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so, yeah, i was going to leave you all with another teaser because there's no way this is getting posted tonight, but i decided i hate most of the chapter, so, you get no teaser. sorry. i'll probably be rewriting most of it. i think my work stress is affecting my writing. so. give me some time. i'll get it right. hopefully. today i hate my job enough that i want to just cry in the bathroom. it's not always like this, just this week. and it's making my writing shit. so.

♥ to all. here, have a rec.

[ profile] justranda, KEEP TALKING ABOUT THAT HERE, JFC. *orgasms*


Mar. 25th, 2009 06:47 am
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so i guess i've been typing too much lately b/c my fingers are killing me (hence not responding to your emails).  plus i have to write up an entire silent auction guide at work by friday, including snazzy, witty descriptions/titles for 114+ items.  F.  M.  L.

anyway, so i've been writing chapter 6 on paper, which is obviously going... slowly, but you'll be happy to know it's over half done.  we'll see how i'm feeling later, but i've got a ton to do at work this week, obv.  i want to say it'll be up tomorrow but i can't promise.

won't be answering comments here, for obvious reasons, but, leave some love, or porn drabbles, if you feel like it.  i'll read and smile big.

<3 love you guys.  here, have a happy picture (click to enlarge).  his blurry smiley little face, you guys. ♥_♥

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in which colin reads you porn, shows off his panties, and has a spontaneous performancegasm while absolutely butchering a cover of bill's a cappella number. 
srsly.  this is the most embarrassing thing i've ever put online.  go watch it and make it worth my while.  rywalk teaser included.
also while you're there, check out the new video of my boss "singing" (it's labeled, most inventively, "emily 'singing'.")  i think i'm going to have to start a weekly series of these.
if you want something actually arousing, go orgasm over beckett's hand porn rubik's cube solving.  holy jesus fuck.
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right so last night becca sent me pics to "inspire" me to write chapter 18; mostly they just made me laugh really, really hard.  so, inspiration fail, BUT.  we did discover jon is a creepy-ass lurker, and also, i wound up with gems like THIS.

prepare yourself )

so that is your assignment.  ignore brent and pretend spencer is around somewhere, and write some bb!spyro promfic, with gratuitous amounts of quietlyjealous!spencer and cluelessdumbass!ryan. :D

also, look, i stole old calendar pages and made a pwf wall at work.

also, bamboo! )

18 will be ready maybe tomorrow.
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so here's the deal.  as most of you know, i work for MDA (non-profit), and our office has had a tough year.  obv.  our office is only like $5k away from hitting budget (i.e. raising the amount we are assigned to raise) and you have no idea how fucking close that is, or how desperate we are to reach it.  so as an office we've "edited" one of our fundraising sites (it'll look funky since it wasn't designed for this) to send out to friends and family to try and reach our goal by december 31.
i hate solicitations like this as much as anyone, but just think, if everyone on my flist donated just ten bucks, that's $1,400.  jfc.  i'm not usually this invested in a job; we aren't even getting raises next year b/c of the economy, but i love this organization and i see every day how hard everyone works to fight against these 43 diseases, so this actually means something to me.
so, here's the link if you want to help.*  i'm only disabling comments b/c i don't want anyone to feel bad for like, NOT donating and feel obligated to explain why they can't.  no pressure; i just have to put the word out.
if we end up hitting budget, I WILL LET YOU ALL VOTE on what project i start after pwf.  so happy holidays! <3
pwf 14 tomorrow, looks like. \o/ teaser! )

*um, for those of you who didn't know, if you visit the site, "danielle" is my name in the real world.  bleh.  yeah.
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(mmmm... happy memory of today: driving around blasting rocket summer with the windows down and totally orgasming over avary's falsetto riffs.  UNF.)

so, okay.

riding my bike around the apartment complex in semi-darkness with bugs flying at me, and me totally abandoning the handlebars, and the wind and the roaring silence effected by the wind and, okay.  so much more effective than yoga or meditation.  just saying.

