet anyone new anymore, in any meaningful way.  and she gets the whole gender thing, which is kind of a priority for me.

or let's picspam in the comments.  idk.



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