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go read The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet) by [ profile] siubhlach. unf.

also, here is the actual interview from the rywalk backrub gif that went viral last week. "we don't like drugs or girls." oh, jon walker, how are you real. speaking of this band's unrealness, ryan and spencer's twitters, oh fucking god. RYAN'S BUYING HIM SHORTS, YOU GUYS. BECAUSE HE KNOWS SPENCER'S SIZE AND WHAT KIND HE'D LIKE, AND. AND. YOU GUYS. i. just. ♥!! someone, please, right now, write me endless present-day fic about ryan and spencer realizing they have possibly been in love forever and are married. GO.

and now, rambling about my next project and pccf. )

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had an unusually lovely day, filled with meditation and browsing of zen books at b&n (as you may've noticed via twitter) and buying a hot-pink harness for pete (who is a pretty pretty princess) so we could take him out in this gorgeous weather.

FIC UPDATE: today in the car i made the executive decision that my next project is going to be william/tom. i'm going to base it on the fm&mk sequel that i will never write, b/c fm&mk was my first fic and it was so embarrassingly mediocre; i don't want to be associated with it anymore. but i love the premise for the sequel so much that i'm going to write it as a present-day fic on its own, leading up to the current academy/empires tour, possibly. i am so, so excited i get to use the plot; it's kind of awesome. so, look for that after pccf. i'm pretty sure my title's still going to be overexposed.

anonymous comment on ch 3 sez: I know you're a big fan of adding canon (o hai Ayn Rand reference!) to your fic so I felt like I should mention that Brendon is actually a big fan of Silverchair! Ryan has said before that Brendon has been listening to them since the early days and they both have mentioned loving the last album. :)

FML. they would love the last album; they're so gay, jesus. i love how it's anonymous, too. that's totally ross stalkin' me again, tryin' to make sure i don't portray him inaccurately. :P (i'm impressed this is my only mistake. i'm good.)

drunk vid 1 and drunk vid 2 are up. they're so lame; we're barely drunk.  but, i'm in my camouflage boxer briefs, so.

on a side note, [ profile] selectivelyurie and i have been emailing each other pictures of koalas and plotting our epic panic! at the zoo AU in capslock. it's made of so many kinds of win. we're talking pete as the crazy reptile dude, brendon and jon as zookeeper bffs in little steve irwin shorts and sneakers, and ryan and spence as snooty businessmen in italian loafers who come to rescue the zoo from the shit economy and ~revolutionize the way it's run, which includes new rules that everyone hates (like brendon and jon not being allowed to sing/play guitar for the animals every night). brendon has instant heart eyes for ryan despite ryan's assholery, and jon and spencer wind up in a very physical, supply closet-based relationship, while pete pines over patrick the zoo gift shop owner, and brendon attempts to give ryan a koala as a courtship gift, which ryan declines.

off to take schmexy pics of keri now. don't worry, i'll share. ;)

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...if, hypothetically, ryan were to suddenly reveal the results of his piano lessons (which he mentioned he was taking, years ago in interviews), what do you think he might like to play that brendon could walk in on and see? atm i'm leaning toward this. anyone who's seen the truman show will appreciate.

link me to your youtube choices? doesn't have to be classical, but i'm thinking something gentle and romantic. btw, chapter 1 of pccf is underway and i maybe kind of love it a lot. \o/

before i go, a few recs, which i never bother with unless i don't think they've been publicized as much as they deserve.

recs, random stuff about fic philosophy, and more of my youtube madness. )

happy friday!
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quick note -- i've revamped the masterlist to include summaries and genres. don't read the early stuff; it's shit, as are most of the drabbles because i wrote them in literally minutes. my favourites are hearted; read those. the patrick/bden (lapdance!fic! \o/) and bden/jon are fun too. [ profile] falling_words  should start prompting me again.

anyway, for those who now complain that their life is over along with pwf, it'll keep you occupied until i start pccf. post-cabin cabin fic update )

if you read the latest entry on[info]hard_at_work , i made THIS just to prove i wasn't kidding. (on the camperfic notes, it's supposed to say "all dynamics shift"; guess it got cut off.) i mentioned this to[info]zarah5v2 , who was complaining that she too can never seem to write anything less than epic chaptered fic anymore, and it made me start thinking i should write a short one-shot just to prove to myself i can still do it. so i may ask you guys to prompt me soon. i've gotten way too lazy prompting you; although i can't say i haven't enjoyed all the text-message porn coming from[info]stereotypeloser , [ profile] ryden_fan , [ profile] justranda , [ profile] monamour_x , plus all the morningfic from [ profile] moku_youbi  and everything [ profile] livinglifeloud  is working on because I'm love with her writing. GOD IL YOU GUISE. *wipes away tear*

today sucks. i couldn't get back to sleep at ass o'clock this morning; when i did, i had a ryden sex dream and then keri's dumbass alarm woke me. asl;kehaofupao4iw.

p.s. here are keri and me, being faildorks. 7:20-7:50 never fails to crack me up.

rywalk 3 tomorrow. 