in other news, i went to a baseball game on wednesday night with my co-workers, and i spent the majority of the game texting back and forth with becca, who was in the middle of writing me like, the most intensely angsty emo one-shot like, in the universe (pete/ryan, night before pete's wedding, need i say more omfg), which SHE WAS ACTUALLY TEXTING TO ME AS SHE WROTE IT BECAUSE I COULDN'T STAND NOT HAVING IT.

i wonder what this says about me as a human being.

also, i don't care all that much at all, because it was an awesome night, and my boss is very physically affectionate and it's kind of amusing, especially when we all start debating whether or not she is a big lesbo, which we do a lot.  (it basically consists of all of us going "you ARE!!!" and her going "i am NOT!!!"  simple.  predictable.  entertaining.)

in not so unrelated news at all, it struck me today, like lightning (just as hard, just as fast, just as electrifying), that "of all the gin joints in the world" is so. totally. and completely. one hundred fucking percent WRITTEN ABOUT RYAN ROSS.  holy jesus, and just.  yeah.  fuck.  wow.

back to the game, i also spent over thirty dollars on parking, a pretzel, a coke, and cotton candy.  the world is sad, really.  i even had to borrow a dollar from chase BECAUSE COTTON CANDY APPARENTLY COSTS FIVE DOLLARS NOW.

and then.  THEN!!!!!!  THEN, when i was out of cash ENTIRELY -- I SAW SOMEONE WALKING AROUND WITH A FUNNEL CAKE.  WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET A FUNNEL CAKE.  I SAW NO FUNNEL CAKE ANYWHERE.  i tried to force myself to see it as a lesson in contentment.  but mostly i just ended up really really wanting funnel cake.  WHEN DOES ANYONE NOT WANT FUNNEL CAKE, COME ON PPL.

keri and i got really drunk last night and made like, 35 minutes of drunken iMovie videos that included awesome phrases like, "THAT IS A DOORSTOP AND NO YOU CANNOT STICK IT UP YOUR BUM!!!!!!!!!!"  (watching the videos back this morning, we were laughing so hard we were almost in tears.)  then we had really really super emo role-play sex and it was fucking epic, okay.  yeah.  UNF.  i also attempted to play "pas de cheval" and "disenchanted" on our fantastic new electric guitar, while drunk, and ALMOST did not completely fail.

and today, TODAY, we went to the skate park because they were having an etnies thing, i don't know honestly, all i really have consciousness for when we go to the skatepark is, like, JAILBAIT.  IN SKINNYJEANS.  ON SKATEBOARDS.  HAI.  (fyi, no, okay, keri actually skates, we don't go JUST to stare at the boys.  well, she doesn't, anyway.)

eric fletcher is totally my new skaterboy crush.  i mean, COME ON, CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS AND NOT SQUEE.  though sadly when we saw him today he'd cut his hair. :/ (my last crush, blaine, has gotten a little scruffy and doesn't look underage enough anymore.  such is life.)

that is all.  i'm stalling.  b's gonna have my ass for this (and not in the good way).  i'm totally supposed to be writing lapdance fic as we speak, while she bitches about how emo her fic has gotten and tries to blame it on me.

see, this is why we work so well together. <3

how, HOW did this entry get so long?!  this was supposed to be like, TWO SENTENCES ABOUT MY ZEN BIKE RIDING EXPERIENCE.  christ.

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Does it say something for my level of maturity that I never cease to be amused by the following sort of spam?

"pretty-pretty familly harrdcore fuckiing!"
That one is vaguely reminiscent of five-dolla-sucky-sucky.  Some of my recent favorites include "goluptious [yes, goluptious] virgins!" and "pulchritudinous incest scenes!" I know they're going for the root "pulchra" (Latin = beautiful) but is pulchritudinous really a word?  And if it is, it is so awkward that it should be banned from use.

