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(luckily seahorse is distracting enough that you will hopefully overlook how shitty and dweeby i look.)

not only due to this picture, but this was possibly the best show i've ever seen in my life.

first of all, bilvy was eyefucking crawford the whole night, mainly when seahorse was between/in front of them so he wouldn't notice.  also, turns out crawford is even sexier doing acoustic solos than he is on electric.  i think i came in my pants.  so, can't really blame bill (WHO IS SO TOTALLY BONING HIM EVERY NIGHT, OH MY GOD, WHERE'S THE FIC, I'LL WRITE IT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO).  then they all covered "baby one more time" as well as an n'sync song, and seahorse and bilvy told the story of how they were at a restaurant the other day and their stoned waitress was convinced bill was johnny depp.  so finally seahorse is all "GIVE IT UP FOR JOHNNY DEPP!" and then they went into a series that concluded with "give it up for prince caspian" (!) and finally "GIVE IT UP FOR JACK DAWSON!" because bilvy was dressed like motherfucking jack dawson.  bilvy kept telling us how much he loved doing shows like this, and he took requests, and he told sisky to stop smoking "cancer sticks," and he said hi to keri, and he told the story behind how he wrote "eastbound traffic" and he talked about scimeca and went on a mushy rant about how much he loves sisky and IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER, OKAY.  EVER.  william was, is, and always will be my favourite band boy.  i have such respect for him as a person.  he is grateful and humble and down to earth and incredible to the fans and i hope he knows how much we appreciate it.

could've done without the mindblowing OVERLOAD of obnoxious screaming-fainting-flailing teenage girls (more than usual i swear omg), but.  hey.

i couldn't figure out where to wait around afterwards b/c people were grouping up all over the damn place, so i gave up.  i got a pic with him last time, so it's okay.  but next time i want a pic with ian just to see if i can contain my boner when he puts his arm around me.  HIS HANDS, THEY ARE MAGIC.

pics here (that's the public link; you have to log in to comment; some ppl were confused about that last time).

vids here, there are six, not complete songs (except for "the test" and pls note how bill and ian ~embrace at the end), but hey, i've only got a 250mb memory card.

i ran into a few friends but i wish you all could've been there, especially you overseas peeps because it's not fair you don't get tours like this.  you should, and i wish you'd all been there with me.  <3

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] bunniesontoast!!!!! :D
thank you, thank you, thank you, for a year of smiles, jailbait snuggles, fic, friendship,
and seahorse debates.  i am very grateful to have you in my life. <3

everyone go write her fic; i would, but, my arms. :/  bb, i wish i could take you with me to the acoustic show next saturday. :(  (is anyone else gonna be there?)  if you (that goes for all of you guys!) have any song requests, b/c i think he's been taking them, and i plan to videotape a lot, possibly use keri's fancy nikon... LET ME KNOW.  can't make any promises, but we'll see.  i'm most definitely requesting ATLMS for myself if i get the chance.

prolly won't respond to comments this time; busy working and trying to finish 19 and rest my arms (yes, all at once).  leave helen a birthday wish; she stalks my comments like whoa. ;)

ily bb!!!!!! <3
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the votes are in: and thus, so is breathplay.  this is YOUR xmas gift, after all. ;)

teaser for kink 4 (and this is my favourite paragraph in the whole damn scene; way to like, spoil it for you guys; whatever).

He swallows and says, "Close your eyes."
Brendon does, only now realizing he hadn't quite braced himself for this, having to hand over this much control to Ryan and still expect his own body to behave.  He knows it's all going to hell at the first touch of the small, spongy eyeshadow tip across his eyelid, Ryan's breath hot on his face and smelling of the little caramels he's taken to popping before shows.  It's not until Ryan starts whispering instructions -- "Lift your chin a bit; good," guiding Brendon's face with his free hand, his fingertip sliding across the sensitive skin underneath his eyes to blend the shades -- that Brendon realizes he could get addicted to this harder than heroin: Ryan easing him into full surrender, an implicit request for Brendon to come apart in his hands.

i'll be honest, that image even makes ME shiver, okay.  original inspiration, obv:

oh hey so recently, as like a try-anything-once dare to myself, i read three things i never ever wanted to: mpreg, genderswap, and a kink that grosses me the fuck out (golden showers).  AND I LIVED!!! \o/  it was a nasty ride, though, even though they were ryden and all really well-written.  yay, i have balls!  (but mostly ew.)

also, way to out your frontman, smith. :DDDDDDDD  my squee/keymashing over this interview was exhausted in conversation with becca, so all i have left is :DDDDDDD.

oh, and can i just say HOW MUCH I AM FUCKING IN LOVE WITH "WINTER PASSING".  it gives me chills every time and could singlehandedly take me into a bilvy/TAI renaissance.

speaking of bilvy: # 5 and 10. ;)

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academy totally thanks "Tom Conrad" in their acknowledgments (!) and he is listed BEFORE gabe saporta.


alternately, write me buttloads of william/tom fic. especially since idek if i'm going to be able to even LISTEN to this CD. SO MUCH HET. just reading the lyrics is making me cringe. bilvyyyyy why, why.

swear to god, if i linger in fandom any longer after pwf (which is looking unlikely but hey), i am totes getting on with the fm&mk sequel. billrad, sekrit otp liek whoa.

chapter 3 tomorrow. maybe.

unf. tommy. just. bend me over a table and fuck me into next tuesday already. or hell, let me bend YOU over a table and fuck YOU into next CENTURY, i'm not fussy.
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...therefore, i think it only appropriate that this post exists.  hopefully some of you haven't seen it all so you can flail and keymash as i have.  y'all can thank [profile] falling_words for some of this.  this isn't the ultimate Gay Manifesto, but it's something.

i give you this, in which spencer and jon openly ship ryden.

i give you THIS, in which brendon discusses the time panic and pete got mostly naked in pete's hot tub, and he also calls the band a big gay superhero.  also he is incredibly beyond delish in this vid.

related to the above, i give you the following photo, which is not from the mansoup night, but looks like it most def could be, and includes SPENCER IN NOTHING BUT PINK UNDERWEAR.  (some of you may already know my kink for this: when spencer smith wears pink i want to bang him into next century.)

and now, i present to you, a slash-themed degaydance & co (incl. all time low and mychem) picspam.  HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!  feel free to steal pics, post your own pics in the comments, link to this on your blog, plug the hell out of it, whatever.  SPREAD THE LOOOVE!!!! :D

i'll preface this with a thank you to decaydance & co for tolerating/indulging our slash obsession being so gay-friendly.  it's a big step in the fight for our rights. <3
/sentimental mushcrap.

apologies for my relatively dull commentary; my carpal tunnel was acting up and i was in a hurry so keri and i could watch the gay softporn we rented.

so there; with that, my dears, go forth and slash.

AND FOREVER REMEMBER THE WISE WORDS OF GEORGE RYAN ROSS III: "kids, imagine us having sex with each other."  ;)

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so, TAI fans (v. hardcore) will appreciate this announcement, as beautifully harlequin as it is:

jason siska makes my loins quiver.



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