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well, everyone else is doing it. (peer pressure ftw!)

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there's porn in my inbox, my entire apartment smells like booze and sex, and i'm pretty sure i still have 3 people's come on my hand.


my shining moment was the 3-person shower during which i begged my friend to knock me up.  "come on, man, you don't even have to pay child support!"  oh colin.  oh, and then we forced keri to watch two girls one cup because she was the only one in the room who hadn't seen it.  turns out it's HILARIOUS when you're drunk.  "IT JUST LOOKS LIKE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!"  "BUT IT ISN'T!!!!"  lolz.

i don't feel old at all like i was sure i would.  i feel vibrant, well fucked, and well loved.  life is good.

17 is done.  just a matter of typing it now.  meh.  arms.  gimme time.

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not gonna lie; i never thought i'd like them but the brendon/pete is now officially my favourite of the series so far.

Brendon smiles, rolling onto his back as Pete tosses him his pants and pulls himself off the bed.

He grins at Brendon's sleepy, post-orgasmic stupidness, one hand on the doorframe.  "I'm totally writing a song about this."

mood inspiration (no really):

(dec 16.)

p.s. i've had a few requests for breathplay and like, i LOVE it, for myself, when i'm drunk and wild, but i don't know how well i could write it.  it's a huge trust thing and can be very dangerous.  but just, god, ryan's HANDS.  asekosufpaou3w4poa3iwjao.  idk.  what do you guys think?
(p.s.s. never do it when you're drunk and wild.  it's not safe.  i'm a bad example.)
p.p.s.s. ...on second thought, brendon has really nice hands too, and i'm just picturing how they'd look on THIS.

and now i'm creaming my pants.  goodbye.
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in case anyone was still wondering why i'm in love with him (slightly nsfw).

so i kind of can't breathe right now.  like at all.  (tho someone pls crop out the chick, jesus.)  (honestly though, it took me like 10 min of staring before i even realized she was there... lmao.  i think it's his gf (i so just typo'd that "gsf".  or his ex, idk?)  is anyone else thinking rocky horror remake right now??  i would die, people.  i.  would.  die.

(eta: i am so writing fic about this pic.  the end.)

that is all.  happy thursday.  i see william beckett tonight. :D :D :D  although atm, still staring at pic, i'm kind of like, wililam who?

dedicated to [ profile] falling_words, who found the photobucket album containing this gem.

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keri and are cybering each other on our respective laptops from across the room.

pete insists on jumping on my crotch repeatedly. this is slightly uncomfortable.

in other news, here, have a new OTP:

how am i going to keep PWF from turning exclusively ryan/spence after reading that???
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so i have this massive hard-on, right, and i'm like "yeah jerking off right nao would be SWEET" so i go into the bedroom and pete is LYING ON THE BED, staring at me like he's WAITING for me. so i'm like, fuck that, i'm ignorin youz, so i lie down and shove him aside and start going to work.

and then he starts LICKING MY STOMACH.

so i had to GET UP and dump him outside the door and shut it.

then he meowed.

so i just scrunched my eyes shut and thought about spencer smith and came really really hard.

anyway, aren't you all curious to know what gave me such a massive hard-on?

happy saturday, people:

it is no joke like 9K words of sex. enjoy yourselves (literally; that was one great orgasm).

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Shitty things:

1. I was forced to resign this morning after only a few days of working with WordsRU because my carpal tunnel/tendonitis/whatever this is came back so badly I can scarcely sit at the computer at all. They had been very pleased with my work thus far and it would have been a very promising job, so it was a very hard and unpleasant decision for me but I know what my arms need right now is pure rest, and that's what I'm going to give them.

2. I have no money for a sex change, and never will.

3. I am old.

4. My parents have officially stopped giving me any money at all. So we are completely independent now.

5. We are fucking broke.

6. I've been sick the last few days.

7. I am wishing I had majored in something useful and less INCREDIBLY BORING. Like... rock stardom.

8. I am very depressed because of all the above things.

Good things:

1. I have reached a place in my life where I am willing to make a "good things" list!!!!!

2. Keri's job, despite our complaining, does manage to pay enough that we can pay our bills and don't go hungry or anything like that.

3. We've got almost $4,000 in savings. A few more years and we'll be able to get a house!

4. I still have my Writing Center job as long as I want it.

5. My wife works out all the time and as a result has this incredibly amazing fucking body and strong muscles and tight abs and can fuck me so hard I can barely walk afterwards and I'm getting wet just thinking about her.

6. Also, she does wicked role-playing with me in bed and takes care of me when I'm sick AND when I'm not sick and goes to work every day at a job she doesn't like in order to support us and she works so hard to be supportive and understanding of my identity/sexual issues even though they are really really hard on her and tells me every day that it will be okay and we will get through all this shitty life stuff.

7. Practically everyone I know is super cool and supportive about my current semi-trans identity.

8. I don't live a hundred years ago, therefore I do not get thrown in the nuthouse for aforementioned identity.

9. I'm starting a yoga/no-computer regimen.

10. WE SEE FALL OUT BOY, CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR, AND PLAIN WHITE T'S THIS SATURDAY NIGHT P(#*&$)(*U)(#&$)&*FW#U$)( (#)#W&$)(*#W (W&#$)Q#$)*WFP W(#&$ )(W#&$)(Q (( (Q&R$(T$UW$&PF P7YR*&YIFUUY#(P $YR*O&@A*O#YIQY** P*S#P( P9 $)&* PWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DIES*

11. I found THE hottest HP fic the other night (the challenge was "Marauders circle-jerk, light on the Peter, leading to eventual J/S blowjob with R watching... OH BABY YES). Link available on request.

12. Speaking of, lots of good gay sex on Logo lately (I like porn when I'm sick, apparently; this is a relatively new discovery), and plenty more in the Netflix queue. :D Got Keri to watch C.R.A.Z.Y. with me the other night, P#*%&(P*G#% it just gets better every time I see it. I know what I want for Christmas. We had a really awesome time watching Maurice, too - old 80's gay flick with Hugh Grant. BEST MOVIE LINE EVER: "We demand tea!!" Fucking hell yes I love early 20th century British gay boys. <3

13. Speaking of, my gay boyfriend is awesome and visits/flirts with me every week at work. <3

14. I can still be uplifted by the shallow declarations of people on Facebook/MySpace telling me how hot I am.

15. My good list is longer than my bad list.

So yeah. Won't be on the computer much in the next few months. Can still be reached though. Cheers.


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