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in celebration of working out a difficult scene with red, you get this now instead of tomorrow. sigh.

if you follow my twitter you're prepared for this nonsense. fuck my life, this is ridiculous and indulgent and i want to write it more than anything ever.

in which colin and sophie brainstorm turn-of-the-century-scottish-peasant!ryan AND <s>BRENDON</s> THE BOY WHO MAKES BAGPIPES. )

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more random fictalk, aidsfic rambling, and my favorite boypic of all time (tasteful but NSFW). )

here, have a rec of utmost preciousness that will make you forget all about brendon dying. i'm taking tomorrow off, i've earned it, so happy early friday to me and happy thursday to the rest of you. p.s. i'm friendslocking my previous entry in the next couple days 'cause it talks about work and a specific person, so if there's any more comment-stalking you need to do (oh shut up, you all admit you do it :P) and you're not on my flist, do it now. thx. ♥

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go read 'Cause None of Us Were Angels by [ profile] atomichatred82. awesome. that's sort of the kind of realboy porn i wish i could write, for those who have been all "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE YOUR PORN?!"

exciting news: [ profile] ivesia19 is going with me to see the cabbies on 4/18 AND fall out boy in atlanta the week after! \o/ EPIC. i so rarely meet LJ peeps IRL. anyone else going? we can form a coalition. or something.

random thanks to sophie for putting up with my emo. i love you.

i haven't written any of chapter 7. just a heads-up. i think i need a few days off. that was a lot of sex, and there's a lot more coming. lol. but you can has this, which will appear:

1 new message from the walkman
so who tops? spence adn i have a bet going. pls respond. love jon

i love how shameless he is. haven't decided the boys' response (if any). hey, i want some porn. get on that, internet. even if it's colin/william. (see twitter.) i wrote you lots of sex, now write me some. i know at least half a dozen of you who are in the midst of writing me some and always put it off. don't make me start naming names. :P

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look at the sentence i almost just wrote.

Footsteps climb the stairs, and a rustling of plastic grows loud enough for Brendon to identify as shopping bags, before Ryan's shuffling into the room, releasing his load on the floor.

and then that wasn't enough, so we had to discuss it.

Sophie:  bahahahaa
 me:  faaaaaaaaaaail
i love that he shuffles in and just does it
 me:  LOL YES
"well, here i am.  *comes*"
 Sophie:  exactly
but he's shuffling, so it's like emo somehow
 me:  LOL!!!!
 Sophie:  like *sigh* *comes*
 me:  LOL!!!
 Sophie:  only Ryan would come emo

so, so true.

i lied; chapter 5 should be up tomorrow.

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sophie and i have this big inside joke about office supply kinks and elaborately bad metaphors related to such, but it's really all much funnier out of context.

RyanRoss's Laminated Soul )

(we are now in deep discussion of panic as breakfast foods.  bden: poptart.  duh.  ryan: bran flakes.  DUH.  jon: coffee -- warm and always gets you up.  spencer: oatmeal.  practical and solid.  sophie and i win fandom.  and breakfast.)

eta: i thought i looked kind of badass today with my faux leather and tie, but turns out i just look kind of creepy b/c my eyes look mostly blackish/dead.

guyliner fail )

should have a 19 teaser for you tomorrow. ish.

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just so you ALL KNOW, i wrote kink #6 BEFORE the instantly-famous kerrang interview arrived. ;)  which, as you will see when the kinks come, just makes me AWESOME, obviously.

sophie and i TOGETHER, however, are even awesomer. )


brendonurie, i love you.

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sophie is the best person ever.  the end.


if you like that, be sure to check out her priestfic (not connected to this, but certainly related).  i've been addicted since its inception.  it's awakened kinks i never knew i had. ;)


chapter 8 is all yours, bb.  getting started tonight.  ty.


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