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hallo all. i don't want to make an ~issue out of this or be overly dramatic, but apparently it must be said: just for the record, it is not okay to copy/re-post any portion of any of my fics anywhere (i.e. using it as your own words on a role-playing forum), especially if you're not going to credit me or even ask permission. i know we're not in academia or the workforce, but this is still plagiarism and a violation of internet ethics, by my definition. i don't want to be mean, i assume this was not done with any malicious intent, and i am certainly flattered someone liked my work that much, but people need to be aware that that's not okay, and that in a more professional setting, something like that could be grounds for expelling, firing, etc.

again, i don't mean to sound nasty or threatening; i'll go with the benefit of the doubt because i know some people aren't aware of what's okay. when i used to work as a writing tutor, i often dealt with ESL students who came from countries where plagiarism wasn't an issue; apparently you could just use others' words and not have to credit/cite them in any way. so they were baffled when i tried to explain that, um, you can't do that here.

so, hope that clears things up. i'm not trying to scare anyone off (i know if this had been me, and an accident, i'd probably feel really embarrassed, so hey, it's okay). just, now you know. if someone asked permission and gave me credit, i'd probably say yes. :)

(don't feel like answering a bunch of comments on this; i'd kinda just like to let it go. email/message me if you need to say something.)

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so, yeah, i was going to leave you all with another teaser because there's no way this is getting posted tonight, but i decided i hate most of the chapter, so, you get no teaser. sorry. i'll probably be rewriting most of it. i think my work stress is affecting my writing. so. give me some time. i'll get it right. hopefully. today i hate my job enough that i want to just cry in the bathroom. it's not always like this, just this week. and it's making my writing shit. so.

♥ to all. here, have a rec.

[ profile] justranda, KEEP TALKING ABOUT THAT HERE, JFC. *orgasms*

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i know i never update butttttttttttttt. i'm procrastinating.

so i'm being shamelessly lazy this morning, making all time low macros (see facebook album) and watching panic vids/interviews on youtube and drooling over a) the sexiness of bden's voice, b) the complete obviousness of the reality of ryden, and c) a clip of bden doing whatever you would consider the piano equivalent of shredding. just... fucking tearin' it up. oh god. i'm pretty sure he was covering a dresden dolls song. and you know how amanda plays. fuckin' shit. DD songs already make me horny as it is even without bden playing them.

i think we all know by now, and i know i say this about EVERYTHING, but boys playing piano really is my ultimate lifelong hard-on. like... beyond expression. just. GAH. and bden is BDEN, not just any boy. so. i'm pretty sure i'm going to pass out at their show.

i'm also squeeing b/c i saw a live performance of that green gentleman on youtube and it was THE SHIT.

it should be noted that i am so utterly in love with pretty. odd. that i have been unable to listen to any other music since i got it (except DC's "stolen" b/c we were kind of writing with it). i have never felt this way about an album in my life. it's mind-blowing. every time i try to put on another cd, i just start listening and then think, "wtf. this is inadequate. this is not pretty. odd." LOLZ.

so needless to say, my excitement over seeing panic exactly three weeks from today is rising steadily and exponentially, especially now that they've switched the venue to the masquerade which is a tiny intimate little place in which i saw cobra last month and got so close to the stage that gabe grabbed my hand and sang right into my eyes a few times.

and it is also the place i'm seeing all time low and rocket summer ON THE 17th. been waiting to see ATL ever since i saw/discovered them last october at the boys like girls show. pretty much fell in love with alex the second he came on stage, before i even knew his name.

and BRYCE. fucking BRYCE. GAH. i got into their music simply for the fact that i knew i'd be seeing them, and then i just fell in love with it all. though i'll never look at him without blushing after reading that one brylliam fic. (speaking of, if anyone has a link to it, send to me pls??? i didn't save it for some reason: it's the one where william is a total sex-crazed psycho who's obsessed with seducing him simply for the sake of corrupting something so pure. it's HEARTBREAKING and the end is just horrible, but it's beautiful and amazing and (#*&()#*.)

madness swirls in my soul right now. happy, happy madness.

1. patiently waiting for bilvybot update.

2. less than patiently waiting for riley update. b/c riley = cutest baby ever, and i don't even like babies, and now i'm all like, "omg gabe pls have my babies" and ignoring the physical impossibility of this.

3. keri works today. i'm supposed to be cleaning (oh yeah, look, i'm vacuuming right now as i type) and looking over my fucking benefits BINDER for my new job - not a pamphlet or brochure, a fucking THREE-RING BINDER. ughhhhhhhhhh. yes pls, let me sign up for you to extract exorbitant amounts of money from my paycheck so i can have crap health coverage the co-pays of which i still won't be able to afford anyway. yay.

4. I SEE PANIC AT THE DISCO IN THREE WEEKS DID I MENTION THAT. yes. i did. sorry. never seen them before. pretty much dying.

5. really, really want the clandestine collective ( to do "pretty. odd." after this one b/c okay, hello, and also, i am absolutely dying, like, squirming and antsy and desperate, to have a title as amazing as "little deaths in musical beds."

