Mar. 20th, 2009

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fuck me, i don't know how to start chapter six. there are no flashbacks left to catalyze me. UNLESS WE WANT ANGRY RYAN/SPENCE ARGUING IN FRENCH (see twitter). fortunately, [ profile] stereotypeloser just started writing it for us, and it's amazing so far, so i can't stop flailing.

some great fics i've run across on my flist recently:

- One More Than Three by [ profile] cynthia_arrow
- A Throat-Pierced Sound In The Night by [ profile] jocondite
- Sing Me A Rainbow (Steal Me A Dream) by my dear [ profile] redorchids, whom i love forever and then some even though she likes to pretend i'm a real girl :P.
- Steal Me A Dream by my beloved [ profile] j_plash -- ha, just realized the title similarities, weird (unintentional, i'm sure); anyway, this is only the prologue, but if you can handle a WIP, she has incredible things planned for this fic.

seriously, help me with six. i've run out of things for them to do. (ETA: it needs to be tension-building stuff, not filler or fluff.) the outline is, like... they're playing music. and some other stuff. and there's the chiromancy scene, but that doesn't happen till right before [spoiler]. YES, I ADMIT IT, I'VE RUN OUT OF WAYS FOR THEM TO NOT HAVE SEX.

before i forget, random: remember that moment in titanic when rose walks up to him on the deck and says, "i changed my mind"? can anyone think of another way to say that? another way to communicate that thought?

anyway, *facepalm*


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