I know they're doing it to beat the spam blockers, but clearly it isn't working.  No mind; I derive joy from it and that's all that matters.
Awhile ago I had to walk a wheeled (though feebly so) cooler over to the Science Building.  (To put that in perspective, it is like 85 degrees out today and the Science Building is the farthest possible building from where I work.  Death to all.)  Outside the Science Building was a broom.  A little beat-up, but overall an average looking broom, save for one thing: the sweeper end was seriously damaged.  There is absolutely no other description for the way it looked other than to say it appeared that someone had flown it in a Quidditch match and suffered a minor accident.
I was very pleased.
Earlier on another work-related delivery, these guys were playing frisbee outside the Student Center, and as I walked by, the frisbee flew toward me and landed on the ground nearby.  Normally, this sort of gesture might be interpreted as flirtation, which I am certainly used to from guys, because let's face it, I'm 5' 9" and I have nice long legs.  Which I like to show off.  However, there is a glitch:
a) I went way butch today.  I've been femme-ing it up the last couple weeks and I didn't want my new classmates to think I'm some sort of girly LUG or something.  Shudder.
b) When I threw the frisbee back to them, one of the guys said "Thanks, man."  I nodded in a very man-like manner, and if I'm not mistaken, I believe he added (though more quietly) something to the effect of, "I mean, uh..." which suggests he originally thought I was a guy.
I don't often get mistaken for a guy - neither Keri nor I are particularly butch (we can go either way depending on our moods), and I'm more femme than not, so when it does happen, it amuses me greatly.
Heh; it's so fucking awesome to be able to go over and read my ex's journal every couple months and *not* have it drive me to some mad wild state of anger and hatred anymore.  Now I can just read it and sincerely feel nothing but apathy.  And amusement, because she is still writing in the exact same I'm-from-Harvard-so-I'm-naturally-witty style (which gets exceedingly dull and predictable after a short while), and writing the same dykey political rants and acting like she's just such a good person.
It makes me laugh. :-D
Oh; she's [personal profile] slammerkinbabe, if anyone wants to go play with her.  I suppose if she's not your ex she'd probably make a nice, interesting addition to your friends list.  She's a good, sweet, intelligent person.  But I hate her.  She left me at the very moment I needed her most, and it almost killed me.  So don't judge me.  T'ank you.
It is especially fantastic because she is not a physically attractive person and we both know she's never going to get someone like me in her bed ever again.  (Not that I'm Angelina Jolie, but compared to my ex, well, I am.)  She's short and fat and so is her girlfriend and I know it's very mean and admittedly a dirt-cheap shot but I'm so glad Keri and I are so much hotter than they are.  I'm way better than her (and all the people who ignored me through adolescence) at getting chicks and I just happened to get my soulmate in the process.  So yes; it makes me happy because I am immature that way.
Not many things make me happy so I take what I can get. :P
Keri at lunch: "If I don't get to fuck you tonight I'M GOING TO GO CRAZY."
She threw me up against the bathroom wall shortly after - rather forcefully, actually (not that I'm complaining).  It was a miracle I didn't crack my head open.

Anyway, she can fuck me all she wants, but she's not getting any herself because she was up till 3a.m. getting herself off.  Because apparently she really wanted me and I wasn't there.  But that is no excuse.  Whore.  Obviously she doesn't need MY help. :P

We shared sesame chicken and our fortune cookies told me I was going to be presented with a musical opportunity soon (...Keri then asked me if I wanted to go on the Warp Tour; I did not - screw you, musical opportunities) and told Keri that she would be involved in some humanitarian project soon.  Not bloody likely.
Since I am new here and so everyone will love me (God, I am a whore), here are three fantastic links (though sadly everyone has probably seen them already).  These are especially for Sarah, who was bored and wanted links. :P
There.  Eat them up.  Or suck it. :P

Twenty minutes before my Shakespeare class... there was no way I was going to lug the 40-lb book to campus so I found the readings online and am playing the if-the-browser-window-is-open-then-it-counts-as-studying game perusing them now.



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