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in celebration of working out a difficult scene with red, you get this now instead of tomorrow. sigh.

if you follow my twitter you're prepared for this nonsense. fuck my life, this is ridiculous and indulgent and i want to write it more than anything ever.

in which colin and sophie brainstorm turn-of-the-century-scottish-peasant!ryan AND <s>BRENDON</s> THE BOY WHO MAKES BAGPIPES. )

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so, yeah, i was going to leave you all with another teaser because there's no way this is getting posted tonight, but i decided i hate most of the chapter, so, you get no teaser. sorry. i'll probably be rewriting most of it. i think my work stress is affecting my writing. so. give me some time. i'll get it right. hopefully. today i hate my job enough that i want to just cry in the bathroom. it's not always like this, just this week. and it's making my writing shit. so.

♥ to all. here, have a rec.

[ profile] justranda, KEEP TALKING ABOUT THAT HERE, JFC. *orgasms*


Mar. 25th, 2009 06:47 am
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so i guess i've been typing too much lately b/c my fingers are killing me (hence not responding to your emails).  plus i have to write up an entire silent auction guide at work by friday, including snazzy, witty descriptions/titles for 114+ items.  F.  M.  L.

anyway, so i've been writing chapter 6 on paper, which is obviously going... slowly, but you'll be happy to know it's over half done.  we'll see how i'm feeling later, but i've got a ton to do at work this week, obv.  i want to say it'll be up tomorrow but i can't promise.

won't be answering comments here, for obvious reasons, but, leave some love, or porn drabbles, if you feel like it.  i'll read and smile big.

<3 love you guys.  here, have a happy picture (click to enlarge).  his blurry smiley little face, you guys. ♥_♥

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look at the sentence i almost just wrote.

Footsteps climb the stairs, and a rustling of plastic grows loud enough for Brendon to identify as shopping bags, before Ryan's shuffling into the room, releasing his load on the floor.

and then that wasn't enough, so we had to discuss it.

Sophie:  bahahahaa
 me:  faaaaaaaaaaail
i love that he shuffles in and just does it
 me:  LOL YES
"well, here i am.  *comes*"
 Sophie:  exactly
but he's shuffling, so it's like emo somehow
 me:  LOL!!!!
 Sophie:  like *sigh* *comes*
 me:  LOL!!!
 Sophie:  only Ryan would come emo

so, so true.

i lied; chapter 5 should be up tomorrow.


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