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In Order of Appearance

- How Misery Loved Me - Brendon/Ryan, NC-17 [oneshot]
Brendon had never seen Ryan cry.

♥ - Pit Stop at IHOP - Brendon/Ryan, PG-13 [oneshot]
"Do you want me to stop flirting with you?"

- ...Than Any Boy You'll Ever Meet - Brendon/Jon, NC-17 [oneshot]
"Dudes included, huh?"

- Exactly Where You'd Like Me - Brendon/Patrick, NC-17 [oneshot]
"So there really isn't anything you can't -- or won't -- do."

- Room For Me Somewhere In You - Jon/Spencer, NC-17 (companion to this) [oneshot]
Spencer always watches him, daring him to look away, and it's so fucking intense it kind of makes Jon feel like gravity's seeping out of the atmosphere and he's just floating, maybe on air, or maybe in some ocean vaguely the shade of Spencer's eyes.

♥ - When Pigs Fly and Cliches Die - Ryan/Spencer, R [oneshot]
It sucks because it's all Brendon's fault, and doesn't Brendon cause enough trouble already?

♥ - Rotation - Panic GSF, NC-17 [drabble]
He could die right now, twenty fucking years old with these three boys wrapped around him, and never wish for so much as another breath.

♥ - Now Without Stopping - Alex/Darren (Phantom Planet), PG-13 [oneshot]
He thinks of sitting out on his deck, all four of them, making up songs about root canals; he thinks of the housekeeper's face, and suddenly he doesn't know who he is.

- More Than What I See - Brendon/Spencer, NC-17 [oneshot]
This isn't rhythm at all, it's chaos. It's fire. And that's kind of what Brendon is, this bundle of energy and chaos and fire, no rhythm or rhyme, just madness, impossibly beautiful madness.

- I'm A Mascot For What You've Become - Gabe/William, PG [drabble]
Sometimes he misses the other side of it, living for the thirty-second rush of being in the spotlight of Gabe's eyes, having his attention on you and only you for a flashing moment, and letting it carry you on a high for the rest of your week, month, year.

- Your Nightlife Moods - Brendon/Jon, R [drabble]
See, this is why kissing is better than talking.

♥ - Not the Sin (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks) - Brendon/Ryan (main), Brendon/various, NC-17 [completed in 12 parts]
A holiday gift to my flist: Twelve vignettes detailing Brendon's exploration of his kinks over the years through various partners, even though there's only one he really wants.

♥ - The Present and the Distance - GSF; everyone, Ryden-heavy, slight Brendon/Shane, NC-17 [completed in 19 parts]
The original planewreckfic, complete with cheesy!blurb: There are 17,508 islands in Indonesia, about 6,000 of which are inhabited. On August 31, 2008, returning from an Australian tour in the middle of the year's most violent storm to date, a plane carrying Panic at the Disco loses power, veers off course, and crashes into one of the remaining 11,508 islands. This is their story.

♥ - Behind These Dreams - Ryan/Jon, NC-17 [completed in 4 parts]
Maybe that's exactly what Jon wanted, to give all the control to Ryan just to make him realize how much he wants to be stripped of it.

- Aubergine Dreams - Brendon/Ryan, NC-17 [oneshot]
He imagines Ryan running his hands over it, smoothing out the creases and wrinkles, the way it would sit not quite right on his hips, over his chest, without any curves to fill it out.

- Wish I Didn't (I Don't) - Pete/Ryan, PG-13 [oneshot]
Underneath it, he's the same scared kid who just wanted to escape. Only difference is location: then, it was Vegas. Now it's just his head.

♥ - Five Times Ryan Tries To Propose (And The One Time He Does) - Brendon/Ryan, PG-13 [oneshot]
Ryan is maybe kind of a colossal idiot.

♥ - Back To The Place - Brendon/Ryan, NC-17 [completed in 8 parts]
Maybe that's what makes life interesting, the collision of endless questions and answers, and those precious moments of triumph when we can match the right ones together.

- Scratch My Phosphorus Skin (independent prequel to this) - R, Brendon/Ryan; slight GSF vibe [oneshot]
They all did it, once upon a time (last time; no fairy tales ever), side by side, warm skin brushing as they passed the joints back and forth.

♥ = my personal favorites.

I'm always working on new fic and occasionally post or request prompts, so stay tuned.


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