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i find it interesting, retroactively, that in chapter 7 when ryan says "pianissimo" sounds like it would mean "i love you" or "i trust you"... that's not just colin searching for a way to make the scene meaningful. (...i suppose it was, at the time, but that's neither here nor there.) i realize that the reason i even thought of that is because italian (all musical terms are italian) comes from latin, and in latin, the first-person present tense verb almost always ends in "o". for instance, "ambulo" means "i walk." if ryan knew anything about latin (which he does in pccf canon, because, HOT), his mind would automatically (or subconsciously, like mine) make that association, that "pianissimo" sounds like it means, "i [something]." like, perhaps, "i trust."

that flashback just earned so many cool points for me. XD

[ profile] redorchids and i are working hard to bring you chapter 8. she signed on for another sex scene, a really angsty one, and it's kind of breathtaking. (she stole a snippet from pwf as a dream sequence, so when you see it, don't think Colin's Ego OMG, 'cause it wasn't my idea. ;) i do love how it weaves into the scene, though.) we are also working on a pccf "director's cut" filled with random snippets/AU scenes she's written for the fic, and also a VIDEO, more like a trailer for the fic, which will come after it's finished. so, so fucking excited for that. she made this one for her bbb (peterick/CSI AU) and it's awesome.

here, have a teaser. this one's hers, and just, ngh.

They lie there, breathing together, hiding from the world while their bodies cool and the sounds from outside start to filter back in through the open window. Brendon figures he should pull out, roll away, be angry with Ryan for pushing him into this or with himself for nodding along—cry, yell—something; anything other than just curling himself tighter around the body next to him and burying his face against the dark hair. It doesn't make sense for him to cling to Ryan—not when it's Ryan that's making him break—but thinking of letting go is worse, so Brendon clings. His body starts to shake, so he squeezes harder, the emotional equivalent of trying to swim in quicksand and probably just as futile, but it's what he's got, so he'll take it. And when he closes his eyes and breathes in the smell of Ryan—of them, and this, skin mingling together—then at least he knows that it wasn't all a dream.

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