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the votes are in: and thus, so is breathplay.  this is YOUR xmas gift, after all. ;)

teaser for kink 4 (and this is my favourite paragraph in the whole damn scene; way to like, spoil it for you guys; whatever).

He swallows and says, "Close your eyes."
Brendon does, only now realizing he hadn't quite braced himself for this, having to hand over this much control to Ryan and still expect his own body to behave.  He knows it's all going to hell at the first touch of the small, spongy eyeshadow tip across his eyelid, Ryan's breath hot on his face and smelling of the little caramels he's taken to popping before shows.  It's not until Ryan starts whispering instructions -- "Lift your chin a bit; good," guiding Brendon's face with his free hand, his fingertip sliding across the sensitive skin underneath his eyes to blend the shades -- that Brendon realizes he could get addicted to this harder than heroin: Ryan easing him into full surrender, an implicit request for Brendon to come apart in his hands.

i'll be honest, that image even makes ME shiver, okay.  original inspiration, obv:

oh hey so recently, as like a try-anything-once dare to myself, i read three things i never ever wanted to: mpreg, genderswap, and a kink that grosses me the fuck out (golden showers).  AND I LIVED!!! \o/  it was a nasty ride, though, even though they were ryden and all really well-written.  yay, i have balls!  (but mostly ew.)

also, way to out your frontman, smith. :DDDDDDDD  my squee/keymashing over this interview was exhausted in conversation with becca, so all i have left is :DDDDDDD.

oh, and can i just say HOW MUCH I AM FUCKING IN LOVE WITH "WINTER PASSING".  it gives me chills every time and could singlehandedly take me into a bilvy/TAI renaissance.

speaking of bilvy: # 5 and 10. ;)

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Title: More Than What I See [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: ~7,750
Disclaimer: They belong to Pete each other themselves. Fiction.
Summary: This isn't rhythm at all, it's chaos. It's fire. And that's kind of what Brendon is, this bundle of energy and chaos and fire, no rhythm or rhyme, just madness, impossibly beautiful madness.
Notes: Wrote this ages ago but [ profile] falling_words only just finished hers, so now I can post! Sequel to Everybody Needs A Place to Start; prequel to Somewhat Shy of Definition and Still Unheard Though I Listen (and the random companion piece I wrote for the latter). You can still read this alone, but read hers; they’re amazing. Title from April Smith. (And yes, pwf chapter 13 is underway.)

The first clap of thunder hits half a second before Brendon's cell vibrates in the pocket of his apron. )

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Title: When Pigs Fly and Cliches Die [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab
Rating: R
Pairings: Ryan/Spencer
Word Count: ~10,500 (was supposed to be like, 3k; epic fail.)
Disclaimer: They belong to Pete  each other  the island  themselves, not me. Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: It sucks because it's all Brendon's fault, and doesn't Brendon cause enough trouble already?
Dedication: [ profile] cenophobic, because.  Everyone who's been following PWF, and everyone who shares my Spencer-wearing-pink fetish.
Author's Notes: I needed a break from overwhelming angst PWF.  But because it's ME, this still managed to drum up some angst anyway.  *headdesk*  It's nothing terribly special or original, and it got way sappier than I'd intended (again, so typical), and I feel like there should be a little more to the ending... but it's cute and I like a lot of the dialogue, so, hope you enjoy.  The "bear of doom" of which Ryan speaks can be seen in the Ryan/Spence birthday picspam I posted a couple weeks ago.  LJ is still fucking me in the ass and blogspot did too, so I've started a temporary xanga (!WTF) in order to post stuff.
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so, my schedule for today/tomorrow (b/c i work for MDA and i have to work the annual telethon): 7:30pm-midnight today; 6am-9:30ishpm tomorrow night, then go back to work the next day. pls to shoot me nao?  ah well, it's all for a good cause, yada yada yada.

yesterday was nice though. also, i cut my hair (i don't know WHY, WHY i tried to give myself the ryhawk again, considering it didn't work LAST time i tried, and it turned out pretty much the same this time, but it's not horrible), and then i got really really bored and dug out make-up i haven't used in like. years. and then i took pictures, b/c i'm pete wentz that way.

COLIN SEZ: pls to bring back oldschool ryro )

ah.  and now, the reason for this post.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYRO AND SPENCE.

picspam filled with embarrassing teenage photos! YAY! )picspam filled with embarrassing teenage photos! YAY! )

and i leave you all with this, courtesy of becca, who calls it "jon walker: hug ninja".

save it for when you really need a smile. ;)


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