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thanks for your kind words on 4; i hate the chapter a lot less now. <3 oh, and this is overdue: welcome, to the new peeps who have friended me over the last few months. glad to have you! sorry i can't friend back at this point; my flist is overwhelming as it is, now that i've actually started reading it.  but i rarely, rarely lock posts, so you're not missing anything.  also, any remaining lurkers (i know there's still a bucket of you, you can't hide :P), feel free to come out at any time.  i don't bite.  (unless you like that sort of thing, in which case all you have to say is how hard. ;)

the event went well at work; raised more $ than we'd expected. \o/  i ♥ my job. and i never, ever take for granted how valuable it is that i can say that, that i can love what i do, even if it's not prestigious or lucrative. it's such a blessing, in the rest of my life's chaos. and even to feel so valued at work, to feel job security in this day and age... i'm so lucky, and grateful.

watched the simpsons (#12 of this season i think; the eviction ep) on hulu with keri in bed this morning while pete knocked coffee beans off the dresser (don't ask) and ate them. fuckin' hilarious. i love that show like breathing. best way to spend a saturday morning. i'll seriously cry a motherfuckin' river when it ever goes off the air. (and hey, [ profile] stereotypeloser, apparently i haven't seen every ep! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN! \o/ hey come visit me, we'll have a simpsons marathon just like in chapter 4. ;)

goin' for brunch at my parents' now, and my dad's gonna help me set up my 401k. WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD AND BORING.

so, purpose for this post, PROMPT ME! )

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Title: Blindfolded, Eyes Wide Open [Day 8 of Not The Sin (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks)]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Rating: R
Pairing: Brendon/Shane
Kink du Jour: Blindfolding. Shotgunning. Some fumbling burnplay. (Don't smoke, kids, it's bad and not at all sexy the way I make it out to be.)
Word Count: ~1,700
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: Brendon smiles wide, drawing the joint to his lips for another drag. "You totally want to take a picture of this, don't you?"
Notes: Vignette 8 of 12; Bden's ~Sekrit Kink Series based on email/IM/comment requests from this fic (now #7 in the series). One a day through Christmas: here is my holiday gift to my friendslist. ;)

Please visit the master post for a list of all 12 vignettes. You can read them independently, but they are connected, so it's much better to read them in order.

Dude, I'm not unpacking your god damned suitcase. )

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no, really.

ryan.  shane.  guilt.  angst.  PWF FINALLY GETS SOME SMUT.  \o/

click here for the full post.

pwf officially has fanfic now!  and it's awesome.  everyone needs to write some.

Title: Broken Strings [1/1]
Author: [ profile] ginsatonic
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction. 
Word Count: 5,600
Summary: Brendon is tired. Shane is emo. Ryan is oblivious. No-one is complete. Angst ensues.
Dedication: Yeah, Colin for demanding encouraging this and for helping every step of the way. And for writing pwf :)
Notes: Be gentle, folks!

"You, Ryan Ross, that's what's wrong with me." ]

le sigh.

Aug. 1st, 2008 08:51 am
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so i guess the prologue is a hit.  (thank you, and yay!)  however.  everyone (except [ profile] minus_four, b/c she is awesome that way) is like, ALL UP on killing off shane.  and that is just so, so mean!!! :P  WTF?!  therefore, i would like to make everyone feel super guilty now, because you mean ryden-obsessed nutjobs so unlike me ALL DESERVE IT.  maybe i'll just skip the ryden altogether in this thing, HMM???

j/k.  i love you all, but pwf is all about the angst, so.  i brings it.

boys named brendon and the shanes who love them )


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