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so, i fucked up a bit on the history in my ~epic theory: bden and spence moved to cali before ryan and keltie split. so... maybe the whole plan was for all of them to move out there, but ryan felt he should stay back awhile since keltie had just moved there for that job? idk. i am exceedingly pleased to announce that my dear [ profile] moku_youbi has agreed to take on the challenge of writing this fic, and considering she is one of my 3-4 favourite writers in bandom, THIS IS EXCITING.

also, someone should really write a fic based on this thread.

stayed up till midnight writing/editing a really intense scene for chapter 7 and angsting over it with [ profile] redorchids, but it was all worth it and i think you guys are going to like it.

happy monday. have some pretty boys. seriously, i beg you, someone write me RPS about these two. i mean. come on. just... look at them.

how much do i love [ profile] justranda, and my flist in general? this much. i've realized i wake up to monday morning porn more often than not, and that's just. you guys. ily.

probably won't answer comments here; my fingers hurt today and i've got a lot of work. i'll read and smile, etc. ♥

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you're all cruel and mean. :P  becca might come after you all now, b/c i'm never EVER writing het again.  i'll have to come up with a new christmas present for her now.  ([ profile] eruwenfuin's comment was my favourite, rotflmao.  WIN.)


- alex makes up a song for their tour manager; darren and their stage manager get drunk and weird.
- darren is amazing, the end.  (also, i think brendon may have his soulmate here.)
- alex sings about love.
- the source of my subject line.

BOYS!!!!!! \o/

here, have some alex/sam stageghey!

there.  phew.

chapter 8 is well underway.


Aug. 11th, 2008 08:18 pm
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is anyone else watching the guys' diving in the olympics right now? anyone else writing slash about them in their heads? (COME ON, ALL THAT JUDGES' TALK ABOUT THE ANGLE OF ENTRY??!?!?!?!? YOU EXPECT ME TO JUST LET THAT SLIDE? AHAHAHA, SLIDE.)

just checking.

(then i started picturing brendon as an olympic diver and my breath went so short so fast that i got lightheaded.)

that is all; carry on.
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(mmmm... happy memory of today: driving around blasting rocket summer with the windows down and totally orgasming over avary's falsetto riffs.  UNF.)

so, okay.

riding my bike around the apartment complex in semi-darkness with bugs flying at me, and me totally abandoning the handlebars, and the wind and the roaring silence effected by the wind and, okay.  so much more effective than yoga or meditation.  just saying.

in other news, i went to a baseball game on wednesday night with my co-workers, and i spent the majority of the game texting back and forth with becca, who was in the middle of writing me like, the most intensely angsty emo one-shot like, in the universe (pete/ryan, night before pete's wedding, need i say more omfg), which SHE WAS ACTUALLY TEXTING TO ME AS SHE WROTE IT BECAUSE I COULDN'T STAND NOT HAVING IT.

i wonder what this says about me as a human being.

also, i don't care all that much at all, because it was an awesome night, and my boss is very physically affectionate and it's kind of amusing, especially when we all start debating whether or not she is a big lesbo, which we do a lot.  (it basically consists of all of us going "you ARE!!!" and her going "i am NOT!!!"  simple.  predictable.  entertaining.)

in not so unrelated news at all, it struck me today, like lightning (just as hard, just as fast, just as electrifying), that "of all the gin joints in the world" is so. totally. and completely. one hundred fucking percent WRITTEN ABOUT RYAN ROSS.  holy jesus, and just.  yeah.  fuck.  wow.

back to the game, i also spent over thirty dollars on parking, a pretzel, a coke, and cotton candy.  the world is sad, really.  i even had to borrow a dollar from chase BECAUSE COTTON CANDY APPARENTLY COSTS FIVE DOLLARS NOW.

and then.  THEN!!!!!!  THEN, when i was out of cash ENTIRELY -- I SAW SOMEONE WALKING AROUND WITH A FUNNEL CAKE.  WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET A FUNNEL CAKE.  I SAW NO FUNNEL CAKE ANYWHERE.  i tried to force myself to see it as a lesson in contentment.  but mostly i just ended up really really wanting funnel cake.  WHEN DOES ANYONE NOT WANT FUNNEL CAKE, COME ON PPL.

keri and i got really drunk last night and made like, 35 minutes of drunken iMovie videos that included awesome phrases like, "THAT IS A DOORSTOP AND NO YOU CANNOT STICK IT UP YOUR BUM!!!!!!!!!!"  (watching the videos back this morning, we were laughing so hard we were almost in tears.)  then we had really really super emo role-play sex and it was fucking epic, okay.  yeah.  UNF.  i also attempted to play "pas de cheval" and "disenchanted" on our fantastic new electric guitar, while drunk, and ALMOST did not completely fail.

and today, TODAY, we went to the skate park because they were having an etnies thing, i don't know honestly, all i really have consciousness for when we go to the skatepark is, like, JAILBAIT.  IN SKINNYJEANS.  ON SKATEBOARDS.  HAI.  (fyi, no, okay, keri actually skates, we don't go JUST to stare at the boys.  well, she doesn't, anyway.)

eric fletcher is totally my new skaterboy crush.  i mean, COME ON, CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS AND NOT SQUEE.  though sadly when we saw him today he'd cut his hair. :/ (my last crush, blaine, has gotten a little scruffy and doesn't look underage enough anymore.  such is life.)

that is all.  i'm stalling.  b's gonna have my ass for this (and not in the good way).  i'm totally supposed to be writing lapdance fic as we speak, while she bitches about how emo her fic has gotten and tries to blame it on me.

see, this is why we work so well together. <3

how, HOW did this entry get so long?!  this was supposed to be like, TWO SENTENCES ABOUT MY ZEN BIKE RIDING EXPERIENCE.  christ.



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