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in which colin reads you porn, shows off his panties, and has a spontaneous performancegasm while absolutely butchering a cover of bill's a cappella number. 
srsly.  this is the most embarrassing thing i've ever put online.  go watch it and make it worth my while.  rywalk teaser included.
also while you're there, check out the new video of my boss "singing" (it's labeled, most inventively, "emily 'singing'.")  i think i'm going to have to start a weekly series of these.
if you want something actually arousing, go orgasm over beckett's hand porn rubik's cube solving.  holy jesus fuck.
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(luckily seahorse is distracting enough that you will hopefully overlook how shitty and dweeby i look.)

not only due to this picture, but this was possibly the best show i've ever seen in my life.

first of all, bilvy was eyefucking crawford the whole night, mainly when seahorse was between/in front of them so he wouldn't notice.  also, turns out crawford is even sexier doing acoustic solos than he is on electric.  i think i came in my pants.  so, can't really blame bill (WHO IS SO TOTALLY BONING HIM EVERY NIGHT, OH MY GOD, WHERE'S THE FIC, I'LL WRITE IT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO).  then they all covered "baby one more time" as well as an n'sync song, and seahorse and bilvy told the story of how they were at a restaurant the other day and their stoned waitress was convinced bill was johnny depp.  so finally seahorse is all "GIVE IT UP FOR JOHNNY DEPP!" and then they went into a series that concluded with "give it up for prince caspian" (!) and finally "GIVE IT UP FOR JACK DAWSON!" because bilvy was dressed like motherfucking jack dawson.  bilvy kept telling us how much he loved doing shows like this, and he took requests, and he told sisky to stop smoking "cancer sticks," and he said hi to keri, and he told the story behind how he wrote "eastbound traffic" and he talked about scimeca and went on a mushy rant about how much he loves sisky and IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER, OKAY.  EVER.  william was, is, and always will be my favourite band boy.  i have such respect for him as a person.  he is grateful and humble and down to earth and incredible to the fans and i hope he knows how much we appreciate it.

could've done without the mindblowing OVERLOAD of obnoxious screaming-fainting-flailing teenage girls (more than usual i swear omg), but.  hey.

i couldn't figure out where to wait around afterwards b/c people were grouping up all over the damn place, so i gave up.  i got a pic with him last time, so it's okay.  but next time i want a pic with ian just to see if i can contain my boner when he puts his arm around me.  HIS HANDS, THEY ARE MAGIC.

pics here (that's the public link; you have to log in to comment; some ppl were confused about that last time).

vids here, there are six, not complete songs (except for "the test" and pls note how bill and ian ~embrace at the end), but hey, i've only got a 250mb memory card.

i ran into a few friends but i wish you all could've been there, especially you overseas peeps because it's not fair you don't get tours like this.  you should, and i wish you'd all been there with me.  <3

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more youtube dumbassery, including me attempting to play guitar, which i... don't actually play, so.

(this was before [ profile] gigasbolt came over to ~hang out, so i wasn't even drunk yet, but it's not like you can tell.)
during a very intellectual discussion about wilde this morning in the shower ("so, everyone in dorian gray is gay."  "duh."):

colin: know how i know you're gay? you gave me DORIAN GRAY to read.
keri: know how i know you're gay? i knew you'd like it.
c: know how i know you're gay? you did me up the butt last night.
k: know how i know you're gay? you liked it.
c: know how i know you're gay? you spend $40 on face wash.
k: know how i know you're gay? you know what estee lauder's pleasures smells like.
c: know how i know you're gay? you knew it was the coconut soap instead! [inside joke from yesterday]
k: ...
c: OKAY FINE, REMATCH. [brief interlude/discussion of rosencrantz & guildenstern and the questions game of epic win]
k: know how i know you're gay? you like frilly froo-froo drinks like x-rated.
c: know how i know you're gay? you like NONFAT CARAMEL MACCHIATO WITH LIGHT CARAMEL.
k: touche. know how i know you're gay? you order hot chocolate with whipped cream AND caramel.
c: know how i know you're gay? you watch me SUCK THE WHIPPED CREAM OFF THE TOP OF THE DRINK.

i love us.

