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like, fuck them for not coming to atlanta.




i didn't find out late; i'm just reacting late, i guess.  there was this moment ten minutes ago where i went from "god, i wish i could see them" to "DAMN IT I HAVE TO SEE THEM."  anyway, i want to go.  bad.  it's fucking empires, man.  i've waited long enough.  (AND DID I MENTION WILLIAM AND TOM ARE TOURING TOGETHER???)  it's a 3-4 hr drive for me.  who else wants to be impulsive and meet me there? share a hotel, get up to some shenanigans, party all night?  or sleep, whatever, i'm down with anything.  COME ON, I'LL BUY YOU BOOZE IF YOU'RE UNDERAGE WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.

email me if you're interested.  we'd need to wait until the empires dates are confirmed (i saw bilvy a month ago at the now-famed eddie's attic show; i'm not going just for him), but hey.

p.s. your requests win.  i'm totally writing the brencer BJ/clubbing prequel to pccf. \o/  (not now, but at some point.)

i think keri and i are gonna make y'all a vid in a bit.  i may be persuaded to do my gollum impression.  and my impression of the moviefone guy.  if i can get keri to sing her JT parody that makes absolutely no sense at all but makes me laugh every time she sings it.

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so like, whoa, my rywalk is almost done.  i really want to submit it for bandom big bang, just 'cause it'd be fun to say i've done it, but idk if my recycled flashback would disqualify me (you can't have posted any part of the story before); that one i used in PWF.  i left a comment asking the mods, so we'll see.

i sure hope teasers don't count as "posting" either because, here, have a teaser.  lolz.

"C'mere," Jon breathes before seducing a long, deep drag from the joint and leaning in toward Ryan, and Ryan tells himself it's the drug that makes it feel magnetic, like he's not even moving himself; but it's the two syllables, low and ragged from Jon's lips, that pull him in, and he wonders what other words Jon could say that would pull him in, further and further until he's inside and can't imagine wanting out.

last night i wrote the scene where they go to an empires show and i couldn't recall ever seeing tom be an actual person, like, on video, with a voice; so i spent the evening on the empires site/myspace and then youtubed some interviews, and can i just say, THEIR PRECIOUS LITTLE MIDWESTERN ACCENTS ARE PRECIOUS, THE END.  (becca is trying to convince me she sent me that interview ages ago; i have no recollection of this.)  i knew i was writing tom more... animated than he prolly is, but i'm just going to assume he's less painfully shy when he's durnk and around jon. ;)

in other news, [profile] livinglifeloud just managed to work my classic scrapped line ("come on, my ass isn't gonna fuck itself!") into the italy!fic she's writing for me, so there, you guys will have it after all.  \o/


Nov. 16th, 2008 08:03 am
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hey peeps.  just a heads up, i have been sick all week and my cough has gotten worse and kept me up the past 2 nights (despite cough syrup and stuff), so i am completely fucking dead.  going to try to find a doctor today.  will respond to comments, emails, etc in the next couple days.  just too dead right now. <3  sry, wanted to have 12 up by this weekend too.  rest assured it's close to done.

here, have this (mostly for [ profile] justranda :D).  unf.

eta: if you're desperate for fic, look for our thread in the last post.  we're commentficcing a jonrad and it's turning dirty. ;)
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look, i'm using my gabilliam icon! it's been too long. <3

okay so a lot of you know that chapter 10 is finished but i'm not posting yet to build the suspense.  the same thing will happen with 11.  shut up, you love me.  (and if you don't, now you have a comm to rant about it! XD)

to compensate, and especially because i know so many of you are gabilliam fans who have been with me since full moons & minor keys and are still waiting for that sequel i promised i was writing (it's still in the works, and i'm still planning on it sometime after pwf), HERE!  have a preview!  there are 26 typed pages and several more handwritten ones, but i'm going to be editing it to 3rd person (just can't write in 1st anymore, THANKS BECCA :P, and also my writing style has changed a bit since then, so i'll be rewriting a bit), but here, have the first few pages, largely unedited.  the 1st person of it makes me cringe, but whatev. lemme know what you think.  i have huge plans for this story and i'm still really excited about it, so, hope you enjoy.  also, on a side note, the [ profile] clan_collective and i are at crunch time, finally working on the last few things we need before we start posting, and i am REALLY excited about this project; i think you guys will like it a lot.  i'm hoping for something in the next couple months.

anyway.  this starts a few months after fm&mk ends, i think.  oh, and the title is overexposed, in case you missed that.  lol.

sequel previewz! )


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academy totally thanks "Tom Conrad" in their acknowledgments (!) and he is listed BEFORE gabe saporta.


alternately, write me buttloads of william/tom fic. especially since idek if i'm going to be able to even LISTEN to this CD. SO MUCH HET. just reading the lyrics is making me cringe. bilvyyyyy why, why.

swear to god, if i linger in fandom any longer after pwf (which is looking unlikely but hey), i am totes getting on with the fm&mk sequel. billrad, sekrit otp liek whoa.

chapter 3 tomorrow. maybe.

unf. tommy. just. bend me over a table and fuck me into next tuesday already. or hell, let me bend YOU over a table and fuck YOU into next CENTURY, i'm not fussy.


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