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Title: Wish I Didn't (I Don't) [1/1]
Author: [ profile] lolab 
Pairing: Pete/Ryan
Rating: PG-13
Words: 5,010
Disclaimer: Fiction as far as I know.
Summary: Underneath it, he's the same scared kid who just wanted to escape. Only difference is location: then, it was Vegas. Now it's just his head.
Dedication: [ profile] drunknballerina  for the lovely prompt.
Notes: This is possibly the most canonically based thing I've ever written. That said, writing in Pete's head is an utterly exhausting challenge; I hope I did him justice. Thanks again to everyone who prompted, and to [profile] falling_words  for the line; she'll know which one.

It's not what he was expecting. Then again, neither was Ryan. )

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...therefore, i think it only appropriate that this post exists.  hopefully some of you haven't seen it all so you can flail and keymash as i have.  y'all can thank [profile] falling_words for some of this.  this isn't the ultimate Gay Manifesto, but it's something.

i give you this, in which spencer and jon openly ship ryden.

i give you THIS, in which brendon discusses the time panic and pete got mostly naked in pete's hot tub, and he also calls the band a big gay superhero.  also he is incredibly beyond delish in this vid.

related to the above, i give you the following photo, which is not from the mansoup night, but looks like it most def could be, and includes SPENCER IN NOTHING BUT PINK UNDERWEAR.  (some of you may already know my kink for this: when spencer smith wears pink i want to bang him into next century.)

and now, i present to you, a slash-themed degaydance & co (incl. all time low and mychem) picspam.  HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!  feel free to steal pics, post your own pics in the comments, link to this on your blog, plug the hell out of it, whatever.  SPREAD THE LOOOVE!!!! :D

i'll preface this with a thank you to decaydance & co for tolerating/indulging our slash obsession being so gay-friendly.  it's a big step in the fight for our rights. <3
/sentimental mushcrap.

apologies for my relatively dull commentary; my carpal tunnel was acting up and i was in a hurry so keri and i could watch the gay softporn we rented.

so there; with that, my dears, go forth and slash.

AND FOREVER REMEMBER THE WISE WORDS OF GEORGE RYAN ROSS III: "kids, imagine us having sex with each other."  ;)



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