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this is the worst i think i have ever allowed myself to look on camera. oh well. hangovers ftw.

i also discuss last night's drunken video that i refuse to share, as well as the perils of soft drinks.

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too lazy to write a blog, so i made you all a videoblog.  complete with bad piano playing (incl a very rough preview of an "arrangement" i'm writing for FOB's "get busy living...").  also i show off pete, do a willy wonka impression, and yell at billy corgan.  and i ask for opinions on my hair.  the end.

also, here, a teaser for #5.

"This is what they all warned me about, isn't it?"
He smiles wider, draping an arm across his face to block out the light.  "Nah.  I went easy on you."
Brendon chuckles, his throat dry and hoarse.  "I like you."

i like him too, bden. XD

ALSO, [ profile] ryden_fan  is my new best friend because she made me THIS, which is one of my favourite clips from any interview ever, as well as a QUOTE from the walkie i wrote this summer. \o/!!!

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too big for youtube!  too big for myspace!  coming to you now from the ghetto caverns of yousendit, i present...

medley of loserdom: colin dicking around on the piano.

for [ profile] ginsatonic, who said, "videotape it. now." i am astonished i managed to stretch this crap to 15 min.  jesus.  in my defense, i've never actually taken the time to learn any of these songs, so my lame-ass improvisation is about as pro as i'm gonna be here.

also, courtesy of [ profile] schulershortone, this is the greatest thing ever. watch it to the end, it just keeps getting funnier.  so see, i'm not crazy!  just stupid for not noticing sooner.  mychem is way more obvious about it than the others.

i wish i had more to offer you from chapter 12; i've just been brainstorming a lot.  it's in my head, i swear!  i can guarantee you the following line will make its way in: "i kissed your boyfriend and i'm not sorry."  spencer's also threatening to yell out, "don't even think about having sex in our drinking water!" so who knows. XD  spencer's a jerkface.  they should TOTALLY have sex under the waterfall, y/mfy?  i mean WHAT ELSE ARE WATERFALLS FOR, FERREALZ??

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greatest. band. ever.

i should be starting on 12 tomorrow. i've got a cute flashback idea (continuing from that one where 15-yr-old ryro was stupid and drunk), in which ryan is now sober and really wants spencer to notice. XD any other flashback ideas welcome, all pairings (including them as a group); 12 is going to have a lot of flashbacks, i think.

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panic at the disco, atlanta, 11/4/08.


- "when the day met the night"
- "shout"

chapter 11 is done and will be up tomorrow. :)

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thank keri for that one.  just look at the photo on the main page and read their intro, looking at it in That Context.  i can't stop laughing.  as becca has pointed out (not that she didn't laugh too), i am a dumbass.

NOW, for the really good stuff.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it's SO.  GOOD.  and brendon is SO.  PRETTY.

be forewarned, apparently you can't see it outside the US (yet).  check youtube.

love.  love, love, love.



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1. you guys ask awesome questions! :D  and i love how none of you chose to go anon.  that says something about how open and comfortable we are with each other, and that's awesome.  *smishes you all*

2. wtf is up with everyone being all "i really like your voice!"  ...who have you guys been listening to to make you think i have a good voice?  like, billy corgan?  LOL.  that song was so, so, so not in my key at ALL.  you're all sweet though. :P

3. i was in the car this morning listening to rocket summer (i'm having a total bryce renaissance lately), and i started crying during "do you feel."  for the first time in like, a thousand times i've heard that song?  it was (oh wow this sounds cliche and lame) like he was speaking directly to me.  like we were sitting down and having a conversation and he was calling me out.  i just.  wow.  it's been awhile since a song has done that to me.  it was amazing.

3b. in case you haven't seen my twitter... well, the latest update still makes me giggle. :P  (i would advise, though, maybe not getting so into the habit that you end up doing it at a concert. XD)  (have, THE.  haBITS.  had YOUOOO-OOUU-UUUU.  sorry, idk, idk.)