(...we all know it's the french slang for orgasm, right??)

okay. i'm stalling. i'll clean. i'll do yoga. i'll read my fucking benefits textbook.

i forget who discovered this, but, okay (I'M GOING I'M GOING, ONE MORE THING), put on northern downpour but only listen to the left speaker. set your balance so it's all on the left or if you're listening on an iPod, only put in the left earpiece. for the first couple lines you hear bden's voice very nearly a cappella and it will just simply melt your soul. and then, THEN, in the rest of the first verse, you hear only him and the piano, which is fantastic for me, who is trying to LEARN northern downpour on the piano (it's super easy, fyi).

the piano knows something i don't know, however... i'm learning that has about eighty chord changes. fun. indeed the piano apparently knows LOTS of things i don't.

hmm, what else can i stall with.

i wonder how many people would shitflip if i "forgot" to post the last chapter of FM&MK tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. /evil.

that reminds me, i need to work on the sequel today. william and tom are pissing me off like whoa. i'm not speaking to them anymore. i'm half ready to pawn off the sequel on someone else. anyone wanna write it? :P

totally finishing learning intermission today on the piano. learning exact notes entirely by ear = slight challenge.

YAY, it's lunchtime!!!!! MORE STALLING.

p.s. now that i am mostly over the initial heartbreaking trauma of the haircut(tm), i would like to suggest the organisation of funeral arrangements for william eugene beckett's late hair.
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i don't know how you all managed to just COMMUNALLY LATCH ON to this idea of me writing the piano sex. but srsly. it got to the point where people were begging.

so, you dickheads. it's late and i'm tired and i should be warm and toasty in my bed right now, but what am i doing?

yeah i'm writing gabilliam piano sex for all you twat-faces. :P

i love you guys.

i'll post at some point, maybe tomorrow, def. by monday.
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Oh, God... everything... sore.

Yeeeah... soooo... relatively NSFW...

In addition, I got bored in class last night and wrote up an angsty rant on the state of being and not being a writer.

Forgive the excess of cuts; they're a novelty to me and I like them so I'm going to exploit them for awhile.


OOOOOOH, I just heard that a movie (“A Good Woman”) with Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johansson (what a cast!) is coming to video next week... WTF... I never even heard of it until just now; I saw a preview on TV.  It looks awesome.  We so have to see it.


So at the grocery store in the health section they have a cereal called "Good Friends" (yes, that's the name of the cereal), and there are two different boxes currently displayed: they both boast closeups of two potentially dykey women beaming at the camera in front of a bowl of cereal.  We are extremely amused by this.  Lately, as in last night, Keri has taken to commenting on how one chick from the one box should actually be shown with one of the chicks from the other box, because "they're the hotter ones, and the other one looks like a horse."


I love how much of a man she can be about the attractiveness of women. :D


A great Seinfeld-esque conversation last night in the middle of foreplay (and no, this is not typical of our foreplay...):


Keri: I love you.

Me: I love you too... you're so beautiful...

K: Mmmm... so are you... *kisses me*

M: And even you weren't beautiful, I would still love you.

K: *smiles*

[brief interlude]

K: Even if I were a burn victim?

M: ...Yeah...

[brief interlude]

M: I probably wouldn't have emailed you back originally, but y'know.

K: Not even if I'd still had pretty eyes?

M: Well... *helpfully* I might have emailed you back out of pity...?

K: Dude, you could just put a paper bag over my head.

M: Yeah... well, wait, why would I put it over your *head*?  I mean --

K: *giggles* You'd be like, yeah, I can still fuck that, I just can't look at the face.

M: ...Oh, so just your *face* is burned.

K: Yeah.

M: Okay.  Yeah, I can do that.


I love us.


That first Xena ep with Tara is on right now... GOD I hate that bitch.  What is UP with her hair, anyway?!


We should watch some more funny Xena eps this weekend... we had fun with that last week.  Although there are a few dramatic supersubtexty ones I want to show her.  Especially ones where Gab's hair is short, 'cause Keri prefers it short (as do I). ;)


I just had an amazing revelation.  You're going to roll your eyes when you hear what it is, after I built it up like that.  I'm watching Saved By the Bell: The College Years (SHUT UP), and Alex just did a Tori Spelling impersonation with this weird fish face that I SO FREAKING THOUGHT was my trademark fish face.  Everyone loves my fish face.  Everyone always asks me to do it.  (I'll take a picture of me doing it and post it, I swear.)  And now I just realized it was complete plagiarism (I used to watch SBTB religiously - I've certainly seen this ep before, years ago).  Sigh.  The horror.  My life is sad now.


I am seriously jinxed.  Every time on my journal or profile of something, whenever I finally think to add some note for horny guys not to contact me, or for creepy people not to friend me, and so on, what happens IMMEDIATELY AFTER??  Horny guys contact me.  Creepy people friend me.  And so on. :P  (Example: see my “Also friend of” list... no, you have to actually look at their profile.)


Well, wish me luck.  I am off to tackle Harry Potter.  Heh, heh... er, that is, the game, in which I seem to be trapped (both literally and in the addicted kind of way).  This afternoon I've got my copyeditor training with SHARE (it really is a kickass magazine, I'm so excited to be part of it - but it's really embarrassing that their last web designer allowed typos on the site - and they haven't gotten a new designer yet, hence the outdatedness), but until then, I belong to the boy who lived.


On a short sidenote, I'm still wondering whether or not I should submit one of my poetry attempts to SHARE for publication in the spring.  The new rule is, staff members can only have one piece each published - but it's not like they're each guaranteed to get even one published.  It's just weird because I've never tried to get anything published and if I weren't working for them, I'd have no problem submitting... but being part of the staff now, if they didn't accept any of my pieces (granted, I have a say in it too, but... so do like 8-10 other people), I'd feel so embarrassed and like a total loser.


I wish we could publish fic... hey, maybe I could take some of my best fic and turn it into an original short story.  Ugh, no way.


Sigh.  I feel another angsty writing rant coming on.


Onward. :)


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