3c. before i go looking or trying to learn it myself by ear (or spend $500 on software that will isolate the piano part on the track so i can learn it easily :P), if anyone should happen to run across sheet music (even if it's shit somebody wrote by hand and scanned) or a youtube tutorial for "story" or "around the clock," i'd love you forever.  those are the two i really want to learn, and i can't find stuff for them anywhere.

4. BECCA.  COBRA STARSHIP.  THAT'S ALL I'M GONNA SAY.  AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  (watch her leave comments defending herself now.)  oh, but if you have any recs for good gabe/alex(suarez) fic, please leave them in the comments.  she apparently needs them like oxygen.


6. I SEE ALL TIME LOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!  saekjnhkfhaieh4rka3jh4;aiosg

7. chapter 8 should be up possibly today, definitely by tomorrow.  so there. :D


ETA: becca finds the best things ever.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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(that's becoming a habit lately. :P)

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

comment anonymously, obv.  unless you WANT to be known.

(pwf is being written as we speak -- slowly, but still.  i used passive voice b/c i'm so uninspired it doesn't really feel like i'm writing it.  sigh.  but i'm trying.)

(meanwhile i sort-of learned rocket summer's "so much love" and there is now a video of me attempting to play it very badly (i cannot sing or pick an octave to save my life; it's painful to witness).  but hey, it's entertaining. :P)

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you're all cruel and mean. :P  becca might come after you all now, b/c i'm never EVER writing het again.  i'll have to come up with a new christmas present for her now.  ([ profile] eruwenfuin's comment was my favourite, rotflmao.  WIN.)


- alex makes up a song for their tour manager; darren and their stage manager get drunk and weird.
- darren is amazing, the end.  (also, i think brendon may have his soulmate here.)
- alex sings about love.
- the source of my subject line.

BOYS!!!!!! \o/

here, have some alex/sam stageghey!

there.  phew.

chapter 8 is well underway.

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subject line = no relevance; i've just been on a p.o. renaissance lately and that's the line currently stuck in my head.

so, okay.  chapter 8?  does not want to be written.  which, like, wtf, b/c i REALLY WANT TO WRITE IT.  it's one of those "omg i can't wait to write this scene!" chapters.  so, FAIL, SOMETHING.  IDK WHAT, BUT, SOMETHING IS FAIL HERE.  help?  write me drabble porn in the comments?

phanplan/ryan-loves-alex rambling )

also, fail, gchat.  fail.

ETA: by comment request, links to some of the vids.  some of them you have to watch all the way through to catch stuff, but they're awesome anyway.  alex playing acoustic, hai.  also there is the vid of ryan riding around stage on alex's shoulders, and a pic i've got somewhere of them both on stage, with ryan and this MASSIVE grin.  and so on.
- the infamous council bluffs vid, with ryan's shirt entirely unbuttoned, and other things.
- random ryan performing with them on "do the panic"
- "i don't mind", 1:05-ish on.  jesus christ, ross.
- "all over again" + PHANTOM OF THE OPERA WTF
- "dropped"... ryan's also there for no reason
- "raise the dead"... ryan's there, idek.  lol
- "quarantine"... etc.
- "ship lost at sea" -- now this one is a gem, b/c of ryan's dumbass comments at the beginning (<3 <3 <3) and the fact that he's like, got his arm around alex if you watch to the end.  wtf.

there are more, but i've got work to do. :)
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courtesy of [ profile] falling_words, who tossed it at me first thing this morning and made my day.

no words.

okay, a few words: combine this with the fact that alex totally, totally sings gilbert & sullivan in another vid, and the boypiles they make in every other vid, and the time they were standing in front of the mirror playing with their nipples, and the spanking, and let's not forget the performance of "i like ten men"... i just.  i don't know what to think anymore.  i thought panic and all time low were the gayest bands in existence; this assumption, and thus my world, are shattered.

a vegan who improvises songs about blogs and invents words like "jackhole" and sings gilbert & sullivan and makes forts out of stage equipment and refuses to emerge from them.  people, i think i've found my soulmate.

happy, HAPPY friday. XD

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some things are just too awesome not to share.

and here, have some GSF.

and most sadly, someone wrote it before i got a chance to make becca write it.  worse still, it's not shitty nor in need of beccafied redemption; it's utterly perfect (though naturally she could still do better).

also, if you haven't seen the latest TAITV, you need to.  like, now.  remember flannigan and mr. janes?  THAT'S RIGHT, PPL. :D

happy 4th.  'cause... yeah.  america is so awesome.  /sarcasm.



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